Hey, I Bought Some New Party Records! I Am Ready For The Party! (A Picture Thread)

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the bull record? it has one killer guitar jam. some of the other songs are kinda cheesy. the bull dude himself plays guitar on the album. i'll have to dig it out, because it has his name on there. he plays like prince! or prince as hendrix. at least on that one track. and that one track definitely makes the album worth owning.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

yah if i could get bulls name please :)

i think bull and my dad worked on something called the banna brothers. lol.

chaki, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:18 (ten years ago) Permalink


chaki, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:19 (ten years ago) Permalink

OMG Ten Commandments! I haven't heard that song since high school! Arti Sangrah looks like a winner too. This is Bull — is it so? Same goes for The More You Drink, The Better I Sound. And I've spent a few minutes trying to figure out what the title of that black & white one with the two guys heads on it says.

naus, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

i'll definitely post it tomorrow. i'd have to dig through boxes and i don't want to wake anyone up.


scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:25 (ten years ago) Permalink

here's the full list of stuff i got. it's been fun. hell, even a pristine early pressing of deja vu boggled my mind today. sounded unbelievable. i can't remember the last time i played a csny record.

1. 94 East (Prince)- Minneapolis Genius- Hot Pink
2. ACQ- S/T- Private Press
3. Ademus- Latin Favorites in Percussion- Acorn
4. Afrika Bambaattaa and John Lydon and Timezone- World Destruction- Celluloid
5. Afrika Bambaattaa Soul Sonic Force- Planet Rock – Tommy Boy 12”
6. Al Caiola – Roman guitar- Roulette
7. Al Melgard- Chicago Stadium Organ- Audio Fidelity
8. Al Pierson- Harvest of Favorite Dance Music- Private Press
9. Alan Freeds Memory Lane- End
10. Alec Wilder- Octets- Mgm
11. Alex North- A Dream of Kings- National General
12. An Album of Solid Gold KDWB 63- 2XLP
13. And the beat Goes on- For P.E.- Kimbo Records
14. Arctic Circles- Time- Mr Spaceman Records
15. Aretha Franklin – Lady Soul – Atlantic
16. Argentine Tangos – Audio Fidelity
17. Arthur Lyman – Lyman 66 – Life
18. Arthur Lyman- Aloha Amigo- Life
19. Arthur Lyman- Call of the Midnight Sun- Life
20. Arthur Lyman- Hawaiian Sunset- Life
21. Arthur Lyman- Hawaiian Sunset Vol 2- Life
22. Arthur Lyman- Leis of Jazz- Hi Fi
23. Arthur Lyman- Polynesia- Life
24. Arthur Lyman- Taboo Vol.2 –Hifi
25. Arti Sangrah- Hindi Devotional – Hindusthan Records
26. Ashish Khan- Young Master of the Sarod- World Pacific
27. Avant Garde Stringt Quartet / Concord String- Vox 3LP box set
28. Awesome 3 – Whte Lbls
29. Badlands- S/T- CMH Records
30. Battlestar Galactica- MCA
31. Beatles – 1962-1966- Apple
32. Beatles- A Hard Days Night- UA
33. Belly Dance- Trip
34. Ben Pollack and his Pick a Rib Boys- Pick a rib JHazz- Brunswick
35. Bert Sommer- Inside- Eleuthra Records
36. Bessie Jones- Step it Down- Rounder
37. Best of The Mummers- Sure Records
38. Bill Burris and Green Mountain Boys- S/T- United Audio Recording
39. Bill Haley and His Comets- Rockin The Oldies- Decca
40. Bob and Joy Cull- Windborne- Chalice
41. Bob Dylan- John Wesley Harding- Columbia
42. Bob Dylan- Nashville Skyline- Columbia
43. Bob Freedman- The Big Bossa Nova- Coronet
44. Bob James – Obsession- WB
45. Bob James- BJ4- CTI
46. Bob Marley and Wailers- The Wailing Wailers- Heartbeat (reissue)
47. Bob McFadden- Music our Mummy Taught Us- Brunswick
48. Bob Stewart- First Line- JMT
49. Bobby Floyd- Interpretations- Gerard
50. Bobby Hebb- Sunny – Phillips
51. Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals- Self Titled- Deluxe
52. Brian Augers Oblivion Express- S/T- RCA
53. Brother Juniper- Do You Know My Name- Rejoice
54. Bruce Davis Quintet- At The hacienda- Davista Records
55. BT Express- Shout it Out- Columbia
56. Buddy Fite- S/T- cyclone
57. Buffalo Rocks- 97 Rock
58. Bull – This is Bull – Paramount
59. Cannonball Adderley and N. Wilson- S/T- Capitol
60. Carey Landry- I Will Not Forget- Private Press-
61. Carole Etzler- Sometimes I Wish- Private Press
62. Carole Simpson- All About Carole- Capitol
63. Caspers and Carson- S/T- Janus
64. Casselberry and Dupree- city Down- Iceberg
65. Celebration Road Show- We Believe in People- CRS
66. Chaino – Jungle Echoes- Omega
67. Chaquito and his Orchestra- Hot Cha Cha Cha- Columbia
68. Charles Albertine- In Concert- Private Press
69. Charlie- S/T- Mirage Records
70. Chaucey Rittenhouse- Show Me The Way To Go- Columbia
71. Chilliwack- Tell it to the Telphone- Millennium 12”
72. Claudia Schmidt- New Goodbyes, Old Helloes- Flying Fish
73. Clockwork Orange – OST- Warner Bros
74. Coleman Hawkins- 1940 – Alamac
75. Con Funk Shun- Electric Lady- Polygram
76. Continental Tamburitzans- Music as You Like It- United Sound
77. Continental Tamburitzans- Sounds of the Continentals- Marjon Records
78. Count Basie- Frankly Speaking- Metro
79. Cranberries- To The Faithful Departed- Island
80. Cream City- Aalon- Arista
81. Crosby Stills Nash and Young- Déjà vu- Atlantic
82. Curtis Mayfield- We Come in Peace- CRC
83. Curtis Mayfield-Claudine- Buddah
84. Cymande- S/T- Janus
85. D & D Project- Nine Inchs Hard 12”
86. Dancersize- Look Good- No Label
87. Danny Boy- Danny Wheeler at the Hammond Organ- BW Records
88. Darrell Adams- God What a World- Windmill Power
89. Dave Brubeck- Newport 1958-Columbia
90. Dave Brubeck- Time Further Out- Columbia
91. Dave Brubeck- West Side Story- Columbia
92. Dave Vibbert- Travlin- Daystar
93. Deanna- Music Laughter and Tears- Sounds of Hope
94. Dennis and Cree- The Country Side- Private Press
95. Dennis Coffey- Going For Myself – Sussex
96. Diahann Carroll- Nobody Sees Me Cry- Columbia
97. Dicky Wells- in Paris- Prestige
98. Dinah Washington- Unforgettable- Mercury
99. Discotheque – Dancers Go Go- Coronet
100. Don Byrd Gig Gryce- Jazz Lab – Columbia (reissue)
101. Don Nix- Gone Too Long- Cream
102. Don’t Need a Moon- Private Press
103. Donnie Seabolt Band- Southern Style- Private Press
104. Donovan –Like it Is- Hickory
105. Donovan- Wear Your Love Like Heaven- Epic
106. Doreen- Neapolitan Dreams- Roulette
107. Dory Previn- Mythical Kings and Iguanas- Medarts
108. Down Child- So Far- Adelphi Records
109. Dr. L. Subramaniam- Garland- Storyville
110. Dr. Van Impe- From Night Clubs to Christ- Victory
111. Duke Ellington- Greatest Hits- Columbia
112. Eddie Gomez- Cuban Mist –Crown
113. Eddie The Sheik Kochak- Strictly Belly Dancing vol 2- Scepter
114. Eddie the sheik Kochak- Ya Salaam- Mace
115. Ella and Louis – Metro
116. Ella Fitzgerald- Live- Verve
117. Ella Fitzgerald- S/T- Metro
118. Elmer Bernstein- The Silencers- RCA
119. Enoch Light- Big Hits of the 20’s- Project 3
120. Enoch Light- The Brass Menagerie- Project 3
121. Enrique Villegas- Very Very- Columbia
122. Eric Dolphy – Out to Lunch- Blue Note (blue label)
123. Eric Dolphy – The Great Concert- Prestige 3LP Box Set
124. Ernest Tubb- Hittin The Road- Decca
125. Esquivel- Infinity- RCA
126. Esquivel- Strings Aflame- RCA
127. Esso Steel Band- Your Bermuda Souvenir-Bandstand
128. Esther and Abi Ofarim- Sing- Phillips
129. Esy Morales- Cha Cha Cha and Rhumbas- Promenade
130. Eurythmics- Be Yourself- RCA
131. Ewan MacColl- The Manchester Angel- Tradition
132. Fania All Stars- Spanish Fever- Columbia
133. Fat Mattress- S/T-Atco
134. Fats Waller- A Legendary Performer – RCA
135. Fats Waller- The Complete- RCA 2XLP
136. Five Special- Special Edition- Elektra
137. Flaming Embers- Sunshine- Hot Wax
138. Fletcher Henderson- S/T- Sutton
139. Flight Final- A Dramatic Comparison to Death- Word
140. Floria Purim- Butterfly Dreams- Milestone
141. Focus – Focus III – Polydor German Press 2XLP
142. Follies- Cast LP – Capitol
143. Ford Theatre Presents- Time Changes – ABC
144. Frank Sinatra- Come Dance With Me- Capitol
145. Frank Zappa- Overnite Sensation- Discreet
146. Frank Zappa- Zoot Allures- WB
147. From a Hawaiian Paradise- Aloha- Oscar
148. Gary Ryan- Me Myself and I- Popry Records
149. Gene Smith- Puts it all Together- Artist Records
150. Get Ready Rock Steady – Coxsone reissue
151. Gi Joe- Book and Record- Peter Pan
152. Glen Gould- Beethoven and Bach- Columbia
153. Gospel Inspirations- At Home With- Inspirational
154. Gotham- Pass the Butter- Natural Resources
155. Grateful Dead- Shakedown Street- Arista
156. Grateful Dead- Workingman’s Dead- WB
157. Griff Williams- Griff Williams Style- Mercury
158. Grupo Vera- Plaza Bolivar- Color Records
159. Gus Bivona- Hey Dig That Crazy Band- Mercury
160. Gus Thomas- S/T- Jamboree
161. Gus Vali- Lets Belly Dance- PI Lp’s
162. Hank Williams- 24 Hits – MGM 2XLP
163. Harold Betters- At The Encore- Gateway Records
164. Harry Horlick- Exotica- Design
165. Harry James- Harry Choice- Capitol
166. Harry Owens- Polynesian Holiday- Capitol
167. Heart- Dreamboat Annie- Nautilus Half Speed Mastered Series Super Disc
168. Heartbeat Reggae- Heartbeat Records
169. Heather and Glenn- Tradition Records
170. Henry Mancini- Charade- RCA
171. Henry Mancini- The Hawaiians- UA
172. Henry Mancini -Two for the Road- RCA
173. Herbie Hancock- Headhunters- Columbia
174. Herbie Mann and Joao Gilberto- Live in Rio- Atlantic
175. Herbie Mann- Hold on Im Comin- Atlantic
176. Heretix AD- S/T- LVL
177. Hits A Poppin- No Label
178. Homegrown 80- WRHY 92.7 Starview
179. Honky Tonk Classics with Ragtime Sue- Riviera
180. Horizontal Refreshment- Supercharge- Virgin
181. Hot Chocolate- Every Is A Winner- Infinity
182. Houghton College Trumpet Trio- Trio on Tour- Diadem
183. How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan- Elay Recordings
184. Hubert Laws- Carnegie Hall- CTI
185. Huckleberry Hound- Uncle REmus- Hanna Barbara
186. Hugo Winterhalter- Goes Latin- RCA
187. Ike and Tina Turner- Ohh Poo Pah Doo- Harmony
188. Iron Butterfly- Ball- Atco
189. Iron Butterfly- In A Gadda Da Vida – Atco
190. It’s a Beautiful Day- S/T- CBS German Press
191. Ivory- S/T- Tetragrammaton
192. Jackie Gleason- Romantic Hits- Capitol UK
193. Jackie Gleason- Velvet Brass- Capitol
194. Jan August- Cha Cha Charm- Mercury
195. Janos Starker- Brahms Complete Cello Sonatas- Everest
196. Jay Wamsley- S/T- Private Press
197. Jean Luc Ponty- Aurora- Atlantic
198. Jean Luc Ponty Experience with George Duke- World Pacific
199. Jean Redpath- S/T- Philo
200. Jerry Butler- Ice on Ice- Mercury
201. Jim Hall – Live –A&M
202. Jimi Hendrix- Smash Hits- Reprise with Poster
203. Jimmie Walker- Dynamite- Buddah
204. Joe Venuti- Fiddle on Fire – Grand Award
205. Joel Schiavone and his Mustache Stompers-Your Fathers Mustache- Apogee Records
206. John & Patrick- Just Passin Through- Private Press
207. John Anderson –Smashing Time- ABC
208. John Arpin- Jazz- Eubie Blake Music
209. John Barry – Mary Queen of Scots- Decca
210. John Barry – The Last Valley- Dunhill
211. John Barry- Goldfinger- UA
212. John Klemmer- Solo Saxaphone- ABC
213. John Lee Hooker- Driftin Thru The Blues- United Records
214. John Williams- Close Encounters of the Third Kind- Damot Records
215. Johnny Cash- Orange Blossom Special- Columbia
216. Johnny Cash- Any Old Wind That Blows- Columbia
217. Johnny Cash- San Quentin- Columbia
218. Johnny Cash- Story Songs of the Trains and Rivers- Sun
219. Johnny Cash0 Folsom Prison- Columbia
220. Johnny Eaton- Far Out- Columbia
221. Johnny Hallyday- American Rockin Hits- Phillips
222. Johnny Hodges and Wild Bill Davis- Blue Rabbit- Verve
223. Johnny Hodges- Blue Notes- Verve
224. Johnny Nash- S/T- ABC
225. Johnny Rivers- Realization- Imperial
226. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Talk About The Blues 12” – Acme
227. Jon Thomas- Heartbreak – ABC
228. JR. Walker and the Allstars – Soul Session – Soul
229. Juluka – Scatterings of Africa- WB 12”
230. Kai Winding- Soul Surfin- Verve
231. Kai Winding- The Swingin States- Columbia
232. Keating- Straight Ahead- London Phase 4
233. Keith LeBlanc- Stranger Than Fiction- Enigma
234. Ken Hensley- Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf- Mercury
235. Ken Hill – Class of 57 – Brothers 3
236. Ken Russell- The Boyfriend – MGM
237. Kenny Ball- Washington Square- Kapp
238. King Curtis and the Kingpins- King Size Soul- Atco
239. King Curtis Combo – The Twist- RCA
240. Kitaro- In Person- KuckKuck
241. Klymaxx- Meetin in the Ladies Room-MCA
242. Kraftwerk- Ralf Florian- Vertigo
243. Kurtis Blow – If I Ruled the World – Mercuryal
244. Lalo Morales- Latin Dance Party- Crown
245. Larry Adler- Again – Audio Fidelity
246. Larry Groce- Peace and Joy and Power- Private Press
247. Latimore Brown- Lets Straigten Out- Glades
248. Laurie Johnson – The Avengers – HBR
249. Lee Mace Presents The Ozark Opry- Stop
250. Lee Ritenour- Friendship- JVC
251. Lee Sohn- at the Place Pigalle Miami Beach- Private Press
252. Lena Horne- Lena Likes Latin- CRC
253. Les Brown- Composers Holiday- Capitol
254. Leszek Winder- Besdome Psy – Poliskie Muza
255. Lightly Latin- Apple Honey Series
256. Lionel Hampton- Silver Vibes- Columbia
257. Lionel Hampton- Stop I Don’t Need No Sympathy- Brunswick
258. Listening in on Centering Down- Private Press
259. Little John and the Cochran Family- Pick Memories of Old Time Bluegrass- Carpenter Records
260. Little Sonny- Hard Goin Up- Enterprise
261. Lloyd Price- His Big Hits- Pickwick
262. Lord Buckley- Buckleys Best- World Pacific
263. Lord Kitchner- Kitch- Charlies Records
264. Lord of Light- St. Louis Jesuits- Private Press
265. Lorranine Duisit- Hawks and Herons- Flying Fish
266. Los Calchakis vol 6- la fluta India- Arion
267. Louis Armstrong- Hello Louis- Metro
268. Louis Armstrong- Sleepytime- CBS
269. Mango Jones and His Orchestra- Most Requested- VeeJay
270. Marat Sade- OST – UA
271. Mario Escudero- Fiesta Flamenca- MGM
272. Mario Escudero- Flamenco Guitar- Montilla
273. Mario Escudero- Y Su Guitarra Flamenca- Montilla
274. Mariyn Minter- I Call to Remember A Song in My Heart- Private Press
275. Marked for Death- Can America Survive- Van Impe
276. Marlene Dietrich- Best of- Columbia
277. Martin Denny- Exotica Classics- Liberty
278. Martin Denny- Exotica III- Liberty
279. Martin Denny- Exotica Today- Liberty
280. Martin Denny- Goes A Go Go- Liberty
281. Martin Denny- Quiet Village- Liberty
282. Martin Denny- Romantica- Liberty
283. Marty Gold- Skin Tight- RCA
284. Marvin Gaye- Whats Going On- Tamla
285. Mary Travers –Mary- Warner Brothers
286. Mary Wells- My Guy- Motown
287. Maryann- Cherish- Private Press
288. Maynard Ferguson- Conquistador- Columbia
289. Maynard Ferguson- Primal Scream- Columbia
290. MC5- Kick out the Jams- Elektra
291. Meco- The Wizard of oz- Millennium
292. Medical Mission Singers- Knock- Avant Garde
293. Mel Brooks- High Society- Asylum
294. Mel Davis- Trumpet with a Soul – Epic
295. Melba Moore- Good Love Makes Everything Alright- Buddah 12”
296. MFSB- Philadelphia Freedom- Philadelphia Sound
297. Michael Franks- The Art of Tea- Reprise
298. Michael Legrand- with Friends- RCA
299. Michael MacLiammoir- Ireland Free- Spoken Arts
300. Michael Perlitch- Keyboard Tales- Atlantic
301. Mick Parrish- Welcome to- Jin
302. Mickey Newbury- Harlequin Melodies- Victor
303. Mike Green- Pale Pale Moon- GRC
304. Miles Davis- Porgy and Bess – Columbia
305. Miles Davis- Sketches of Spain- Columbia
306. Miles Davis- Your Under Arrest- Columbia
307. Mimi and Richard Farina- Best of- Vanguard 2XLP
308. Modern Soviet Poetry and Humor- Folkways
309. Morales Plays Latin Dance Party- International Award Series
310. Morton Gould- Exploring the Digital Frontier- Chalfont
311. Motley Crue- Helter Skelter 12”
312. Music for a Strip Party- Bal Bill Hagan
313. Musical Sketches of Yugoslavia- Omni Recording Mario Hurtado- Marimba Music- Imperial
314. Nana Mouskouri- Greatest hits – Fontana
315. Nashville The Early String Bands- County
316. New Life- S/T- Private Press
317. Nick Perito- Latin Brass goes to Italy- UA
318. Nikolai Gogol – The Overcoat- Folkways
319. Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky- Reprise
320. O.C. Smith- At Home- Columbia
321. Odonel Levy- Hands of Fire- Groove Merchant 2XLP
322. On Her Majesty’s Service- OST – UA
323. Oscar Brand- Bawdy Western Songs Vol 6- Audio Fidelity
324. Oscar Brand- Pie in the Sky- Tradition Records
325. Oscar Peterson Trio- Night Train Vol 2- Verve
326. Paint Your Wagon – OST – Paramount
327. Pat Suzuki-S/T- Vik
328. Patachou- Patachou’s Paris- Columbia
329. Paul Smith Quartet- Cocktail Hour- Tampa
330. Paul Stookey- Paul and- Warner Brothers
331. Peaces & Herb- Greatest Hits- Date
332. Peggy Lee- Guitars ala Lee- Capitol
333. Peppi Morreale- The More You Drink- Mala
334. Pesme I Kola iz Srbije- Serbian Songs and Dance- Monitor
335. Pete Sinfield- Still- Manticore
336. Peter Gabriel- Security- Geffen
337. Peter Kara Orchestra – Greece- Roulette
338. Peter Ustinov- The Unicorn in the Garden- Caedmon
339. Pink Floyd- The Wall- Columbia
340. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here- CBS
341. Plath- Plath reads Plath- Credo
342. Polly Bergen- The Partys Over- Columbia
343. Polynesian Percussion- Directional Stereo
344. Prince Buster- Sings his Hit Songs- RCA
345. Professor Longhair- Live on Queen Mary- Harvest
346. R.L. Burnside- Ass Pocket of Whiskey- Matador
347. Radiant Velvet Orchestra- Silk Satin and Strings- Concert Disc
348. Rafael Colon- su guitarra y sus canciones- Premier
349. Ramsey Lewis- The In Crowd- Argo
350. Rare Earth- Ecology- Rare Earth
351. Rare Earth- Get Ready- Rare Earth
352. Ravi Shankar- Festival From India 2XLP –World Pacific
353. Ray Charles – Rays Moods- ABC
354. Ray Charles – Volume 2 – Atlantic
355. Ray Charles- Have a Smile With Me- ABC
356. Ray Haney- Jazz Toccata and Fugue- Norwood
357. Red Kerns- Just a pickin and grinning- Round Records
358. Rich Farrell- Free as a Bird- Crowfoot Records
359. Richard Haymen – Havana in Hi Fi- Mercury
360. Richard Hittleman- Yoga for Life
361. Rickie Lee Jones- S/T – Warner Bros.
362. Robert Bearns Ron Dexter- The Heralding- Awakening Productions
363. Robert Gordon-0 S/T- Private Stock
364. Rod McKuen – Greatest Hits 2- Warner
365. Rod McKuen – In Search of Eros- Epic
366. Rod McKuen – Listen to the Warm-RCA
367. Roland Shaw- James Bond Thrillers- London
368. Ronny and the Daytonas- GTO- Mala Records
369. Roy Eldridge- S/T- Metro
370. Roy Orbison- Greatest Hits- Monument
371. Russ and Becky Jeffers- Smokey Mountain Sunshine- Royal American
372. Russian Poetry and Prose- Folkways
373. Sacred Heart Choir- Go Tell Everyone- Avant Garde
374. Sam Butera – Body and Sax- Resort Pressing
375. Sam Cooke – Cooke’s Tour- RCA
376. Sam Cooke – Hits of the 50’s- RCA
377. Savage- Tihatis South Seas Spectacular- Hotel
378. SCLC Operation Breadbasket- on The Case- Chess
379. Scott And Steve- Its Whats Inside- Private Press
380. Sebastian Temple- Happy the Man- Private Press
381. Servant- Caught- Roof Top Records
382. Show time in Les Violins Supper Club- Private Press
383. Shut Down w/ Beach Boys Super Stocks- Capitol
384. Shut Downs and Hill Climbs – Liberty
385. Sid Page / David Shelander- Odyssey- Records Bainbridge
386. Sidney Bechet – The Brussels Fair 58- Columbia
387. Signs of the Zodiac Taurus- A&M
388. Sister Robin Stratton- Living Waters- Private Press
389. Sizzling Strings Castanets Percussion- Directional Sound
390. Ska Authentic- Vol. 2- Reissue
391. Skinny Boys – Skinny and Proud- Jive
392. Sly Stone – Recorded in San Fran- Sculpture Records
393. Smiles Vibes and Harmony- A Tribute to Brian Wilson- De Millo Records
394. Smokey Robinson- Flyin High Together- Tamla
395. Software- Digital Dance Magic Sounds from Percussion Island- Innovative Communications
396. Sonny Criss- This is Criss- Prestige (reissue)
397. Spyro Gyra- Morning Dance- Arista
398. Spyro Gyra- Rites of Summer- MCA
399. St. John Unlimited Steel Orchestra- Steel Unlimited- Unlimited
400. Stan Getz- The Melodic- Metro
401. Stan Kenton- in HiFi- Capitol
402. Stanley Black- Exotic Percussion- Phase 4
403. Statler Records – Welcome to the Music- Statler
404. Statler Records Presents Acrobatics w/ Charles Kelley- Statler
405. Steel and Brass- UA
406. Stefan Kubiak- Hulaj Bracie- Fiesta
407. Sue Thompson – Two of A kind- Hickory
408. Super bowl Halftime XIII Carnival 1-21-79- Private Press
409. Sweet Charity - OST – Decca
410. Sylvia – Pillow Talk – Vibration
411. Syrtaki- Bouzouki Music- Phase 4
412. Tartaglia- Good Morning Sunshine- Capitol
413. Taste of Drums- Time Records
414. Telex- Eurovision- Sire
415. Tex Ritter- S/T- Premier
416. The Beau Brummels – Volume 2 – Autumn
417. The Bluegrass Alliance- S/T- Private Press
418. The Bluegrass Experience- Live at the Pier- Roundhole Records
419. The Champs – All American – Challenge
420. The Cochran Family- Bluegrass Family Style- Major Record Company
421. The Dameans- Beginning Today- Teleketics
422. The Exotic Guitars- Indian Love Call- Ranwood
423. The Folkniks- The Sound of 12 String Guitar- Life
424. The Ginny Tiu Revue- Monument
425. The Gospel Music Workshop of America- Savoy 2XLP
426. The Happenings- BT Puppy Records
427. The Hullaballoos- Recorded in England- roulette
428. The Joy of Feeling Fit
429. The Kentucky Derby Day- Columbia
430. The Kirby Stone Company- The On Stage Band- Viking
431. The Latin Souls- Tiger Boo Ga Loo- Kapp
432. The Lively Ones- Surf Drums- Del Fi (cover split, record vg)
433. The Lone Ranger- Take it from Me, The Original Good Guy- Mark Records
434. The McCrarys- On The Other Side- Portrait
435. The Mothers- Just Another Band From LA- Reprise
436. The Neophonic String Band- S/T- Direct Disk
437. The New 50 Guitars- Disco Greatest Hits- Musicor
438. The New Folk Uprising- Impact
439. The New Generation- Here Comes- RCA custom
440. The New Jersey Mass Choir- Jesus is Right on Time- Savoy 12”
441. The Northern Lights – Gabrielle- UA International
442. The Pool 333- Enigma Records
443. The Sisters Rosalie and Rosemonde- Casa Maria Productions
444. The Story of Return of the Jedi with booklet – Beuna Vista
445. The Stylistics- Lets Put it all Together- Avco
446. The Surfmen- The Sounds of Exotic Island- Sommerset
447. The Tampicos- That Torrid Tampico Sound- Columbia
448. The Temptations – Live – Gordy
449. The Temptations- Cloud Nine- Gordy
450. The Temptations- Psychedelic Shack- Gordy
451. The Three Suns- Twilight Memories- RCA
452. The Training of a US Marine
453. The Trashmen- Surfin Bird- Soma
454. The Trilobites- Savage Mood Swing- Roo Art
455. the Trueborn Singers- S/T- Private Press-
456. The Ventures- Super Psychedelics- Liberty
457. Thilo Von Westernhagen and Band- Pleasureland- Life Style
458. Tony Bennett w/ Sabu , Candido, A. Blakey, Chico Hamilton- The Beat of My Heart- Columbia
459. Toots Thielemans- Too Much Toots- Phillips
460. Trapezoid – Now and Then- Flying Fish
461. Troy Perry and the Modern Sounds- Doin it our way- CSI Records
462. Trubaduri- The Good Old Songs- Greyko Records
463. Truth of Truths- Contemporary Rock Opera –Oak Records 2 X Lp
464. Two Girls- Another Boy in Town- Sidet 12”
465. Tyree Glenn- at the Embers- Roulette
466. U2- Rattle and Hum – Island 2xlp
467. Ugo Calise – Songs of Siren Land- Angel
468. Uriah Heep- Fallen Angel- Chrysalis
469. Valjean- Theme from Ben Casey- Carlton
470. Vanguard Singers- Hymns hot and Carols Cool- Private Press
471. Various- Swinging For The King- Mercury
472. Various-Big Bad Boss Beat- Original Sound
473. Various-Very Saxy- Prestige
474. Vince Andrews – Very Convincing- Gerard
475. Virgil Warrens- Plays Marimba and Xylophone- Christian Faith Recordings
476. Vonda Van Dyke- New Kind Of happiness- Word
477. Wadsworth Mansion- S/T- Sussex
478. Walter Carlos – Sonic Seasonings- Columbia
479. Walter Carlos- A Clockwork Orange- Columbia
480. Walter Wanderley- Brazilian Blend- Philips
481. Walter Wanderley- Rain Forest- Verve
482. Walter Wanderley- The Return- Canyon
483. Walter Wanderley Trio- Cheganca- Verve
484. Weird Science- OST – MCA
485. Wes Montgomery- California Dreaming- Verve
486. Wes Montgomery- Movin Wes- Verve
487. Weston Propry- Locusts and Wild Honey
488. Whodini- Escape- Jive 12”
489. Wild Bill Davis- Live at Count Basie’s- RCA
490. Winston Pike- Just a Closer Walk- Private Press
491. Wishful Thinking- S/T- PAUSA
492. Woody Guthrie- Dust Bowl Ballads- Rca
493. Woody Guthrie- Sings Folk Songs- Folkways
494. Woody Shaw- Woody 3 – Columbia
495. Yesterdays Today- Trinity United- Private Press
496. Yma Sumac- Voice of the Xtabay- Capitol
497. Young Holt- Soulful Strut- Brunswick
498. Zambetas- Worlds Greatest Bouzouki Artist- Alshire
499. Zap Pow- Reggae Rules- Rhino Records
500. Zizi Jeanmarie- Paris 25- Columbia

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:28 (ten years ago) Permalink

that cymande album is nice to have. in great shape too. sadly, the trashmen album was kinda trashed. i've always wanted a nice copy of that. but there was so much other good stuff that i didn't stay sad for long.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:30 (ten years ago) Permalink

I love Deja Vu.

W4LTER, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:36 (ten years ago) Permalink

it's actually kinda hard to find nice used copies of csn/y vinyl. people played the shit out of them.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 04:38 (ten years ago) Permalink

That Bennett album is a great one! Is it a six-eye? It's even out of print on CD now. This is Criss is a fine Sonny Criss LP, too.

If Timi Yuro would be still alive, most other singers could shut up, Monday, 24 September 2007 07:29 (ten years ago) Permalink

I love Latimore doing "Let's Straighten it Out." Awesome chitlin-circuit soul.

curmudgeon, Monday, 24 September 2007 14:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

What on earth is on that Jack Van Impe record? Just sermons?e

Myonga Vön Bontee, Monday, 24 September 2007 15:49 (ten years ago) Permalink

ranting about how the hippie culture and communism is taking america down into the sewer, if i recall correctly. dope, guns, and fucking in the streets.

oh! and jack runs through the white panther party platform on the b-side! think he mentions sinclair and the mc5 too.

GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ, Monday, 24 September 2007 16:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

i'm gonna wait for when the kids are in day care to listen to the van impe record. i don't want to scare them.

today i've been digging the joe venuti fiddle record, the shut downs & hill climbs drag racing comp on liberty ("kickstand" by the ventures is hot!), the woodie guthrie dustbowl collection (so metal! so many dust songs: the great dust storm, talkin' dust bowl blues, dust cain't kill me, dust pneumonia blues, dust bowl refugee, dust bowl blues, dusty old dust!!), the tony bennett album (it's in nice shape and is the 6-eye stereo pressing. i'm not a big tony fan, but this is a solid record), the flora purim record (so cool! and so friggin' funky.), the dicky wells record, and the gus bivona big band record.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:44 (ten years ago) Permalink

Thanks for the answer!

I believe I was conflating him with that "Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles" guy.

Myonga Vön Bontee, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:45 (ten years ago) Permalink

hey scott no need to pull out the bull record. i showed the cover to pops and have confirmed that that was barry brown's faux jimi vanity album. dad remembers the photoshoot lol. if you ever wana hear bull with the singer/bass player from teh hook look for banana brothers on uni!

chaki, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:46 (ten years ago) Permalink

wow, i will! you know what a hook fan i am.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:48 (ten years ago) Permalink

was it just a single or a whole album? i've NEVER heard of such a thing on Uni.

scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:51 (ten years ago) Permalink

Uni is definitely one of my fave labels. still so much i haven't heard too:


scott seward, Monday, 24 September 2007 17:59 (ten years ago) Permalink

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