About Cookies and Privacy Policy

What personal information does ILX collect?

Whenever you load a page from our server (including via the Zing Touch iOS app), it automatically records the date, time, your IP address and the page you are looking at. We keep logs of this for around 3 months, and then they are deleted.

Registered users: If you register for an account, we store the information you provide in the registration form (display name, e-mail address, password) so that you can log in to the site. When you log in or post, we record the date and time, and your IP address.

We don't sell or give any of this information to anybody in any form. And we won't in future.

What third parties collect information on ILX?

  1. We use Google Analytics to collect usage information for the site, which includes anonymous information about the types of computers visiting the site, the types of browsers being used and other technical information. We can't track or connect this information with you in any way. For more details, see Google.
  2. We are testing a system called Skimlinks, which updates links to Amazon (and a couple of other sites, like eBay) to include an affiliate code. The code means we are given a small percentage of any purchases made on Amazon after you follow the link. We don't give Skimlinks any information about you, but they will have your IP address and other technical information
  3. Unregistered users are shown Google Ads, which means both Google and the advertisers may show them advertisments and collect non-personally identifying information.

What about cookies?

There are three kinds of cookies you can get from using ILX on a browser:

  1. ILX cookies: If you log in, we use a cookie to identify you, and to store your username/password to allow the "remember me" function to work. We will also store your stylesheet preferences, and a cookie that shows you are a member (so that you aren't shown ads).
  2. Google Analytics Google may use a cookie to allow the Analytics service to function (see above)
  3. Google Ads If you are not a registered user, Google and advertisers may leave cookies

Anything else?

These terms and conditions can change, and if they do we'll update them here and make you aware of the changes. If you have any questions or want to know more, you can e-mail "stet" at

stet, Mon, 14 September 2012 20:00