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this record is perfect and i hate to have to choose but it has to be "skin divers". that giant stomping beat (reminds me of "pennyroyal tea" by nirvana strangely) is really cool, and i noticed on listening to the album that the vocals seem to move gradually closer forward in the mix culminating w/this song and perhaps kirsty yate's darkest lyric. fucking mindblowingly awesome. closely followed by "relentless", all crystal arpeggiators and mournful house piano - carl craig should do a remix!

Poll Results

4 Distractions (5:47) 2
9 Skykicking (7:23)1
1 Walking In Straight Lines (5:07) 0
2 Bent Double (3:39) 0
3 Darling Effect (5:01) 0
5 Relentless (5:18) 0
6 Skin Divers (3:30) 0
7 Carly Simon (3:19) 0
8 Yes (4:56) 0

r1o natsume, Thursday, 16 August 2007 23:29 (twelve years ago) link

actually i guess "skykicking" is probably the best song

r1o natsume, Thursday, 16 August 2007 23:37 (twelve years ago) link

I'm not going to vote yet until I've thought about it more, but (despite what would seem like the obvious choice for me) i'm tempted to choose "Darling Effect" - the guitar, the lyrics, the phrasing, all amazing.

Didn't the guy write the lyrics though?

Hence in "Darling Effect" - "I almost come the moment I'm inside you"

Although it would be even better if it was the singer writing these lyrics.

Tim F, Friday, 17 August 2007 01:38 (twelve years ago) link

"skykicking" for that little 3 note piano riff thats going round & round in my head RIGHT NOW

zappi, Friday, 17 August 2007 02:51 (twelve years ago) link

All good. (I am biased.) It is, indeed, a perfect record.

Ned Raggett, Friday, 17 August 2007 02:55 (twelve years ago) link

rl0 natsume, i love you, for starting this thread. but, i can't vote. really, i don't have a favorite on this one. it's just one of those albums that i like to light and let burn.

what a great and forgotten dreamy, ambient pop record.

having said all that, earwig's 'under my skin i am laughing' is even better! these people were angels. whatever happened to 'em?

andi, Friday, 17 August 2007 03:28 (twelve years ago) link

they discovered the bossa nova, if the wonderful Sweet Tip is any indication.

Mr. Hal Jam, Friday, 17 August 2007 12:48 (twelve years ago) link

Sweet Tip was a nice record, but those horrible sleeve pics!

still think 'Clear Skin' was their watermark...

vote "Distractions"!

(though the "Off The Wall" bass line in "Walking In Straight Lines" almost puts that one in the catbird seat)

henry s, Friday, 17 August 2007 13:32 (twelve years ago) link

love this album. im voting 'distractions'.

Michael B, Friday, 17 August 2007 13:56 (twelve years ago) link

it's funny, i think "carly simon" and "yes" are probably my least favourite songs on the album, yet they are still better than like 97% of my record collection

r1o natsume, Friday, 17 August 2007 16:25 (twelve years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

ILX System, Wednesday, 22 August 2007 23:01 (twelve years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

ILX System, Thursday, 23 August 2007 23:01 (twelve years ago) link

I forgot to vote!

Tim F, Friday, 24 August 2007 03:53 (twelve years ago) link


Ned Raggett, Friday, 24 August 2007 04:02 (twelve years ago) link

haha. so sad. i didn't vote, either. and really, i absolutely love the music these people make. all of it. i just couldn't really see any point in choosing a favorite here, though. the whole damn thing is pretty great.

andi, Friday, 24 August 2007 05:12 (twelve years ago) link

3 of us voted?!...well, fuck me running! is it that this fine LP could be so washed away by the sands of time?

henry s, Friday, 24 August 2007 12:58 (twelve years ago) link

haha i also totally forgot to vote. shame.

r1o natsume, Friday, 24 August 2007 13:01 (twelve years ago) link

i would've definitely gone for "relentless" in the end. at risk of sounding incredibly corny, this record is totally balearic right? slow house beats, shimmering vini reilly guitar, hushed vocals, i suppose the lyrics don't really fit with balearica but. maybe it's balearic if the cafe del mar was in antartica

r1o natsume, Friday, 24 August 2007 13:06 (twelve years ago) link

Was this one of the three LPs that launched Guernica or was it the 2nd wave? This, Spoonfed Hybrid and That Dog all within a week or two of each other in late '93 - I bought the lot on vinyl at (the late, lamented) Rham Records in Wallasey before leaving home for the last time to start my new job. I had to tape them on the Crown music-centre the night I packed as I didn't have a record player in my new flat until the following summer...

I think Koogy went to the label launch - he got me a free CD promo which is probably worth...oh, a fiver? on eBay now...

Julian Tardo of Insides was running his own studio in Brighton until quite recently, I think - friends of mine have recorded with him. One late, lamented friend in particular...

Michael Jones, Friday, 24 August 2007 13:18 (twelve years ago) link

was there ever a second Guernica wave?...I thought that the three you mention (plus the Unrest record) were the only ones on that (great, lost) imprint...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...'Euphoria' needs to be remastered...

henry s, Friday, 24 August 2007 13:45 (twelve years ago) link

Bettie Serveert's Palomine was part of the first wave (GU003). Guernica also reissued the Underground Lovers' Leaves Me Blind and ended on the high-note of Insides' Clear Skin mini-LP.

Mr. Hal Jam, Friday, 24 August 2007 14:04 (twelve years ago) link

I got that Underground Lovers' rerelease completely out of nowhere at UCI's newspaper back in 1992 or 1993 or whenever it was. Very glad for that still.

Ned Raggett, Friday, 24 August 2007 14:09 (twelve years ago) link

forgot about Underground Lovers...

wasn't Clear Skin a 4AD release?

henry s, Friday, 24 August 2007 14:10 (twelve years ago) link

TU7 cat no. = "Temporary" Guernica release. the last, to date.

Mr. Hal Jam, Friday, 24 August 2007 15:40 (twelve years ago) link

guess LMB wasn't a re-release. first issue was in the UK, on Guernica. released in Australia on Polydor later that year ('94). i must have been thinking about the US version of Dream it Down, which IIRC swapped out four new tracks for LMB tracks.

Mr. Hal Jam, Friday, 24 August 2007 15:46 (twelve years ago) link

I managed to finally hear this record. I remember when it came out because I had a friend who was really into 4AD and basically bought everything they released during this period, but he never managed to acquire this one. A lot of stuff on the label at the time managed to sound gothy even when it wasn't trying to (cf., the first couple of HNIA records).

It's a good record and the production on it sounds exactly like an AR Kane record. I especially like how they recorded the drum machines and the sampled loop of wobbly cymbals on the final track is esp. nice. My only complaint is that the vocals do kind of get in the way a little bit. I prefer them on the tracks where they are more buried in the mix even though the bjork-ish phrasing is a little irritating also. I think I will mostly get beyond these criticisms on a few repeat listenings though. This one is a grower, as they say.

Guernica put out a special edition of Unrest's Imperial FFRR in the UK and Europe if I recall.

Bill in Chicago, Friday, 24 August 2007 16:48 (twelve years ago) link

Ah, now I remember - the first Guernica wave was late '92 - Unrest (who subsequently released stuff on 4AD proper), Underground Lovers, Bettie Serveert (two of those were reissues or licensing things from other labels - maybe all of 'em); then Spoonfed/Insides/That Dog in '93, then the Insides one-off in mid-'94. I bought 'em on vinyl because you got a free 7" with the LPs (obv "Clear Skin" was CD only).

Michael Jones, Friday, 24 August 2007 16:53 (twelve years ago) link

eleven months pass...

This record is excruciatingly beautiful. Like huddling under heavy blankets, sweating, turned on, listening to someone tell you their darkest thoughts. It makes me sad that so few answered this poll or responded to this thread, but it makes sense. It's just such a private record, almost embarassingly so, and in fact I just realized I don't think I've ever shared my love of this record with anyone else. Even listening to it makes me feel almost uncomfortably vulnerable. I love it.

Clarke, Monday, 11 August 2008 01:39 (eleven years ago) link

Clarke B?

Ned Raggett, Monday, 11 August 2008 01:40 (eleven years ago) link

It's me! Hey Ned... "Long time" would be an understatement.

Clarke, Monday, 11 August 2008 01:47 (eleven years ago) link

Yes indeed, you drunken sommelier. :-D How's that all going?

Ned Raggett, Monday, 11 August 2008 01:49 (eleven years ago) link

Well, I'm still up in Brooklyn, working for the French portfolio of a small-ish wine importer, and really enjoying my work. For a while I was so immersed in wine, and trying to catch myself up in terms of knowledge and experience, that I feel like my other interests dropped off a bit... But I suppose balance beckons to be restored, and so I find myself on my couch on a humid Sunday night, reading ILM and thinking about this beautiful, beautiful album. :-)

Clarke, Monday, 11 August 2008 02:01 (eleven years ago) link

And a fine choice of album indeed. I haven't listened to it in a bit and will do so now.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 11 August 2008 02:04 (eleven years ago) link

What did you think, Ned? ("Darling Effect" would have to be my favorite.)

Clarke, Thursday, 14 August 2008 20:56 (eleven years ago) link

"Distractions" sounds like "Love To Stay" by Altered Images

Nubly, Tuesday, 26 August 2008 14:20 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

Digging around I found the few non-album songs by Earwig, Insides' immediate predecessor, that I didn't have on their own one album, Under My Skin I Am Laughing. (Most of the B-sides/singles got collected on a compilation, Past, but I've still never been able to find a copy of that.) Mixed batch but I like them, you can hear them being a louder 'rock' band as such early on.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 01:07 (ten years ago) link

I had a copy of Past, the only copy I've ever seen, and I accidentally sold it back to Amoeba last year in a box along with a ton of other things. I went back to find it later that week and it was nowhere to be found. That said, despite the scarcity of it, I didn't find it that great; Under my Skin was much much better.

akm, Monday, 7 December 2009 05:17 (ten years ago) link

Agreed, the singles are more woodshedding than anything else. But you can hear them start to settle on a sound as they go.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 05:20 (ten years ago) link

looking at this:

all three of those ep covers look very familiar but i could've sworn i was missing one. or maybe i'm missing a 4th ep. ah, yes, the Every Day Shines 12".

there was also an insides promo 12" with clear skin remixes on it that i found cheap in notting hill but my copy of which i think jumps. (Eyesore DB says GUP4)

as mike said i went to the label launch (Borderline (Break For The Border?), London, same place i saw UVS and that first B&S gig) where insides played two sets, the first of which became Clear Skin. mesmerising to the point where you had to remember to breathe. years later i heard steve reich and the spell was somewhat broken but hey...

koogs, Monday, 7 December 2009 11:08 (ten years ago) link

there was also an insides promo 12" with clear skin remixes on it

! Now that I'd love to hear.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 16:05 (ten years ago) link

Actually somehow I had missed that the original release of Euphoria had a separate 7" single as well.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 16:10 (ten years ago) link

> Now that I'd love to hear.

if only someone had, say, posted it on an mp3 blog (and on my birthday too)

koogs, Monday, 7 December 2009 20:47 (ten years ago) link


Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 20:48 (ten years ago) link

And thanks!

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 20:48 (ten years ago) link

Wow thanks Koogs!

I still have never heard the Earwig album or Clear Skin itself, appallingly.

Tim F, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:14 (ten years ago) link

Good lord, man.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:26 (ten years ago) link

Ha I know - it actually feels vaguely shameful considering how important Euphoria has been to me for so long.

Tim F, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:29 (ten years ago) link

Me on Under My Skin from ten years back:

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:30 (ten years ago) link

Ned I've been imagining the record ever since I read your review ten years ago! That was the first I'd heard of it - I think i actually picked up Euphoria that year due to all the cross-references with Disco Inferno, Bark Psychosis etc.

Tim F, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:42 (ten years ago) link

cross-references on a.m.a. I mean.

Tim F, Monday, 7 December 2009 22:42 (ten years ago) link

found a copy of earwig's might ep in a charity shop today. hadn't travelled very far in the last twenty years either - the label's address is only about half a mile from the shop where i found it. great stuff though, sounds like earwig are to insides what late period wolfhounds are to moonshake.

john wahey (NickB), Saturday, 2 August 2014 16:05 (five years ago) link

Those 3 EPs are all on Past at the link above

koogs, Saturday, 2 August 2014 16:49 (five years ago) link

yeah, i will be checking that for sure (thanks koogs!)

john wahey (NickB), Saturday, 2 August 2014 17:08 (five years ago) link

i just found this CD for a dollar in the discount bin, it's pretty great

LIKE If you are against racism (omar little), Saturday, 2 August 2014 17:28 (five years ago) link

one year passes...

love it, had no idea they were making a new record

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Friday, 1 July 2016 12:19 (three years ago) link

It was a cool moment seeing on the back of a Slum of Legs record that they'd recorded it at Insides studio

coygbiv (NickB), Friday, 1 July 2016 12:39 (three years ago) link

Not that they sound anything like them of course

coygbiv (NickB), Friday, 1 July 2016 12:41 (three years ago) link

Ah, good. I thought Sweet Trip was a misstep, and this more a progression from Euphoria.

Abandon hype all ye who enter here (Sanpaku), Friday, 1 July 2016 18:13 (three years ago) link

one year passes...

There are so many gems on this album, I can't even choose one. I used to think Skykicking was my favorite until Carly Simon kept sneaking into my dreams. It has many interesting changes, but it's mostly the beginning of the outro in the middle of the song (01:52), with those two fading notes that make it lovely. It reminds me a little of St. Etienne. What a record.

chinchilla, Monday, 6 November 2017 20:41 (two years ago) link

big love for relentless!

Week of Wonders (Ross), Monday, 6 November 2017 20:43 (two years ago) link

I recently sprung for the 12" for Clear Skin. It's one of my favorite Steve Reich rip-offs. Absolutely incredible.

brotherlovesdub, Monday, 6 November 2017 20:47 (two years ago) link

I like the 12, but the CD is better.

Chewshabadoo, Monday, 6 November 2017 23:02 (two years ago) link

Yeah, I agree with you there. I've had the CD for a while, but there are different tracks on the 12", so I needed that too.

brotherlovesdub, Tuesday, 7 November 2017 00:50 (two years ago) link

one year passes...

being issued for RSD 2019 with liner notes from Simon Reynolds!

boxedjoy, Sunday, 3 March 2019 11:38 (one year ago) link

ziggy from stroom played skykicking on NTS a couple of weeks ago, sounded glorious tbh

kolarov spring (NickB), Sunday, 3 March 2019 11:47 (one year ago) link

amazing record

PaulDananVEVO (||||||||), Sunday, 3 March 2019 12:07 (one year ago) link

Earwig's complete(?) discography is now on bandcamp btw

Jeff W, Sunday, 3 March 2019 12:48 (one year ago) link

still see Kirsty and Julian at gigs in Brighton but 2shy 2say hi

kolarov spring (NickB), Sunday, 3 March 2019 13:44 (one year ago) link

You should! They're lovely. I've done some photo sessions with them over the last few years - not sure if it'll ever be used but it was fun anyway. There has been new music in the works for a while.

Michael Jones, Monday, 4 March 2019 23:34 (one year ago) link

"Newly remastered and recut from the original tapes, Euphoria will be available to buy on #RSD19 in the US"

Only in the US? (glum emoji)

Daniel Giraffe, Tuesday, 5 March 2019 13:04 (one year ago) link

xp they played a one-off gig recently too - in paris supporting seefeel iirc

kolarov spring (NickB), Tuesday, 5 March 2019 13:14 (one year ago) link

Used to love seeing Earwig live. Then saw them do the whole of Clear Skin at The Vox in Brixton which I thought was excellent although not such a great experience for them apparently, as documented in the big Quietus piece probably linked above.

Julian Tardo mastered the recent Sonny Sharrock 'Ask The Ages' reissue for vinyl which by all acounts sounds ace, to make a thread connection. (I know the label guy is also Brighton based as a mutual friend introduced us briefly last year.)

*there's (Noel Emits), Tuesday, 5 March 2019 14:12 (one year ago) link

still see Kirsty and Julian at gigs in Brighton but 2shy 2say hi

― kolarov spring (NickB)

You should! They're lovely.

― Michael Jones

Yeah, I'm sure they wouldn't mind! Julian recorded our album and recorded and mixed the singles, he's really really nice.

emil.y, Tuesday, 5 March 2019 16:38 (one year ago) link

yeah i did spot his name on the back of your records :)

kolarov spring (NickB), Tuesday, 5 March 2019 16:41 (one year ago) link

he did the Fear Of Men stuff yesteryear that I really loved

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 5 March 2019 22:28 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

Did anyone get the remaster yet?

For anybody in the UK, rest of Europe or anywhere else, we’ll have a bunch to sell via bandcamp when RSD has been put to bed x

— Insides (@Insides__) April 13, 2019

Chewshabadoo, Monday, 15 April 2019 05:23 (eleven months ago) link

i did ask about that in resident yesterday and got totally blank-faced

Br. Des Shadows (NickB), Monday, 15 April 2019 06:14 (eleven months ago) link

No Insider knowledge in that place.

Chewshabadoo, Monday, 15 April 2019 06:34 (eleven months ago) link

omg this has gotta be the first rsd thing i've cared about

american bradass (BradNelson), Monday, 15 April 2019 12:28 (eleven months ago) link

We got a bunch of those in where I work and we didn't sell a single one on the day. It was hard to watch.

kitchen person, Monday, 15 April 2019 13:47 (eleven months ago) link

oooh, I bet I can still head over to one of our local record shops this week and snag one of those

the girl from spirea x (f. hazel), Monday, 15 April 2019 13:55 (eleven months ago) link

None of my local record stores (and there's a bunch here) stocked it. And to think I actually showed up early to make sure I snagged a copy of this hot product.

henry s, Monday, 15 April 2019 14:25 (eleven months ago) link

Up for sale at Norman Records now.

Internet Alan, Monday, 15 April 2019 17:30 (eleven months ago) link

this record is perfect and i hate to have to choose but it has to be "skin divers".

6 Skin Divers (3:30) 0


... and the crowd said DESELECT THEM (||||||||), Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:30 (eleven months ago) link

Just listenied to it this evening and holy crap it’s brilliant!

michaellambert, Monday, 22 April 2019 22:39 (eleven months ago) link

one month passes...

Saw on twitter that they've got Brighton and London dates coming up, not sure if any others in the UK...

emil.y, Thursday, 23 May 2019 16:40 (ten months ago) link

two months pass...

I really want to go to this but I'm not gonna be able to persuade anyone to come with me from Glasgow to London for it

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 13 August 2019 15:51 (seven months ago) link

V tempted to go see them in London on 9th September too but flying all the way to London for it (by myself as no one I know digs them) is a bit mental

The World According To.... (Michael B), Tuesday, 13 August 2019 19:05 (seven months ago) link

four weeks pass...

Euphoria @ Social last night was completely great; really heavy sound in parts (Skin Divers was colossal), Kirsty on excellent form and clearly delighted to be there.

Smattering of tracks from (alleged) forthcoming album Soft Bonds that they apparently started recording "in 2012" - first of these was really dense and great. Expect album around 2030 maybe.

Sweet Tip seems to have been ruthlessly purged from the Insides canon by band and audience alike, oh well

technopolis, Thursday, 12 September 2019 06:27 (six months ago) link

It was pretty great, eh? Glorious guitar arpeggios.

Liked the motorik blast of that long middle track in support band Now's set too.

Always wondered what had happened to the photos I took in a couple of sessions 2015-16; turns out one is on their artist page on Spotify.

Michael Jones, Thursday, 12 September 2019 12:17 (six months ago) link

six months pass...

Some good news.

Ned Raggett, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 01:51 (one week ago) link

Indeed it is! Never thought I'd see the day...

henry s, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 03:34 (one week ago) link

Ah, that is brilliant news. I just listened to Clear Skin the other day.

kitchen person, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 03:55 (one week ago) link

This is very exciting.

technopolis, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 06:36 (one week ago) link

holy shit!!!

Tim F, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 07:33 (one week ago) link

Very excited.

Chewshabadoo, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 10:49 (one week ago) link


boxedjoy, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 10:52 (one week ago) link

I go back to the Fear Of Men album from a few years ago that he produced, a lot

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 24 March 2020 10:53 (one week ago) link

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