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(add your own emphasis on 'can' there guys)

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 19 August 2021 00:12 (one year ago) link

fishing minigame in JRPGs is tradition, it's not supposed to be fleshed out, just supposed to be there

other types of games should lose it

ciderpress, Thursday, 19 August 2021 01:02 (one year ago) link

oh fucking lol

Skyrim Anniversary Edition announced, launching November 11

You can upgrade the Special Edition to the Anniversary Edition

Free next-gen upgrade coming soon

Fishing gets added to Skyrim as well

— Nibel (@Nibellion) August 19, 2021

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:48 (one year ago) link

honestly it least it makes sense in Skyrim! i'm kind of surprised it wasn't already in the game, seems like a thing a tough guy killing things in the wild would do

professional anti- (Karl Malone), Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:51 (one year ago) link

I hate fishing minigames, I'm always so bad at them. I got passable at it in Stardew Valley but even then mostly avoided it.

emil.y, Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:55 (one year ago) link

(re skyrim) yeah, its an rpg after all, I just thought it was funny timing

xp Actually Stardew fishing was one attempt I did enjoy

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:56 (one year ago) link

oh definitely hilarious for skyrim, especially after all these years! why now lol?

i have to admit, i like fishing minigames, because they're usually based on either timing or reaction speed, and i am one of those weirdos who will spend 15 minutes playing a free online "how quickly can you react" test, determined to beat my high (low) score

professional anti- (Karl Malone), Thursday, 19 August 2021 22:00 (one year ago) link

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