what 70s rock artists/bands will i like if i like funkadelic (specifially that mp3 of i kissed the rat)?

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suggestions would be much appreciated.
taj mahal? buddy miles? not sure if they would go under rock but would qualify as black rock at least wouldnt they? but who else? stooges? blue cheer (i only have vincebus eruptum which is killer)?

okok, Saturday, 21 January 2006 16:21 (thirteen years ago) link

i meant the rat that kissed the cat, ooops.

okok, Saturday, 21 January 2006 16:21 (thirteen years ago) link

If you like funkadelic, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have more parliament/funkadelic. others can probably be of more help here, since I tend to have an uncritical eye toward GC--I like most everything, warts and all. Probably first of all, Maggot Brain and then One Nation Under a Groove; Pick up Taj's Nach'l Blues; I'm not sure that the Buddy Miles experience would be a great one; I've found his music to be terribly inconsistent. However, you might like some of James "Blood" Ulmer's latest blues recordings. He was an avant-garde jazz guitarist in the 70s, playing with Ornette and with the Ronald Shannon Jackson Decoding Society. Now, he's given over to raucous if unconventional blues (he often has a violin, guitar, and drum trio).

Given that we're in 2006 now, I find it hard to limit myself to the 70s when I think of "what music would someone like, if they liked Funkadelic" because that could range from Vernon Reid to Mahavishnu Orhcestra, to De La Soul, to Jean-Paul Bourelly.

J Arthur Rank (Quin Tillian), Saturday, 21 January 2006 17:36 (thirteen years ago) link

Jimmy Castor Bunch if you don't mind disco leanings in your funktitude.

Brian O'Neill (NYCNative), Saturday, 21 January 2006 17:38 (thirteen years ago) link

You'd probably like Blue Cheer and maybe some japanese bands like DMBQ if you're into the overfuzzed guitars and stuff.

______, Saturday, 21 January 2006 17:55 (thirteen years ago) link

The Jimmy Castor Bunch made a couple of rock/soul albums that PREDATE disco and have no disco touches at all. Talking about IT'S JUST BEGUN and PHASE TWO. Perfect if you're into the early Funkadelic sound. Although being from NY, Castor has a slight SALSA influence too...

Even though Taj Mahal appealed to hippies in the late 60's and early 70's, I wouldn't exactly call his music similar to Funkadelic's. His music is great (including the album that J. Arthur Rank mentioned), but it's no fuzz-funk record.

Buddy Miles? He can be inconsistent, but I can recommend the THEM CHANGES album, probably his best-selling LP.

Who else?
- Rasputin's Stash (particularly their first album on Cotillion)
- Black Merda (their two albums from the 70's have been reissued on one CD)
- Fugi
- The Politicians (one album on Hot Wax, ca. 1972; mainly instrumental)
- The Bar-Kays' BLACK ROCK; DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?; COLD BLOODED (all are rockish funk, but BLACK ROCK is probably the most fuzzed out)
- Black Heat's NO TIME TO BURN (this funk band was not as manic as Funkadelic, but the rock influence is indeed there)
- Mother's Finest (in general)

All these bands should have something on CD (although I'm not 100% sure about Rasputin's Stash).

Rev. Hoodoo (Rev. Hoodoo), Sunday, 22 January 2006 01:32 (thirteen years ago) link

these are serious answers:

frank zappa (ESPECIALLY live at the roxy and "inca roads")
yes ("roundabout" is even FUNKIER than funkadelic)

Eisbär (llamasfur), Sunday, 22 January 2006 01:36 (thirteen years ago) link

Oh, I forgot one: Betty Davis!


Maybe you'd like some Chambers Brothers too (Betty wrote "Uptown" for their TIME HAS COME album). A NEW TIME - A NEW DAY is probably the Chambers' at their most Funkadelic-ish. (There was a later recording from 1976 titled LIVE IN CONCERT ON MARS, with spaceship sounds and a hard-rock/funk dynamic, but it's not all that hot.)

Rev. Hoodoo (Rev. Hoodoo), Sunday, 22 January 2006 01:40 (thirteen years ago) link

Billy Cobham: Spectrum

Tuomas (Tuomas), Sunday, 22 January 2006 12:04 (thirteen years ago) link

the cosmic travelers live! at the spring crater celebration album might fit the bill. i don't know availability of reissues, but keep an eye on slsk for it. comes from the rock side but definitely has a pretty heavy groove.

acid archives says:

Top-level guitar blowout in the form of a Hawaii live recording featuring 4 great musicians, ex-Raider Drake Levin among them. Long, intense jams on a mix of covers and originals, the total impression being a fine blend of vintage Quicksilver and Sly & the Family Stone.

baby, disco is fuck (yournullfame), Sunday, 22 January 2006 13:48 (thirteen years ago) link

I second Black Nasty, Chambers Bros and The Bar-Kays.
Check out The Next Morning( hendrix inspired rock from jamaica in the late 60s)

Also check out Mandrill. One of my favourites. Start with the track "Ape Is High" and see what you think.
Cant go wrong with Buddy Miles or Billy Cobham "spectrum" either.

and yes... get all the funkadelic up until "One Nation Under A Groove" and get Parliament - Osmium (also on cd as The Early Years)

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 14:05 (thirteen years ago) link

Mandrill - Ape Is High
C+P it to your browser (no gap)

http:// s62.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2SKXATILC4JQB1PYAMF8MS4H8J

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 14:14 (thirteen years ago) link

Graham Central Station - Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It.
The Ohio Players are well worth checking out too.

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 15:29 (thirteen years ago) link

Grand Funk Railroad- Grand Funk (red album), Closer to Home & E Plurbius Funk

This stuff is fuzzy, wah wah'ed, funkier than you would think and it has Mel Schacher's ever compentant fart bass of doom. If you are vinyl minded, you probably can pick up all three records for five or six bucks. Everyone needs more songs about freedom and getting away from the man keeping us down.

Earl Nash (earlnash), Sunday, 22 January 2006 15:38 (thirteen years ago) link

I probably could YSI The next Morning album if anyone is interested in hearing it. It's quite probably out of print.

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 15:55 (thirteen years ago) link

Grand Funk Railroad - funkier than you would think

some Rolling Stone hack once wrote that "nobody accused Grand Funk of actually being funky." Well I was wrong. Afrika Bambaataa played "Inside Looking Out" at hiphop parties back in the day.

m coleman (lovebug starski), Sunday, 22 January 2006 16:02 (thirteen years ago) link

The Next Morning

African-American psychedelic groups, and rock bands from Trinidad, were both uncommon items around 1970. The Next Morning fit into both categories, making them an interesting curiosity regardless of their music. The music, however--average 1970 hard-rock with soul, hard rock, and psychedelic influences, particularly from Jimi Hendrix--is not as unusual as their origins. One would not suspect from listening that the group were largely from Trinidad, with the proliferation of heavy, bluesy guitar and organ riffs, and the strained soul-rock vocals of Lou Phillips. They recorded one album, released in 1971, that received little notice before their breakup.

The Next Morning formed in the late 1960s in New York, four of the five members having come to the city from Trinidad; Lou Phillips was from the Virgin Islands. Jimi Hendrix was a big influence on the band, as were some other hard rock acts of the period like the Who, and rock-soul hybrids like Sly Stone and the Chamber Brothers. The Next Morning were busy on the New York club circuit and attracted attention from Columbia Records, but ended up signing to the smaller Roulette label, whose Calla subsidiary issued their lone, self-titled LP in 1971. Although the jagged guitar sounds of Bert Bailey and some unexpected chord shifts made the album less pedestrian than some efforts in the style, the songs tended toward the long and meandering side, and the material was not as outstanding as their influences. The Next Morning's career sputtered out in the early 1970s, with bassist Scipio Sargeant finding some work doing horn arrangements for Joe Tex and Harry Belafonte. The Next Morning album was reissued on CD by Sundazed in 1999.

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 16:45 (thirteen years ago) link

From Trinidad rather than Jamaica as i said earlier.
Album still rocks though.

Last Of The Famous International Pfunkboys (Kerr), Sunday, 22 January 2006 16:49 (thirteen years ago) link

seconded on the Bar-Kays, and add their work with world-famous front man Isaac Hayes.

Mandrill, omg, I forgot about them and Osibisa--both carry the thread of third world funk. The Pharaohs--from Chicago, I think--wouuld fit in this grouupinng as well.

Never heard of Next Morning, but I am interested...

J Arthur Rank (Quin Tillian), Sunday, 22 January 2006 16:58 (thirteen years ago) link

hey, thanks very much! look forward to listening to these. not heard of these bands before (to my shame). id like more rock bands recommeded though cos i already know stuff like bar kays and chamber brothers. thanks.

okok, Sunday, 22 January 2006 22:26 (thirteen years ago) link

thanks, pfunkboy! I look forward to unzipping the Next Morning. And it's been forever since I've heard the Wild Colonials.

J Arthur Rank (Quin Tillian), Monday, 23 January 2006 07:17 (thirteen years ago) link

Whoa, Pfunkboy! Thanks for being so generous.

Here's something funky in return: http://s19.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0OAFCTLXQJRGX3D6ESIHNIOWH9

Latin Breed - "I Turn You On"

Mama Roux, Monday, 23 January 2006 07:39 (thirteen years ago) link

thirteen years pass...

i lost my mp3 of the rat kissed the cat, does anyone have it? I dont mean the clinton family series version or the U.S. Soul version

Thus Spoke Darraghustra (Oor Neechy), Saturday, 6 July 2019 19:24 (four months ago) link

there's a difference between the u.s. soul version and the funkadelic version?

Un Poco Loco Moco (rushomancy), Sunday, 7 July 2019 02:21 (four months ago) link

ok having read the other thread you bumped i don't think there is, the u.s. soul version is the one you're looking for!

Un Poco Loco Moco (rushomancy), Sunday, 7 July 2019 07:22 (four months ago) link

The U.S. Soul version is the og 7 1/2 minute version, yes

Οὖτις, Sunday, 7 July 2019 14:26 (four months ago) link

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