"we'll change the things that need changing and that's all we'll change": the paSUKification of post-brexit politics 2021

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— bread and poses (@breadandposes) May 8, 2021

mark s, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:37 (one month ago) link

Labour's majority in Batley & Spen is 3,525. The Brexit Party won 1,678 votes there in 2019. Not exactly a huge mountain for the Tories to climb.

— Max Shanly (@maxshanly) May 8, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:40 (one month ago) link

This thread will follow the catastrophe, every step of the way 👍

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:40 (one month ago) link

apparently Rayner was having a promotion commiserating drink in the pub last night

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:41 (one month ago) link

I think the Batley mayoral results will be out today

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:43 (one month ago) link

West Yorkshire even, Batley hasn't been nominated as the capital yet

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:44 (one month ago) link

batley for capitol, nips for mayor

mark s, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:48 (one month ago) link

probably loads of stalwarts of Batley’s goth scene that used to frequent the Xclusiv club in the 80's are corrupt local councillors now!

"West Yorkshire's first-ever metro mayor will be announced on Sunday in a seismic moment for the county."

lol the carved heads of 19th century mill owners will crumble and fall from buildings that have been converted into luxury apartments.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 08:57 (one month ago) link

Just assume everything I post itt has the sickos picture after it.

Senior Labour source tells me that when Shadow Cabinet members complained to Keir Starmer’s office about the terrible lines they were given to take to the media after the Hartlepool disaster, they were told Peter Mandelson had signed them off.

— Owen Jones 🌹 (@OwenJones84) May 9, 2021

Also, is this the new thread? Should the other be locked?

Scamp Granada (gyac), Sunday, 9 May 2021 09:46 (one month ago) link

this is the new thread and the other shd be locked, yes, YESSS!!!

mark s, Sunday, 9 May 2021 09:53 (one month ago) link

How can we destroy these good results.

One result of this brainrot is that Khan's final result vs Bailey (55% vs 45%) – better than *both* of Johnson's London efforts (51.5/48.5 & 53/47) – can't be talked about as the positive result it is & that it's *good* that progressive London can register dissent *and* back him.

— James B (@piercepenniless) May 9, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 09:57 (one month ago) link

Keir Starmer is "electable" but can't win elections , he is "professional" but does things really badly - these terms are used by the media to describe aesthetic states , the look of 'electabilty' and 'professionalism', that are unrelated to the actual common meaning of the words

— Solomon Hughes (@SolHughesWriter) May 8, 2021

nothing that hasn't been said before, but Hughes has been consistently good at calmly dissecting the hot twaddle that the likes of Toynbee and Freedland write about Kieth.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 10:15 (one month ago) link

Toynbee literally said he is electable and if voters disagree it’s on them, satire is dead

Pinefox reviews Reviews (wins), Sunday, 9 May 2021 10:24 (one month ago) link

Small in the scheme of things, but just thinking about that cunty tweet Starmer's people did about Mikel Arteta when Arsenal were having that terrible run before christmas. Hope Arteta has allowed himself at least a small chuckle at all this

would love to see him go head to head with Jez in an Arsenal pub quiz, he'd get fucking skinned.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 10:34 (one month ago) link

Just surrounded himself with these ppl.

Here is Labour's new strategy director laughing at @survation for correctly identifying Labour's surge in the 2017 election. https://t.co/pkaVhOxxPb

— Alex Nunns (@alexnunns) May 8, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 10:35 (one month ago) link

not the first time a bearded prophet was sneered at by a mob of half-witted fools!

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 10:41 (one month ago) link

Tim Shipman has the wrong end of the stick, Kier Starmer’s wife has banned him from playing Champ Man.

AlanSmithee, Sunday, 9 May 2021 11:22 (one month ago) link

It was for his own good, he kept getting Man City relegated.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 11:35 (one month ago) link


Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) council result:

Lab: 42.6% (+8.5)
Con: 40.9% (-4.3)
Grn: 10.9% (+8.2)
LDem: 5.6% (-10.6)

Lab GAIN from Con

nashwan, Sunday, 9 May 2021 12:10 (one month ago) link

Bananaman: what did KS say about Arteta? I can't remember and can't find it.

the pinefox, Sunday, 9 May 2021 12:35 (one month ago) link

... no, hold on, that was Angela Rayner.

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Sunday, 9 May 2021 12:39 (one month ago) link


I'm getting reports that Oxford are also shutting out the Reds

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 12:40 (one month ago) link

Problem for Labour is the realignment is still relatively asymmetric. Worthings are relatively few compared to the much speedier realignment towards the Tories in the north and midlands.

— Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall) May 9, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 13:30 (one month ago) link

"problem" talk is almost entirely poll-focused = arse backwards = why the Labour Party is such a fucking mess now mostly

Chickpeas, Scamps and Beeves (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 9 May 2021 13:37 (one month ago) link

Brabin has won so there will be another by-election to look forward to.

Scampo di tutti i Scampi (ShariVari), Sunday, 9 May 2021 15:29 (one month ago) link

she got 30 000+ more first pref votes than the Tory man-boy, not quite Burnham level but an impressive win for her.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 15:34 (one month ago) link

by-elections are good again

Chickpeas, Scamps and Beeves (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:08 (one month ago) link

itll be a real test for starmers labour

plax (ico), Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:11 (one month ago) link

there is a big Muslim vote in Batley, so a good chance of a lower than 2019 turnout and the Tories to win by a few thousand.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:17 (one month ago) link

if Kieth is looking for a good chippy there is one called Howies that has been there since the 50's and does their own house special "Irish Curry Sauce". Some people might tell him to fuck off though!

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:21 (one month ago) link

I'm sure his team have already briefed him that working class people eat chips - and little else - in advance of any visit to the constituency.

Authoritarian Steaks (Tom D.), Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:35 (one month ago) link

as in Biffa Bacon in the north people just go up to chip shop counter and grunt "fuckin' chips"

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 16:53 (one month ago) link

Just going to cut and paste this great post from plax at the dying end of the last thread

my sense is that politics and labour in particular is so populated by a huge array of think tank people PR hype men and career politicians shuttling back and forth between lobbying westminster and charity, desperately clinging on to the narrow idea world that supports their careers. anything that really challenges this status quo is the real enemy. The ideals of centrism and neoliberalism were supposed to craft a fairly comfortable niche in the end of history for all these people, the overarching hostility to 'populism' etc I think is borne of this. Anything transformative of this status quo is much more challenging to their position than labour becoming even more defanged than they currently are. I think the vaccillating anxiety around what the current tory government are doing from this point of view comes from the way in which they are obvioulsy both in the business of shredding norms (human rights, 'standards') and fortifying others (corporate hegemony, cultural conservatism).

But yeah I agree that they are deeply uninterested in winning power, they already have the kind of power they are interested in. and I agree that its not some 4d chess they're up to just knee-jerk aversion and hostility to anything that upsets basic tenets of what they consider modern approaches (c. 1996) and can thus bizarrely construct the notion of 'free broadband' as something dessicated and backward. They're sincere whey they say this isn't 'grown up' 'sensible' politics but what they mean is really because it upsets their idea of what it is to be a grown up, to move smoothly through a professionalised world where they wear a suit and say things with confidence. I think the career of chuka umunna is pretty instructive. anyway, i'm pretty sure this is the end of the line for the nhs so there's going to be a hell of a lot of consultancy roles for them to fight over once they've completely collapsed the labour party.

― plax (ico)

Andrew Farrell, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:00 (one month ago) link

A senior Labour figure told a meeting with the leader’s office that Angela Rayner was “dressed inappropriately” on a visit to Hartlepool. She was wearing leopard-print trousers, heavy-duty stomper boots and a hoodie.

nice blend of misogyny and classism getting leaked from the Starmer office, vile people.

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:04 (one month ago) link

Runners and riders for Labour selection for Batley and Spen by-election, according to local sources: Salma Arif, Leeds council cabinet member for public health, is who some believe the seat will be "stitched up" for

— Patrick Maguire (@patrickkmaguire) May 9, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:09 (one month ago) link

Owen Jones tweet, guessing he is probably not just making this up

The reason the Labour reshuffle isn’t happening is because the shadow ministers Keir Starmer’s team are trying to demote are refusing to move, and are betting the house on the fact Starmer no longer has any political authority.

— Owen Jones 🌹 (@OwenJones84) May 9, 2021

A viking of frowns, (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:09 (one month ago) link

oh please let this be true

Chickpeas, Scamps and Beeves (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:11 (one month ago) link

it's a bed-in!

with kieth and jenny and the gang

mark s, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:17 (one month ago) link

That's that then. Labour loses control of Bristol City Council, ties for biggest party with the Greens on 24 councillors each

— cryskttlty (@cryskttlty) May 9, 2021

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:31 (one month ago) link

Brabin hasn't officially won yet but still

Chickpeas, Scamps and Beeves (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:34 (one month ago) link

oh they are still counting, lol I thought I figures I saw on my phone were the final count. 90 000 ahead on first prefs

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:39 (one month ago) link

Are these Greens positioned for a real ascendancy or are they a comedy party

Clara Lemlich stan account (silby), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:40 (one month ago) link

the Greens are not positioned for a real ascendancy

Chickpeas, Scamps and Beeves (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:40 (one month ago) link

Leeds 2nd pref results through.

Brabin (Lab): 20,312 (112,624 total)
Robinson (Con): 11,579 (72,248 total)

calzino, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:44 (one month ago) link

greens = 00s lib dems (?)

Left, Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:52 (one month ago) link

What happened to the Sensible Party or whatever the labour exiles were calling themselves,

Clara Lemlich stan account (silby), Sunday, 9 May 2021 17:58 (one month ago) link

They lost all their seats and then went off to cushy jobs and non-executive directorships.

One shad cab member tells me they'd quite like to know whether it's worth them turning up for work tomorrow. Nearly 7pm Sunday night and unaware if they're invited to tomorrow's meeting.

— Kate Proctor (@Kate_M_Proctor) May 9, 2021

Scamp Granada (gyac), Sunday, 9 May 2021 18:01 (one month ago) link

"my" Labour MP is one of the agitators behind regressive anti-sex worker legislation in the name of feminism, assume these peeps are one step over from Terfism too tbh

Lotta overlap, yes.

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 12:25 (yesterday) link

is anyone with any prominence in the party not appalling on this issue? everyone i've ever heard of has been afaict regardless of faction

terf/telf tendencies almost guaranteed here & another major appeal of this politics is it lets you do border control / ethnic cleansing in a way that sounds righteous & PC to people who might generally be expected to be wary of explicit calls for such things. it also lets you frame opposition to state violence against women as anti-feminist which is quite a trick

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 12:56 (yesterday) link

telf is never going to catch on is it, i keep trying

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 13:07 (yesterday) link

Telf me on a Sunday, please

Full Kit Starmer (Noodle Vague), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 13:09 (yesterday) link

yeah telf is the correct term for 99% of what gets described as terf behaviour (I'm as guilty as anyone) but if there's one thing I've learned it's that fighting missuse of a term is always a losing battle

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 13:47 (yesterday) link

Fuck Lucy Powell

Important report out today from Education Select Committee and chair @halfon4harlowMP https://t.co/hZcQFfQzLK

— Lucy Powell MP (@LucyMPowell) June 22, 2021

Instead of making the points about education cuts over the last 11 years her wing is trying to make capital out of this racism, as calz said above, no difference between the right of Labour and the Tories.

glumdalclitch, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 14:13 (yesterday) link

This whole narrative is despicable.

nashwan, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 14:38 (yesterday) link

Die Tories sichern die Volksgemeinschaft

🚨 | NEW: The government is urging children to sing this song on June 25


— Politics For All (@PoliticsForAlI) June 22, 2021

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 19:43 (yesterday) link

Labour too since this kind of fashy (en)forced monoculture is clearly their preferred political terrain regardless its electoral prospects for them at this point (they still don’t get enough blame for their role in nurturing this neofascism esp in the late new labour era, probably because it mostly benefited other parties then). but they’re not ashamed to be white and they’re more open about it than they were ever willing to be when they still seemed to vaguely care about trying to please everyone in their then-coalition

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:00 (yesterday) link

That's surely a hi-larious Twitter parody?

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:03 (yesterday) link

I thought it was, people I take seriously are treating it as if it’s real though. if it’s a bit it’s not funny

This One Britain One Nation shite is apparently based out of Bradford. Here's the LEA advertising last year's event. Does anyone know where this came from?https://t.co/SXRXt5L0xZ

— libcom.org (@libcomorg) June 22, 2021

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:23 (yesterday) link

idk. regardless tories and labour are fascist

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:25 (yesterday) link

Since when are Twitter parodies funny?

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:26 (yesterday) link

that vid isn't a parody believe it or not, it was put out by the Uk govt's "Union Unit" team

calzino, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:32 (yesterday) link

kill me

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:39 (yesterday) link

We're encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.#OBONDAY21 @1Britain1Nation

For more information:https://t.co/y7PQblUeDN

— Department for Education (@educationgovuk) June 21, 2021

calzino, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:50 (yesterday) link


Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:52 (yesterday) link

fwiw, Scottish schools break up for summer on the 24th.

Heavy Messages (jed_), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:02 (yesterday) link

Some Union.

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:03 (yesterday) link

if blood and soil + vague liberal platitudes + pretending to like gays this month colours isn’t june 2021 britain in a nutshell

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:13 (yesterday) link

england at least

Left, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:14 (yesterday) link

This is anecdotal and I wouldn't necessarily say my school is representative but despite a (in places) static, fusty curriculum I feel like I'm teaching entirely new texts this year - and it's because the discourse is changing from underneath us. Conversations about race, gender and sexuality are charged and informed in ways I've not really experienced before. Shit like this isn't pressed on us from the top and I genuinely think kids would laugh it out of the classroom. It's so fucking good to see and hear.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:21 (yesterday) link

That sounds a bit wide-eyed and preachy but there has been a definite shift post-lockdown(s).

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:22 (yesterday) link

(xxp) ... and Wales I suppose, because I can't imagine them trying to pull this stunt in Northern Ireland, which is part of France anyway.

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:23 (yesterday) link

England into the last 16 without a goal conceded. We still believe… #ENG

— Keir Starmer (@Keir_Starmer) June 22, 2021

Kieth... the Jordan Pickford of human rights lawyers

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 06:43 (twelve hours ago) link

Starmer reassured that it's possible to be crushingly dull and anonymous and still succeed.

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Wednesday, 23 June 2021 07:42 (eleven hours ago) link

England played conservatively so of course he has to praise them

boxedjoy, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 08:12 (ten hours ago) link

my kids still call Pickford "Spongebob"

they haven't thought enough about Starmer to have a nickname for him lol

Tracer Hand, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 08:13 (ten hours ago) link

patrick starmer

imago, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 08:42 (ten hours ago) link

"We still believe ..."

How dire is this?

ENG are a tournament favourite. "We still believe ..." is the kind of thing you might wistfully say when eg SCO are heading out of the tournament at half-time but you "still believe" there's a chance.

You don't say it about a tournament favourite playing tediously, not conceding a goal and topping the group.

Utter berk!

the pinefox, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:25 (nine hours ago) link

Its the kind of thing you wistfully say before a by-election in Batley

anvil, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:39 (nine hours ago) link

also Kieth followed that up with his customary + totally played out to fucking death by now "I might be biased..." (as an Arsenal fan, just in case if you didn't know I was one by now) tweet no 972. Jez used to post about being a Gooner occasionally, but not in such a tediously grasping and overdone manner.

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:54 (eight hours ago) link

Having an SEN child really does have it’s challenges but I am REAPING THE REWARDS now they’re making the normie kids sing about One Britain. Good luck getting the big guy to sing anything that isn’t from Moana or Frozen.

— 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝕻𝖍𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖕 (@papasombra) June 23, 2021

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 12:02 (six hours ago) link

BREAKING: police officer Benjamin Monk has been found guilty of the manslaughter of former footballer Dalian Atkinson #c4news. pic.twitter.com/SedyOWHKy2

— Darshna Soni (@darshnasoni) June 23, 2021

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 12:47 (five hours ago) link

Manslaughter my dick

Full Kit Starmer (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 23 June 2021 13:37 (five hours ago) link

Another day in this hell

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 13:44 (five hours ago) link

C4 are fucked

Our response to today’s announcement by DCMS that it is launching a consultation into the future of Channel 4: pic.twitter.com/h9B03fpKEX

— Channel 4 Press (@C4Press) June 23, 2021

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 15:26 (three hours ago) link

Oh no who's going to carry out the public service of Four in a Bed and Inside Poundland and Young Swingers and Homes from Hell and Dogging Tales and 21 Kids and Counting and Inside KFC and etc etc etc

Full Kit Starmer (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 23 June 2021 15:43 (three hours ago) link

we'll never see the likes of Network 7 and The Word on a publicly owned/commercially run broadcaster ever again ;;

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 15:56 (two hours ago) link

lol how on earth do they make a billion a year in revenue for the govt? Just heard that on the radio btw perhaps I didn't hear it correctly.

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:00 (two hours ago) link

Channel 4 has been utterly shit for years. Apart from Gogglebox, what else have they got?

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:02 (two hours ago) link

Technically Rick and Morty, that's it

Full Kit Starmer (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:05 (two hours ago) link

Comedy is their strong point, Derry Girls, Year of the Rabbit, Friday Night Dinners etc. It’s a Sin was top notch and one of the few shows which would fit in with the old challenging C4, but yes has been a shadow of its former self.

Dan Worsley, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:10 (two hours ago) link

Over 16,000 COVID cases reported today, about ten times higher than it was in May. Deaths up by 53% week on week as well. My daughter's school's closed down for the week after numerous positive test results. Never mind opening everything up in July, I'm wondering if they'll have to reverse any of the "irreversible" steps they've already taken.

Nasty, Brutish & Short, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:13 (two hours ago) link

Yeah, utterly insane to allow 60k for SFs and Finals of the Euros as well.

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:20 (two hours ago) link

we have not been given the term "plague island" for nothing.
countdown to the EU closing their doors to our dirty money.
suspect that's the only time that the penny will drop for most folks.

mark e, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:35 (two hours ago) link

plague island does sound a lot like some shit you'd get on ch4

calzino, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 16:53 (one hour ago) link

especially after they have been sold off.

mark e, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 17:17 (one hour ago) link

The Queen described Matt Hancock : "He's full of..."

"Full of beans?" interrupted Boris.

Man, lack of comic timing! Now we'll never know...

Mark G, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 17:35 (one hour ago) link

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