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Late ‘70s/early ‘80s, pre-VHS era: Saturday morning black-and-white comedies, especially Laurel & Hardy and the Crosby/Hope movies. Then Saturday afternoons were classic scary movies — I especially remember the Karloff Frankenstein and The Black Cat. (My sister and I would cover the windows with blankets to make the room as dark and spooky as possible.)

Saturday night movies were usually big events of some kind, either a major Hollywood film or some made-for-TV spectacle. Lots of WWII action — The Great Escape, A Bridge Too Far, Guns of Navarone. There was the Richard Thomas “All’s Quiet on the Western Front.” One I remember loving that’s gone on to some cult status in the internet age was “The Bermuda Depths,” which despite the cheeseball title is a pretty good/weird Rankin/Bass production involving giant sea turtles.

A pair of glasses and a smile

Me and my brother used to say this about our dad... it was ironic.

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