RECORD MIRROR singles reviews, 25th October 1986

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The Great

Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop
(Actually, this is new to me - Electric Café passed me by at the time, and I don't recall it being well received, in which case time has been kind.)

Schoolly D - Put Your Fila's On/P.S.K. (What Does It Mean?)
(OK, I get it now. In 1986, I was still more interested in hip hop as a branch of dance music, and you couldn't exactly call these club bangers. So when I saw the NME-types salivating over the starkness, I just thought: well, obviously you don't go dancing in clubs, so what do you know. Anyhow, these are well fierce and wicked, etc.)

Trouble Funk - Still Smokin'
(I was massively into go go, bought loads of it, loved Trouble Funk, and this one was one of my favourites. It still gets my vote.)

Duran Duran - Notorious
(It's a pointedly nasty review, but then nobody I knew in 1986 had a good word to say about Duran Duran; they were basically seen as the embodiment of everything that was wrong and bad about the Eighties. Oh, what blinkered fools we were. Nile Rodgers plays on the track, as well as co-producing it, and I've seen him perform it with Chic a couple of times, where it fits well with the rest of his set. It was also the band's release as a trio, with only Le Bon, Rhodes and John Taylor remaining, and having ditched Andy Taylor, there's now more funk to their funk-rock, i.e. it's light years better than the bloody Power Station.)

The Good

Prince And The Revolution - Anotherloverholenyohead
(Love Parade, but this isn't one of its stand-outs, and I don't think it makes an effective standalone single.)

Run-DMC - King Of Rock
("Rock Box" in 1984 absolutely blew me away, so when this first came out in 1985, I saw it as a bit of a diminishing-returns retread, whereas I wanted them to move on to the next amazing ground-breaking thing. Oh, I was quite the neophyte.)

Smiley Culture - Mr Kidnapper
The Turncoats - Motorball Meltbeat
The Servants - The Sun, A Small Star

The OK

Wolfhounds - Anti-Midas Touch
Mighty Lemon Drops - My Biggest Thrill
The Weeds - China Doll
That Petrol Emotion - Keen
(I can't get beyond my basic antipathy towards 1986 indie, and I can't quite explain why - there's just no connection with it all. I certainly find it too imitative, but so was Britpop - and I enjoyed Britpop, maybe because it was redeemed by a certain cheeky swagger - whereas this bunch just seem pallid and dour. That said, the Turncoats and Servants do rise somewhat above the pack.)

Georgie Fame - Samba
(In essence, it's SAW-do-Matt Bianco, and it's not actively ghastly.)

The Iffy

Aretha Franklin - Jumpin' Jack Flash
(She did a great version of Satisfaction in the Sixties, but this, even with Richards and Wood playing in it, was... ill-advised. I liked the Whoopi Goldberg movie well enough, though.)

Bob Geldof - This Is The World Calling
(His first release after Live Aid, which benefitted from continued public goodwill towards Saint Bob, but he only had one more hit, in 1990.)

The Garbage

Disco Aid - Give Give Give
(The whole Disco Aid (later Dance Aid) initiative was badly bungled - James Hamilton wrote about it extensively - but it didn't exactly help when the whole thing was saddled with this piece of crap. Note also the continued use of the word "disco".)

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SMASH HITS Singles Reviews, 30th October to 12th November 1991

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