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CRUDE - BANK [sn:mc]

Gothic futurist gurgle leaving everything to the imagination.A
perfect companion to any psychoactive situation.
Trans-human make-out soundtrack. Glue-like 50 minute noir-film music.
Finance themes.
Glitch meets doom-metal high on paint fumes.


No-wave chunks of sound/slurry captured during lean times in Auckland
Demented and at times hopeless. AI Signatures Volume One provides an
atmosphere both bleak and deconstructed. Similar at times to 'Bank'.


Manic breaks and static-glazed synth anthems, arcade pursuit
sequences and supercooled cryo-sound. Warped and highly subjective.
Features the hit 'The Mine'.

CRUDE - INTELSAT 707 [f/hn:psy]
Part 2 of a 2 part investigation into the extremities of sound.
Recorded in a huff in 1998, the Intelsat sessions
are a volume of profoundly exaggerated feedback and
almost 'psychotronic' level inter-dimensional drone-core.
Intesat 707 is the experimental 'remix' of Intelsat 703,
a sound perhaps 'geo-magnetic' in nature. [?]. Molten metal. A vast
superstructure collapsing. Good for the moody.

CRUDE - C3 [lte]

Piquant serving of electro-syncopation spiked with meths.
Zippy prozac-laced arcade tunes. Stylized feather-weight electro-
trash designed for the tiniest of computer speakers. Timeless.


Four monolithic slabs of super-condensed synthesise. Rediculously
heavy. Grandiose and alien.


An album of electronic tunes designed to [at the time of
creation] "empower corporate intelligencia".In hindsight, why the
hell would I want to do that!? Spy themes, study themes. Geek.


As my internet investigations become increasingly 'out there' the
music invariably follows. 'Sci-Fi Sound' is a conceptual piece -
basically a soundtrack to some sort of B-Grade biotech/science
fiction film. Sounds hackneyed but you will be pleasantly compelled.
Essential. Glue. Mushrooms.

CRUDE - CYP35 [tn]

Heavy-ass drum and noise venture. Gargantuan remix of the classic
anomic anthem 'I Don't Know You', furious data 'feed' sequences and
other noisy ganglia.


The 'Australian MP3 album'.Pieces selected for posting [dumping] to
the Australian version of MP3.com. The palette: power electronics,
shit-noise, IDM,other ------features the potential music videos 'Help-
Us/Be-Us' and 'That's How it's Gonna Be'. To some, retarded. To


The first in the Aklass tryptich. Again, we're talking 'power
[power surges, overloads, leaks, digital interpretations of Niagra
Falls], radio manipulation [music concrete] and dried-as-bone TechNO.
This would be ideal for those wishing to 'test the water' with
the 'heavy shit'.


This is the 'major' album for 2002 - all pieces given away in a fit
of desperation[altruism][an undeniable pathological calling to
anarchic restructuring of consumerism] and posted to the Aklass site.
If you wish to own a 'trinket' then purchase this, the cover is quite
cool I guess, that pic of me looking like and I quote 'a Russian
mental patient'. The music borders on commercial------but, it simply
cannot BE that way.....


Just before 'running away' from Dunedin in 2001 I completed a 9
volume set of
randomly compiled [hence -'auto'] songs/outakes/noise. This is the
first in the series, and is recommended for those who really wish
to 'dig deep' into the Crude sound/psyche.


Flat-lined minima pixels, radio hiss and video. So it's basically
synth noise with a little more subtelty than usual. Title based on
real-life aerospace company, hope they don't sue [so what if they do]


Previously described as a 'shocking Hill-Billy rock-stomp', and it
kind of is, although perhaps a little more sophisticated than
that..looking to acheive a kind of Cajun [?] vibe or something with
horn, guitar and one shitty drum. Features the songs 'Real
Nice', 'Turbo Cum', 'Mitternacht' et al. Most of these songs ended up
on the now famed 'Turbo Spunk' acetate triple 7", you know the one,
with that photo of me looking insane and all that naive photocopy


Another pulverising wad of what I call 'pain music'. Others have
called it 'oppression'. This is really heavy - it's just really
fuckin heavy. Like a fucking stodgy exotic
meal sealed within yer groanin' guts tryin' to negotiate outta yer
constipated asshole..

CRUDE - FASB 52 [tn:lte]

Collection of further refined trash/electro from the year 2000. These
set the standard for future Crude electro. Very progressive in it's
Worth Getting. Yet another title. What to buy. Why buy. Why now.


An earlier window to the evolution of the Crude electronic sound.
Pieces rendered 1998. Many wonder how I 'got that sound'. I have to
say it's kinda one of my 'strategic assets'. Not only do you need the
gear, you actually need me operating it. And, according to my
temperament, I work best alone.
I am wanker - here me raw!!


Now that the majority of human molecules are available to purchase on
the internet I guess some smart alien could have a bit of fun. The
things you can do with money! You can buy anything! Even Crude! And
this CD - Nasdaq, another array of Crude electro, low of tech, wide
of vision, allbeit Orwellian. Introduces the micro-frequencies
of 'kamikaze perspectives', the cut-up capitalist advice of 'bikini'
and the unpredictable swoops and dives of 'ufo pursuit'.

CRUDE - MARS [tn:g]

Another of the space orientated works - an increasingly common Crude
theme/fixation. The full title of this work is :'I will go to Mars at
the First Given Oppurtunity' - nihilism? Net investigation posits
Mars as a likely human outpost perhaps 2050. Mars resources on the
net are vast.
This album is a blaze of superconducting electronics [again] and
other crazy ride type synth excursions. I got alot of time for this


This was modelled as a 'major release' - perhaps the follow up to
Inner City Guitar Perspectives. It's all there, the horns, guitar,
clarinet, the quirky vocals, the wierdness. And the synth is finding
it's own here too. I almost sound sentimental. As old as it is [1996]
[that's not old] Datastream Cowboy
will still sound futuristic in 2010. Songs.


Deliberately extreme. This is the sound of a trillion jet-streams. If
you are searching for White Noise, this is my interpretation. Use
this album as you see fit - be it distraction, dislocation or
destruction. An aid to time-travel.


Slammin' chunks of refried rock'n'roll recklessly tossed together
sick portions of Cold-Waved Cryo-Core. This album showcases the
bar-room brawl soundtrack 'Binge Theme' and sets your mind in fresh
concrete with 'Refridgerant 502'

CRUDE - SLOW CODE [f/hn:psy]

In perhaps a more scientific mode I captured a curious stretch of
Short Wave
and commited it to tape. I don't know what caused it - very eerie,
yet probably man-made, or natural - nothing paranormal unfortunatly.
[Could of been Aurora]. This is the hippy in me - that sort of shit,
short wave , UFOs, inter-dimensional shit.
Anyway it's a 50 minute long Aum-type thing. It'll lull you to la-la
[It did it to me..]


This album was launched at the Gathering 1998 I think. I don't think
people really knew what to make of it - the Trance zone seemed
almighty at the time.
One crazy guy danced maniacly to the hyper-human beats and gave me
the thumbs up. That made it all the more pleasant.

CRUDE - INFORMATIK 105 [f/hn:tn]

More noise. Double album lenght, fax/modem sensibility. True alien
horror-scapes designed for thre office environment. Features the
irrevocable classic 'Brainwash Sequence '53' and the lift-off
perspectives of 'Beta Test'.

CRUDE - INTELSAT 103 [f/hn]

Again, a deliberatly extreme work. Calculatedly extreme. Wall-noise
street drunk glue-bag heavy. Appealing to terahertz technologies.
Guitar feedback vomited
and re-ingested. Renegade optics. Re-animate the dead with this


Heavy-core synth tech. Perhaps this work wasn't necessary but none of
it is.
Must leave documents and legacy to world. Catalogue it all, great or
If they get it now, maybe they will then.


This was the first batch of songs injected into MP3.com, back in the
year 2000. It's always controversial, mp3s. Some deem it foolish
to 'give it away' but then again the brand or band name finds it's
way to the 4 corners of the Earth, generating interest amongst pools
of people and distributing itself
exponentially. If someone could just throw $ into the equation.
There are some great songs here, and a nifty cover. Beige, the black
of 2010.
Many shining examples of the 'Crude Sound'.


Crude Cuts from my various attempts at conducting a coherent live
performance. Tune in to those audiences,
place yourself there - - oh the spectacle! Crude live -
edgy, obscure, surreal.


Last but not least a bumper edition MAX collection of saxophone
experiments from 1996-1998. Incorporating 'Sax Serpentine', 'Sax
Serpentine 2' and 'Clarinet Exercises'
this cd will delight. An obscure monastic tone permeates these
recordings. You be the judge. Jazz geeks, indulge!
[and criticize]

f/hn-flatline/harsh noise
sn-shit noise
tn-tech noise
lte-low tech electronic
da-dark ambient
mc-musique concrete
m-mixed genres
je - jazz experiments
ilf- indie/lofi

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(lucylurex), Sunday, 25 May 2003 06:51 (nineteen years ago) link



mama says knock you out

live at the Wunderbar



(doorag), Thursday, 29 May 2003 17:05 (nineteen years ago) link

two months pass...
This post will sound harsh but fair; I think it's the best way to show you
all my appreciation.

I think this community can be percieved negatively because of that "having
visions that are shocking to the social consensus" thing; these visions
being at the fringe of conjectures and actual trends, it can be frustrating
for people who don't want to miss on the evolutionary advantages this tribe
might have yet don't want to bet on duds.
This situation saddens me because I find myself "shot by both sides" :
extropianism and the majority of people are either at best lacking the
historical culture to know these ideas are old hat or at worst voluntarly
omitting this knowledge by sheer vanity.

The visions and methodology of Extropianism hardly makes it a new

Charles Fourier, great historian of the future, philosopher of glorious
musical tomorrows of harmonious bodies, way after civilizations, when the
flesh will be invested of ideal qualities , who was appreciated by Marx and
Engels, was proposing an harmonian revolution.
Here's some traduction of passages from Oeuvre complètes tome VIII and
Bulletin de Lyon, 1804:
"humanity will wake itself to the materialist ameliorations it's body is
suceptible to."
He was forecasting living on other planets since at this point the earth
would be too small.
"New and useful properties gained by earthlings living in these new celestal
countries: amphiby, night vision, perpetual growth of hairs and teeths,
indolorism , whitening to the sun etc"
Forecasting genetic manipulations:
"from their torso a new appendice would grow: used either as a powerful
weapon, to prevent falls, a superb ornament with infinite force and
dexterity. Habitants of suns, lactées and ringed planets like saturn are
amphibious, by the effect of an ouverture in the casing of their heart, and
have a fifth member common to both sex: the archiarm who can kill an animal
in one shot, be used as a whirling parachute, a motor for fake wings, a rope
ladder, a swim-aid that gives man the velocity of a fish and thousand ohter
possibilities either on earth or in the seas. The archiarm triples
productivity of the industry and bring the body at it's ultimate degree of
biological perfection."

(He too, as I said in another post, could be a promoter of impossible
bodies, but that's another story...)

That ought to be enough for the vision part. A bit frivolous and funny but
not much more than saying that in the future our children will be few and
immensely valued, huanity will have to deal with hypermaturity etc.

On the methodological front, I present you Condorcet who concludes his
_Esquisse d'un tableau historique des progrès de l'esprit humain_ by
predicting the end of stupidity, hypocrisy and the emergence of a new body
made possible by technological, scientific and medical progress.
Sounds cutting edge? It was written in 1795.
Death is percieved as a hypothesis to be reserved to exceptional cases like
accidents or rare probabilities. The lenght of life, considerably augmented
"get close to for ever (...) an unlimited lenght".
So it is : a body who escaped the laws of nature and entropy ...

Genuine ignorance or vanity, it doesn't matter to me: as a group,
extropians/transhumanists are a bit too eager to misread their predecesor in
order to make room for themselves...
Also, using the structure of an "institute" / "school of philosophy" is a
massive philosophical regression, sad, a system of terror, with the
pretention of making something new but is a king-sized povrety.
I think we have great dreams but extropians don't go at it the right way.
Don't even think of calling Fourier and Condorcet proto extropians, please,
that would be disingenious for the other way around woud be more logical
since they are already accepted in the academic network, humanity's common
cultural heritage and they had more historical influence than their current
poor unsuccessful incarnation: extropianism is just a materialism and
realizing it by droping the usless brand name would be the mature thing to
do for it would help in getting credibility and real life traction to our
common dreams.
Rejoice! You are not an extropian, you are a materialist ! :-)
You are part of a tradition and your ideas are accepted more easily.
Do I think this post will change anything to the established order? I know
people who are branded extropians or transhumanists won't budge, I wrote
this for people who will get interested in these problems of our time, so
they won't needlessly cripple their game.
May our dreams be reality!

Sébastien Chikara

Sébastien Chikara (Sébastien Chikara), Sunday, 3 August 2003 19:58 (nineteen years ago) link

six years pass...


, Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:15 (twelve years ago) link

six years pass...


Wes Brodicus, Thursday, 13 April 2017 17:44 (five years ago) link

okay, thanks for the sandbox.

Bobson Dugnutt (ulysses), Thursday, 13 April 2017 20:43 (five years ago) link

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