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the yorkshire presence on ilx seems minimal. where are the yorkshire types? Ricky T has a yorks connection but i've forgot what it is? K-Reg is from the same vicinity as me. Tim Hopkins went to leeds university. and i'm not sure, but do Kodanshi and/or Stevo have something to do with Huddersfield? and i'm from the fair city of Bradford (as i'm sure y'all aware of by now)

so, this is the thread where people talk about West Yorkshire, and the delights of Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield etc...

gareth, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

East Yorks/N. Lincs (Hull/Grimsby), me. Or at least until I went to Uni in 1980 and never lived back oop North again. Now I'm Cockney, Guv.

I have friends in Hebden, near Grassington and go up there most years for a few days to unwind miles from nowhere and drink myself stupid on Tim Taylor's Landlord.

Dr. C, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

I went to York on my holidays once!

james, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

My in-laws are from west yorks. wakefield area. The place is dripping w/complete intense MADNESS. I usually need 3 days to rekover when I've been there. My band did play in Sheffield quite a few times. We wrer "big in the leeds & pudsey are" har har har. Yorkshire has v. weird place names eg ossett, kippax (KIPPAX???? WTF????)

Norman Phay, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Kippax also name of stand at Maine Road, Manchester.

I'm from Chesterfield so, to get any semblance of normal life had to go to Sheffield so know that particular part of South Yorkshire very well indeed.

I was in Chesterfield for 28 hours this weekend, by my reckoning it was 24 hours too long. I braved a trip into town on Saturday morning and it was like being in Poland in the seventies only with mobile phones and worse haircuts.

chris, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

this is the thread where people talk about West Yorkshire, and the delights of Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield etc...

By far the most in depth discussion of Yorks I've experienced was reading David Yallop's "Deliver us from Evil" book about the Yorkshire Ripper. Scary stuff, but gripping (and no, I'm not normally the type to get his kicks from True Crime tales).

Slightly harsh to categorise your beloved homeland in such a way - sorry about that.

Mark C, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

York born, lived in East Yorkshire until I was nine, and then in North Yorkshire (but old West Riding) between 15 and 17 and then during uiversity vacations until I was 22.

I have a real soft spot for Leeds. Had a good time and saw a lot of good gigs there when I was at sixth form and university. Much better than the tourist hell hole that was York anyway. Might move back there one day, when I'm tired of the big ciy.

RickyT, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Closed woollen mills, great curry houses, the beautiful + austere Pennines, with its still undiscovered moors murderers victims, lashes of rain, Halifax Piece Hall, Rugby League, Huddersfield's Railway Station and St. George's square ('most handsome town of the Yorkshire Textile Towns' Fredrich Engels) Odsal's cavernous stadium, the Duchess of York, National Museum of Film Photography and Television, Gang of Four, Mekons, Green and Cream coloured buses, the Sisters, The Corn Exchange, Howarth and the Bronté Sisters, Yorkshire Pudding, clog wearing New Model Army fans, Harry Ramsdens, pompous Victorian Town Halls, LFO hanging out at the Merrion Centre, Hebden Bridge's hippies, Harold Wilson, Betty Boothroyd, Henry Moore, David Hockney, Leeds City Market, the Alhambra, Brighouse and Rastrict Band, Marks & Spenser, Bradford Park Avenue, Armley, Peter Sutcl...(no scrap that one).

Damn it gareth I'm getting a little home-sick for the first time in years. stevo (born in Dewsbury, raised in Huddersfield)

stevo, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

One of my very best friends lives in Wakefield. I've never been to visit, but her stories tie in with Mr Phay's tales of MADNESS, such as Ten Pencers, the night she used to go to where a pint of ale cost, yes, TEN PENCE! And this was in the nineteen nineties too. My only forays into Yorkshire involve:

Dislocating my finger by trying to chase a fell runner down Ingleborough and tripping on a rock
Having tea at the Wrinkled Stocking cafe in Holmfirth
Getting lost round the one-way system in Pontefract

So I don't really feel qualified to judge

Madchen, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

I live in Huddersfield. We should meet up some time and speak in thick Yorkshire accents! I've lived in this godforsaken county for almost 25 years! Thank God I at least came into this world in Glasgow...

Kodanshi, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Oh, and speaking of weird place names - I live in FARTOWN! This makes me a Fart-
owner. =:-(>

Kodanshi, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

thick yorkshire accents? well, since living in london town (since 1999) mine is beginning to fade. this is quite distressing

gareth, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Mine's almost non-existent now.

RickyT, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Fuck all y'all then!

Kodanshi, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

It's not faded, Gareth. You're still indecipherable when excited. RickyT's has faded quite a bit, tho. Damien Hirst is from Leeds, and I've been reading his book of interviews, so it's all good by me.

Ugly Wife, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

I dunno Kate Gareth's isn't particularly strong compared to some of the people I knew back in Yorkshire.

RickyT, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Stevo's list = top tour of W Yorks (it made me homesick and I live here). Also Briggate, Otley Chevin, Cottage Road cinema in Headingley, Yorks sculpture park at Bretton, Billy LIar, and parkin. Special credit for the gorgeous accent of the mid-Pennines (Hebden Bridge, Marsden, see Simon Armitage for prime example). When I was sixteen I used to love sitting outside the town hall or museum/art gallery in Leeds, and I still think of big northern towns/cities principally in terms of their victorian civic centres. ODdly, I think the (almost total) gentrification of Leeds city centre in the last ten years has restored some of the civic heart of the place (in some ways).

As someone who's stayed in the North (I've been back in LEeds for about 5 years, and have never lived further South than Sheffield), I'm kind of mindful of the generally metropolitan bias on this board, and am quite self-conscious about seeming provincial (although when sufficiently drunk will undertake a vociferous defence of staying).

IME, Northern town whipping boys (whipping towns?) = Doncaster and Barnsley. I teach in Doncaster, though, and can vouch for the good hearts and enquiring minds of my students, at least.

BTW I was born a mile or so from KIPPAX (maybe the Kippax, maybe only a Kippax), and after long exposure I now reluctantly acknowledge that there's a lot more to York than tourism (there's floods, for a start).

Ellie, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Yorkshire connection, well I live here (North Yorks). Miles from the cosmopolitan delights of Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.
Delights; dozens of pub's serving good beer, being close to the dales (Teesdale really is undiscovered)and N Yorks moors (if they were open), having William Hague as my MP, Lot's of Hunting shooting and fishing types, being only 3 hours from London and Glasgow, having Darlington as my local footie team.

Billy Dods, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

RickyTs accent is certainly still there although I can hear twangs which imply moving to Southern Ponciness as a yoof, rather than blurring out of distinction at Oxbridge/Lundun. My accent quite rubbidgely adapts to the crowd I'm with, hmph. Although I hope I don't start sounding like a Southern Ponce if I keep mixing with you lot.

I can imagine Yorkshire to be quite nice, apart from the Yorkshire folk and them NICKING R LAND ect ect. Also we are better at cricket than them. Ah, how I love the Lancs vs Yorkshire FITE (despite thinking Leeds and Sheffield are ACE). I can't be arsed taking it seriously though. I think only people who play cricket need to do that for an excuse to shout about the War of the Roses in ver PUB.

Sarah, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Sarah, last couple of years Yorkshire have been far better than Lancs at cricket, take heart though in the fact that Derbyshire are the worst county of all!

Ellie, Doncaster is definitely a whipping boy, it's an odd old place but not as shitty as Rotherham, or to go a bit further south, Mansfield which is the pits of the earth.

chris, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Dear Kodanshi: Percy Street, Fartown (no sniggering at the back) is where I grew up and where my family still live. Next time I'm back in England we must most definitely go for a drink.

stevo, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

Castleford is far, far worse than Doncaster.

RickyT, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

west yorkshire has the biggest scariest sainsbury's ever. I knwo because I was there yesterday. Stumbled upon after I took a wrong turn coming out of ikea (visited on the way back from york), only wanted bread and milk and it was a mistake to visit it. Nearly hit a bendy bus on the way out.

I live in sheffield at the moment, and for shame I've only ever visited leeds twice and bradford once.

Ed, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

I used to date someone from Sheffield. And Stevo - cool! Percy St lies about 5 minutes' walk away from me...

Kodanshi, Wednesday, 14 November 2001 01:00 (twenty years ago) link

three years pass...
i think i felt....homesick, today.

charltonlido (gareth), Wednesday, 16 February 2005 12:43 (seventeen years ago) link

Ooh, I never knew there was a Yorkshire thread. I'm just outside it in North Lincs, so I get to feel all superior for not being there myself whilst still visiting its cities when I don't want to feel like a rural bumpkin.

caitlin (caitlin), Wednesday, 16 February 2005 12:47 (seventeen years ago) link

I like the idea of people defending Doncaster. It isn't the worst place ever, quite, so hurrah for that I suppose.

Alex in Doncaster (Alex in Doncaster), Wednesday, 16 February 2005 22:28 (seventeen years ago) link


I have these cufflinks.

Michael White (Hereward), Wednesday, 16 February 2005 22:46 (seventeen years ago) link

You're not going to find me defending Doncaster very often - usually because of all the stress I have to go through at work when the Doncaster office staff completely fail to do what I've told them to.

caitlin (caitlin), Thursday, 17 February 2005 11:06 (seventeen years ago) link

doncaster is south yorks isnt it?

ambrose (ambrose), Thursday, 17 February 2005 14:45 (seventeen years ago) link

you take what you can get re. ilx/yorkshire interface.

Alex in Doncaster (Alex in Doncaster), Thursday, 17 February 2005 14:47 (seventeen years ago) link

Even though my postings have been scant over time. I wish to add my name to the West Yorkshire Posse thingy - as I do live in Hudds. but St Helens alas has something of my heart.

kayT (kaytee), Thursday, 17 February 2005 18:14 (seventeen years ago) link

i have a yorkshire patch on my backpack! boy does it look silly when you're actually in yorkshire. or london!

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Thursday, 17 February 2005 18:46 (seventeen years ago) link

I have love for St Helens, and even Rainhill to an extent. Is it Warrington that has the giant pink building with the big eye painted on the side of it?

Alex in Doncaster (Alex in Doncaster), Thursday, 17 February 2005 18:47 (seventeen years ago) link

Nobody could diss Doncaster who's aware of Goole.

Speedhump Bungle (noodle vague), Friday, 18 February 2005 03:25 (seventeen years ago) link

That's true. Goole really is the pits.

caitlin (caitlin), Friday, 18 February 2005 09:46 (seventeen years ago) link


charltonlido (gareth), Friday, 18 February 2005 10:02 (seventeen years ago) link

sticking a lower case i before the name would definitely sell it better

Alienus Quam Reproba (blueski), Friday, 18 February 2005 10:04 (seventeen years ago) link

Getting Jonathan Ive to redesign the place would probably help, too.

caitlin (caitlin), Friday, 18 February 2005 11:22 (seventeen years ago) link

I was just thinking, that Gareth aside, I've hardly met anyone from Yorkshire in London - which is really strange. Actually I did meet I guy from Goole!

Dadaismus (Dada), Friday, 18 February 2005 11:24 (seventeen years ago) link

... and he was a designer too!

Dadaismus (Dada), Friday, 18 February 2005 11:24 (seventeen years ago) link

maybe you can never go home. or maybe im just too late.

ilkleylido (gareth), Friday, 18 February 2005 15:41 (seventeen years ago) link

five months pass...
I'm feeling a little homesick today for some reason. Plus my Yorkshire accent is almost gone :-(

stevo (stevo), Thursday, 21 July 2005 16:01 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass...

How can this happen to a town


laxalt, Friday, 23 November 2007 23:19 (fourteen years ago) link

four years pass...

need to do a yorkshire luminaries poll



Nilmar Honorato da Silva, Monday, 29 October 2012 18:04 (nine years ago) link

one year passes...

It takes me 15 minutes to walk from my dreary council estate to Rectory Park, the rectory itself has a National Heritage plaque (some former priest was a top 18th century astronomer) and the park descends into a deep basin where all you can see is trees and fields. At the bottom of the park is a moated island with a documented history going back to the 12th century (Jordan de Tornil - The Constable of Wakefield) and the remains of Thornhill Hall which was accidentally blown up when some silly fucker ignited the gunpowder stores during a civil war siege in the 17th century. The place was echoing with bird-song tonight, it is such a fucking awesome place. Really picturesque pub by the rectory as well but is full of yeo-nazis. Anyways I am just rambling because it has won a 300k grant and it is one of my fave places and I am curious at how they will waste it. The Savile name is also connected with the history of this place and Savile Town is just a couple of miles down the road.

xelab, Saturday, 7 June 2014 22:07 (eight years ago) link

what is a yeo-nazi?

erry red flag (f. hazel), Sunday, 8 June 2014 06:48 (eight years ago) link

yeo-nazis are white men of various working trades who look like hateful, boring racist fucks and are usually quite polite until the veneer slips away after a few pints when they unreservedly confirm all your suspicions about them. I used to work with people like this but have lost the ability to blend with them without saying something treasonable. They are yeoman in the sense that they feel superior to the peasantry and they hold a lot of opinions that are pure nazi ideology and they are actually nazi cunts.

xelab, Sunday, 8 June 2014 21:58 (eight years ago) link

i lived in The West circa 93-94-95 and i never felt cold like it.

piscesx, Sunday, 8 June 2014 23:58 (eight years ago) link

that is a shame I would like to hang in Yorkshire pubs.

erry red flag (f. hazel), Monday, 9 June 2014 03:03 (eight years ago) link

There are some very good Yorkshire pubs. I am just moaning about my local, shit I lived in London for 3 years and never saw one decent pub!

xelab, Monday, 9 June 2014 22:51 (eight years ago) link

maybe you should look into financing for a yeo nazi themed volkisch brewpub in farringdon

Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln (nakhchivan), Monday, 9 June 2014 22:53 (eight years ago) link

blood and soil milk stout, john tyndall ipa, james milner bitter

Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln (nakhchivan), Monday, 9 June 2014 22:55 (eight years ago) link

I walked into one once circa '95(shitty racist pub) in Plumstead and got frogmarched out, after arguments they even refused to sell takeout bottles to me. Fucking worthless arseholes. This is just because I look slightly foreign. When i lived in London, the locals are the most xenophobic, racist arseholes I have ever met.

xelab, Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:09 (eight years ago) link

there are areas with a pronounced white pride sort of ambience around that part of london even now, typically adjacent to places like woolwich and erith with large refugee/immigrant populations

some of the most 'ambitious' dirigiste gentrification projects in london near there



Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln (nakhchivan), Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:24 (eight years ago) link

I went through Erith on Saturday! The underpasses were possibly even sketchier than I'd dared hope. It was fabulous

Who whom kissed? (imago), Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:34 (eight years ago) link

Kidbrooke Village is tbf not very near Woolwich; it's more an extension of Blackheath's opulence nowadays

Who whom kissed? (imago), Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:35 (eight years ago) link

Even Plumstead now is mostly composed of a huge new slightly-upmarket estate where all the streets are named after species of bird and a particularly delightful stretch of Thames walk (leading to Thamesmead) begins. I strode it with my best not two weeks ago. We saw a tern.

West Yorkshire, though!

Who whom kissed? (imago), Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:37 (eight years ago) link

When I was working in North London I used to enjoy walking under the tunnel from the Woolwich side to cut out all the London bridge and arduous journey up the Northern line crap. I don't quite believe that Plumstead has been gentrified though! West Yorkshire is very unfashionable but that may change as London embraces it's destiny under the swelling North Sea over the next few decades!

xelab, Tuesday, 10 June 2014 01:49 (eight years ago) link

seven months pass...

Ross Raisin's "God's Own Country" (book) is very good - well, the first two thirds of it anyway.

djh, Friday, 23 January 2015 20:20 (seven years ago) link

When this book came out I was actually working on the Guardhouse estate in Keighley and we used to travel through desolate Bronte Country every morning on the way. I can't remember whose review it was that put me off it at the time, but I found it quite annoying for some reason. Well it was probably just my pathetic chip on shoulder Huh! posh boy schtick, that has obviously served me so well thus far!

It was on the Guardhouse estate where I first witnessed what was genuine Dickensian squalor to the point where it was the first and only time I contacted a child protection agency about a particular house I worked in.

I am rambling here, it is probably a decent book - ignore me.

xelab, Friday, 23 January 2015 21:52 (seven years ago) link

four years pass...


Ilkley Moor is burning .. erm babe!

calzino, Saturday, 20 April 2019 19:05 (three years ago) link

three years pass...

Bit of a broad question but where's good to stop off between Oxford-ish and Leeds-ish? Sometimes go for a mooch around Yorkshire Sculpture Park but anywhere else good?

djh, Thursday, 23 June 2022 10:17 (one week ago) link

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