Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1974

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Happy to see at least two other people itt have read "Alphabetical Africa"!

Are Animated Dads Getting Hotter? (Tom D.), Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:59 (five months ago) link

I read it just recently - I enjoyed it enough to want to read more abish but emil.y is otm about the colonialist aspect (& some other stuff that is a bit iffy)

This should prob be dhalgren just over carrington & le carré but voting for the last days of Louisiana red as I haven’t voted for Reed yet, it’s as good as mumbo jumbo & I read it first

The 💨 that shook the barlow (wins), Thursday, 10 June 2021 09:37 (five months ago) link

Dog Soldiers is a cracking read

Saxophone Of Futility (Michael B), Thursday, 10 June 2021 13:25 (five months ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Friday, 11 June 2021 00:01 (five months ago) link

HI FIVE whoever else voted for Inverted World

Guayaquil (eephus!), Friday, 11 June 2021 00:35 (five months ago) link

Can I honestly say it is as good a novel as The Dispossessed? I cannot. But it's so weird and individual and I'm so glad it exists!

Guayaquil (eephus!), Friday, 11 June 2021 00:36 (five months ago) link

Wait Carrie shutout, are you kidding me??? That's a grave injustice.

Guayaquil (eephus!), Friday, 11 June 2021 00:37 (five months ago) link

Ditto The Forever War, pretty major year for SF though

I gave it my all and my all wasn't enough (Matt #2), Friday, 11 June 2021 09:10 (five months ago) link

Would watch a 1974 in lit doc or book like they do with years in music.

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 11 June 2021 09:43 (five months ago) link

Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1975

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 11 June 2021 10:27 (five months ago) link

Damn, I had a suspicion that Dhalgren would win this despite more talk about Carrington. Maybe I'll get round to reading it sometime, then.

emil.y, Friday, 11 June 2021 15:03 (five months ago) link

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