Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1982

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Hm. Read a few and I think it will be Brautigan, though it's not my favourite of his. Btw I'm terrible at dates so aside from my already-completed Johnson/Quin boosting I won't be able to write anything in - if anyone wants to note fine experimental works I can be indignant about the exclusion of then please do.

emil.y, Tuesday, 6 July 2021 15:42 (four months ago) link

Or, better yet, be like emil.y and give me a heads up on what you want included in future installments instead of complaining after it's too late :D

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 6 July 2021 15:58 (four months ago) link

yay, The True Deceiver!

I've read very few of the others, vaguely dislike both Murakami and Anne Tyler and hate Roald Dahl so this is an easy vote.

Lily Dale, Tuesday, 6 July 2021 16:08 (four months ago) link

The only one I've read from this list is the Douglas Adams book. I've also read a lot of sci-fi from this year that was wisely excluded (e.g. Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, Friday by Heinlein, Foundation's Edge by Asimov, 2010 by Arthur C. Clarke) and a middling Vonnegut novel (Deadeye Dick).

o. nate, Tuesday, 6 July 2021 16:51 (four months ago) link

I liked the Murakami when I read it but at some point I got tired of him, sorry

Planck Generation (James Redd and the Blecchs), Tuesday, 6 July 2021 22:10 (four months ago) link

Deadeye Dick isn't top tier Vonnegut but there are some interesting ideas in there.

A viking of frowns, (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Tuesday, 6 July 2021 22:31 (four months ago) link

Best HHGTG book is #4, "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish", best thing he ever wrote, this is a hill I will die on.

Totally agree, he gives Arthur a brief period of happiness, which I really like.

It’s also really deeply descriptive of the Islington of my childhood, and I love that.

American Fear of Scampos (Ed), Wednesday, 7 July 2021 03:04 (four months ago) link

write-ins for:

wittgenstein's nephew, thomas bernhard
in viriconium, m. john harrison

mookieproof, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 03:18 (four months ago) link

I'd have voted for Viriconium in a flash

Southgate Serves Imperialism (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 7 July 2021 11:52 (four months ago) link

was The Gunslinger published at the time?

"The finished product was first published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. as a limited edition in 1982", with another 10k later. (and even then it was 5 short stories munged together.

so not really. i wasn't aware until '88 when it became Dark Tower vol 1

koogs, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 13:14 (four months ago) link

It's rubbish anyway :)

Daniel_Rf, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 13:16 (four months ago) link

i have memories of reading it in the guesthouse during my first week of my first job, sat in the guest house before we'd sorted out accomodation.

and went on to read all the others, *some* of which were good. didn't bother with anytihng after the original 7 though (haven't there been add-ons and prequels?)

koogs, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 13:42 (four months ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

System, Thursday, 8 July 2021 00:01 (four months ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Friday, 9 July 2021 00:01 (four months ago) link

I'll take a tie, shout outs to the other four True Deceiver stans!

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 9 July 2021 10:34 (four months ago) link

Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1983

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 9 July 2021 11:33 (four months ago) link

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