Worst Beatles song ever

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I agree with that.

everything, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 19:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

what would a comp of these tracks sound like, i wonder (bet it makes for a better record than MMT)? anyone wanna do the honors?

eye, music snob... (Ioannis), Tuesday, 29 September 2009 19:52 (eight years ago) Permalink


iago g., Tuesday, 29 September 2009 20:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

...but fun.

eye, music snob... (Ioannis), Tuesday, 29 September 2009 20:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

This has been fun. I disqualified the German song as an of-its-time novelty, and all of the covers because they're not written by the Beatles (and because I like them!)

"When I Get Home" rocks, and the writing/playing on "What Goes On" is fine in my book (the vocal is, you know, Ringo.) "Long And Winding Road" I'm ambivalent about; dreary and maudlin, yeah, but nothing to get worked up about.

Of the twee-er tracks from "Yellow Sub" onwards, all the 1-2-3 A-B-C stuff in "All Together Now" grates like a Raffi song to me, and a quickly tossed-off one at that, so that one.

Such A Hilbily (Dan Peterson), Tuesday, 29 September 2009 20:25 (eight years ago) Permalink

A comp of these tracks would be like the greatest Herman's Hermits record ever.

bendy, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 20:33 (eight years ago) Permalink

If you hate Raffi, you hate the Beatles

I Love Beatles Polls New Answers (Myonga Vön Bontee), Tuesday, 29 September 2009 20:58 (eight years ago) Permalink

Fuck a Long & Winding Road

govt just cut all ties with acorn squash (Pillbox), Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:05 (eight years ago) Permalink

I hated Long and Winding Road for about 20 years, and I've finally come round to appreciating it - though prefer the Let It Be Naked version.

Bob Six, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:55 (eight years ago) Permalink

Let It Be Naked is so fantastic. Listened to it last night.

everything, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:56 (eight years ago) Permalink

Some of McCartney's songs could better have stayed off those albums. I mean, "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" is horrible and harmonically boring, and he wrote "Yellow Submarine" too after all.

But his ballads and pre-rock numbers are mostly beautiful, and when they get all that shit it isn't because they are bad, but because some people have this stupid idea that rock is by definition supposed to be "rebellion" and that whatever your mum and teacher likes must be rubbish.

Tied Up In Geir (Geir Hongro), Wednesday, 30 September 2009 01:20 (eight years ago) Permalink

i really like the sound of his voice on ob-la-di, ob-la-da. i never thought of myself as a superfan but reasons to enjoy damn near any of their songs creep up pretty organically for me. i agree they wouldn't be 'half' the band they were if everything was all raw and curmudgeonly or whatever, i think folks wishing that would feel the same tbh.

alex b. skeaton (tremendoid), Wednesday, 30 September 2009 01:45 (eight years ago) Permalink

Haha, some of these are pretty good, most are inoffensive.

slagterm, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 01:57 (eight years ago) Permalink

What? No option for an Anthology track like "Free As a Bird" or "You'll Be Mine"????

Mr. Snrub, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 01:58 (eight years ago) Permalink

i'll admit to loving "ob-la-di, ob-la-da" ... I think it's fun, nice beat/melody. I mean, if that's boring melodically, then so is every ska/reggae song.

tylerw, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 01:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

Every ske/reggae song IS BORING.

Mr. Snrub, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 02:02 (eight years ago) Permalink

Ska, even!

Mr. Snrub, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 02:02 (eight years ago) Permalink

every ski/raga song is boring

tylerw, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 02:56 (eight years ago) Permalink

i suddenly liked LAWR when i heard someone cover it with a bit of passion. paul's performance is very blah, like i don't picture him doing anything other than standing at the end of the "road", singing at the ground, shrugging, but i still think it's a better song than dizzy miss lizzy or roll over beethoven, for example.

rent, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 03:42 (eight years ago) Permalink

> There are no bad Beatles songs. Live with it.
― Nate Carson,

closest to truth statement ever

meisenfek, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 04:48 (eight years ago) Permalink

long and winding road is great.

fucking hate mr.moonlight

gman59, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 04:52 (eight years ago) Permalink


by that same logic my vote is for "A Taste Of Honey" which represents them at their most embryonic, therefore least enjoyable by whatever "objective" standards I'm able to summon here. I might hate some of the other songs more due to overexposure, but there's no denying their impact and importance to many people. I think ATOH probably summons up the least amount of memories in the collective unconscious. For example, I think I voted for Silver Hammer in the worst Abbey Road poll, but my enduring memory of that song is my sisters enacting a live action version as a play for our family. So I cannot in good conscience pretend it is "the worst", I guess it all comes down to people's subjective interpretations of what "worst" means.

sleeve, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 04:56 (eight years ago) Permalink

"Tattoo" is brilliant

billstevejim, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 05:04 (eight years ago) Permalink

I would pump any of these songs before "Honey Pie" ..

billstevejim, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 05:05 (eight years ago) Permalink

"Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" were just fine.

billstevejim, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 05:07 (eight years ago) Permalink

> "Tattoo" is brilliant

A lot of what makes 60s albums so great is that the fey songs are right next to the slammers and the experiments. Maybe, even as they were forming the idea of the concept album, they didn't worry so much about the album as a unified thing. A statement. We're worse off for it.

bendy, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 11:45 (eight years ago) Permalink

The Anthology version of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is terrific, much better than the officially released version.

I really like the Anthology-era B-side remix of Yellow Submarine with all the sound effects boosted up; it shows what a gem of day-glo pop-art proto-psychedelic whimsy it is!

Officer Pupp, Wednesday, 30 September 2009 13:07 (eight years ago) Permalink

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

System, Friday, 2 October 2009 23:01 (eight years ago) Permalink

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Saturday, 3 October 2009 23:01 (eight years ago) Permalink

No problem with the top two at all.

EZ Snappin, Sunday, 4 October 2009 00:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

I don't get at all why All You Need Is Love is on this poll. But yeah, I can understand why people wouldn't like the first two.

LAWR never stuck out to me (naked or otherwise). But Maxwell's Silver Hammer has such awesome early Moog on it. I'm a sucker for analog synth.

Nate Carson, Sunday, 4 October 2009 06:36 (eight years ago) Permalink

Further proof that A Hard Days Night is perfect.

billstevejim, Sunday, 4 October 2009 08:15 (eight years ago) Permalink

i like The Long And Winding Road, for all its schmaltz

surm, Sunday, 4 October 2009 08:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

anthology version > naked > let it be >>>>> many other beatles songs

alex b. skeaton (tremendoid), Sunday, 4 October 2009 08:26 (eight years ago) Permalink

my dad, the other day: "I heard this Beatles song on the radio this morning I'd never heard before. It was about this lad that kept killing people but it was, you know, quite jolly. Quite clever. I liked it."

thomp, Sunday, 4 October 2009 08:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

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