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exactly!! it cant just be abt stevie nicks fans

just sayin, Saturday, 5 September 2009 15:55 (ten years ago) link

It's NOT worse than "When Will I See You"!


My life is butthurt so badly (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Saturday, 5 September 2009 17:09 (ten years ago) link

i also picked this up recently and was surprised at how amazing it still sounds. "caroline" in particular deserves more love

psychgawsple, Sunday, 6 September 2009 04:40 (ten years ago) link

i think this could be stevie nicks' worst contributions to any record she's been involved with imo

i wonder how many of the people who voted for "welcome.." are mixing it up with "sara" from tusk

surfin on my face (electricsound), Sunday, 6 September 2009 05:07 (ten years ago) link

" "caroline" in particular deserves more love"

this is spot on.

My issue with "Welcome To The Room... Sara" is that it sounds like a parody song, like something from that French & Saunders send up of Fleetwood Mac. It actively undermines all of Stevie's signature tricks. "When Will I See You" is merely weak.

Nicks' songs are amazingly strong on Say You Will, but then I've not heard the stuff she's done between the two albums.

Tim F, Sunday, 6 September 2009 10:18 (ten years ago) link

Like Bella Donna, Trouble in Shangri-La, etc? If you like Nicks, you'll love the albums, but outside maybe one or two tracks (Nomad, maybe?) nothing really knock-out there.

Mordy, Sunday, 6 September 2009 10:24 (ten years ago) link

I know Bella Donna, The Wild Heart and Rock Little, just none after that.

But then I rarely listen to those ones much. What's interesting about Nicks is that she really does work so well as a group player, even though her songwriting style would never suggest it. The half of Say You Will she contributes is possibly as much Nicks as I'd really want in one sitting.

Tim F, Sunday, 6 September 2009 10:29 (ten years ago) link

eight months pass...


wilter, Thursday, 3 June 2010 10:22 (ten years ago) link

all the "ooh ah"s in "big love" are still bizarre

kamerad, Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:31 (ten years ago) link

Seven Wonders is pretty good, deserved a vote imo.

_▂▅▇█▓▒░◕‿‿◕░▒▓█▇▅▂_ (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:33 (ten years ago) link

Yes "Everywhere" is brilliant. I was very annoyed when someone made a swirly house-pop cover version

Tiiiiiiim, who did this?

mdskltr (blueski), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:34 (ten years ago) link

think i've heard it

basically they looped bits of it so it's longer and added some helpful echoes

truff sqwad (history mayne), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:38 (ten years ago) link

theres def a balearic disco edit that jaxon posted on the noize board FM thread iirc.

_▂▅▇█▓▒░◕‿‿◕░▒▓█▇▅▂_ (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:39 (ten years ago) link

You've all heard this, I hope.


Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:41 (ten years ago) link

There is no way the Little Lies voters have heard the whole thing.

Davek (davek_00), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:41 (ten years ago) link

jeez al i didnt know you thought honey hi was a dud

max, Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:42 (ten years ago) link

feel like i dont even know you and i cant trust your opinion anymore

max, Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:42 (ten years ago) link

you talkin' to me?

Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:43 (ten years ago) link



Vision Creation Mansun (NickB), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:51 (ten years ago) link

Duds on Tusk: "Honey Hi" (McVie), "Angel" (Nicks), "I Know I'm Not Wrong" (Buckingham)

Duds on Mirage: "Straight Back" (Nicks), "Wish You Were Here" (McVie), "Empire State" (Buckingham).

― Alfred, Lord Sotosyn, Thursday, July 19, 2007 9:47 PM (2 years ago) Bookmark Suggest Ban Permalink

max, Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:52 (ten years ago) link

Oh yeah, I'll still stand by that.

Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:54 (ten years ago) link

h8 you

max, Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:55 (ten years ago) link


Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 15:56 (ten years ago) link

No sacred cows stand in the way of McChallops.

_▂▅▇█▓▒░◕‿‿◕░▒▓█▇▅▂_ (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:00 (ten years ago) link

stfu and listen to the "Seven Wonders" 12", heathens.

Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:00 (ten years ago) link

how did seven wonders get 0 votes and mystified get only 1??

Future_Perfect (LOLK), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:03 (ten years ago) link

The correct question: how did "Welcome to the Room....Sara" get seven votes?

Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:05 (ten years ago) link

Late to thread but I gotta agree with Tim above about "Oh Diane" being more of a dud than "Empire State" - I get what he's trying to do with it but it's still one of my least favourite Mac songs ever, whereas I really quite like "Empire State" even while realizing it's not top-drawer. But y'know, it's all taste.

Probably a good thing that I never voted on this because I realized that I've only ever heard the singles here. I really should get me a copy of the full album - I think I've given up on Rhino actually bringing out Mirage and Tango in their reissue series, what with the long gap since the first batch.

Sean Carruthers, Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:07 (ten years ago) link

TITN is their best seller post-Rumours too.

Filmmaker, Author, Radio Host Stephen Baldwin (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:09 (ten years ago) link

The correct question: how did "Welcome to the Room....Sara" get seven votes?

yeah that song is such a chore

Future_Perfect (LOLK), Thursday, 3 June 2010 16:27 (ten years ago) link

A+ 4Eva: "Caroline", "Everywhere", "Isn't It Midnight"
A: "Seven Wonders", "Big Love", "Tango In The Night", "You & I"
A-: "Little Lies", "Mystified"
B: "Family Man"
D-: "When I See You Again"
F: "Welcome to the Room... Sara"

Tim F, Tuesday, 8 June 2010 12:21 (ten years ago) link

"isn't it midnight" is the only one i can't remember how it goes

all the arthur baker club mixes that came with the 12" singles are solid gold

fuckd and bombd (r1o natsume), Tuesday, 8 June 2010 12:31 (ten years ago) link

"family man" is the underrated gem on this album. such a simple song packed with so many little details. and lindsay's flamenco guitar solos are immense

fuckd and bombd (r1o natsume), Tuesday, 8 June 2010 12:34 (ten years ago) link

eight months pass...

the cover art for this album is just so perfect

just sayin, Friday, 11 February 2011 09:10 (nine years ago) link

you know EXACTLY what its going to sound like

just sayin, Friday, 11 February 2011 09:10 (nine years ago) link

just sayin.

ouroboros shoal (diamonddave85), Friday, 11 February 2011 16:54 (nine years ago) link


Rich Lolwry (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Saturday, 12 February 2011 19:56 (nine years ago) link

two months pass...

Just got around to listening to some "Tango" demos, and man, is Stevie's "Joan Of Arc" weird/spooky. Destroyer could /should cover this.

Here's the demo:

And here's the "finished" version:

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 19 April 2011 18:02 (nine years ago) link

three months pass...

Love this


The Edge of Gloryhole (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 28 July 2011 02:31 (nine years ago) link

"mystified" is the sleeper on this album

missingNO, Friday, 5 August 2011 13:02 (nine years ago) link

I cannot believe nobody voted for Seven Wonders or Isn't It Midnight! The super-urgent guitar outra on the latter is a one-way ticket to Lindsey heaven.

Clarke B., Friday, 5 August 2011 14:15 (nine years ago) link

^^^^^^ Absolutely. Under the circumstances everyone who voted for "Welcome to the room... Sara" should be shot and killed. I don't care if they were joke votes.

Tim F, Friday, 5 August 2011 23:30 (nine years ago) link


livin in my own private Biden hole (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Saturday, 6 August 2011 01:45 (nine years ago) link

is there a version of that everywhere demo longer than 1:17?

caek, Saturday, 6 August 2011 01:46 (nine years ago) link

one year passes...

such crazy results, 'welcome to the room... sara' is a pretty bad song almost made good by producer-lindsey's insistence that it be good, but why vote for it when you could have 'seven wonders', an okay song almost made amazing by producer-lindsey's insistence? also, poor 'family man'. i heard it dropped in the middle of a nu-disco set a while back and it was somehow perfect.

Perfect Chicken Forever (Merdeyeux), Saturday, 20 October 2012 00:34 (seven years ago) link

"Seven Wonders" is classic Lindsey playing Capn Save a Stevie.

the ones that I'm near most: fellow outcasts and ilxors (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Saturday, 20 October 2012 12:16 (seven years ago) link

five months pass...

Finally got round to actually checking this out properly. Other than the big hits, I love the title track the best.

pssstttt, Hey you (dog latin), Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:18 (seven years ago) link

six months pass...

family man rules and deserves some epic balearic remix

ryan, Saturday, 28 September 2013 17:49 (six years ago) link

this does a decent job of it:


opie dead eyed piece of shit (Merdeyeux), Saturday, 28 September 2013 18:37 (six years ago) link

four months pass...

Great interview. I knew of course about Nicks at Betty Ford and Lindsey chasing her around the house after he announced he was leaving but apparently it was still all rather mad.

Fleetwood says that he and Nicks were doing more cocaine during the making of Tango than when they were recording Rumours — an album on which they seriously considered thanking their drug dealer in the credits. “Actually” he admits, “it was way worse on Tango In The Night. For sure.”

Certainly , I smoked a lot of pot. But I was never a big user of coke,” Buckingham notes. And by the mid-80s, he’d had enough. ” The subculture was pretty much at the point of burning itself out,” he recalled. “The ‘anything goes’ attitude that existed in the 60s had become something entirely different. But still, everyone thought you had to do certain things to play, and I don’t know that I ever thought about it that way.”

Bryan Fairy (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Monday, 3 February 2014 00:50 (six years ago) link

I never ever ever got burned out on 80s production styles/techniques. 90s and 00s, almost immediately.

Johnny Fever, Friday, 3 August 2018 02:21 (two years ago) link

If anything, my appreciation for the technical skill of '80s production has only increased with time. There were a lot of legitimately stunning production achievements in the '80s. Of course, there are many examples of the trends of the time done badly, but that exists in every decade.

Le Baton Rose (Turrican), Friday, 3 August 2018 06:24 (two years ago) link

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