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i got cartier roadster sport and z zegna milan for crimbus. the cartier smells like a designer, a high end designer. it's so great, it's like bryan ferry's slave to love, it's elegant and so pop at the same time. it's smooth, it's green, it's glossy, it's like glass. the green smells like mint but it's rosemary. the zegna i didn't know how it smelled but it's got a fig note so i wanted it. there's a prominent low-end designer mall accord initially, like a knockoff impression of aventus or encre noire, a burnt, synthetic smokiness that i assume signifies sexinessitude. but after that there's a dense figginess and some clary sage greenfullness, so it's all good. mall accord or not, it's pretty ok. by mall accord i mean what that sounds like it means. i have diptyque philosykos, which is fig but smells like fig wood, and ferragamo homme, which is fig leaf, and i had a hermes jardin au mediterranee sample or whatever which is also fig leaf. i had a l'artisan caligna sample which i think had the best fig fruit note to it. fuck it, i'll get all the figs.

i got my brother the roma, so now i can wear it. also lalique lion, which is straight class, and the armaf clone of creed imperial mellesime, which is supposedly really close to the creed. fuck creed prices, i say, unless you have the cash, then just get the creed. it's just money.

slugbuggy, Saturday, 23 January 2021 11:20 (two months ago) link

I hadn’t said so in here I think but I bought a bottle of Caldey Island lavender on the basis of its five star review in Perfumes the Guide and it being, idk, made by monks? Anyway it arrived a few weeks back and I really like it. Have always associated lavender with sleep/somnolence, but this is a sweet and summery thing. It lifts the mood and isn’t remotely soporific, quite the opposite. It’s a nice perfume for summer, sure, but worn in the dead grey of winter, it’s something harvested in brighter days bearing the promise that the sun and better days will return. Or something. It’s very good.

scampish inquisition (gyac), Saturday, 23 January 2021 11:53 (two months ago) link

Slightly practical question: 19 year old nephew requested Nasomatto's Blamage for his birthday. It's £125 so he can jog on.

Fragrantica suggests:


What should he have? Not Lynx before someone suggests that. Bonus points if not tested on animals.

djh, Thursday, 4 February 2021 20:05 (two months ago) link

Reminded me of Bulgari Black, a gorgeous fragrance in its own right, however it’s not sold in the UK anymore so you have to order it online from fragrancex or similar (15% off though). Well worth his time. And yes, it’s legit, I’ve bought from there before and checked the batch codes.

scampless, rattled and puce (gyac), Thursday, 4 February 2021 20:45 (two months ago) link

Bulgari Black is an interesting fragrance to be sure, though it does have a burnt rubber note that might be a turnoff for some.

Josefa, Thursday, 4 February 2021 22:46 (two months ago) link

Thanks, both.

djh, Sunday, 7 February 2021 12:31 (two months ago) link

Sorry I couldn't think of a suggestion. L'Homme Ideal L'Intense by Guerlain has some of those characteristics but not the animalic or the musky. Chanel Antaeus would seem a good match, and is one I love personally, but it might smell too old-fashioned for a 19-year-old (after all it was introduced in 1981).

Josefa, Sunday, 7 February 2021 14:53 (two months ago) link

this thread inspired me to order a bunch of CdG samples and see which pleased me. i've been drawn to their line of fragrances for a long time but had never picked any up. finally ordered myself a bottle of Wonderoud as a birthday treat. i'm also a fan of Concrete, but found it barely detectable on my skin after a short while. maybe i just need a bigger supply.

so here's the thing, uh, how does one develop their sense of smell? i can smell things, and sometimes i like the things (like CdG's Oud for one), but i have NO IDEA what i am smelling. how do y'all learn how to detect different notes in a scent? i'd have a deeper appreciation for fragrances/parfums if i could build up a little more familiarity

davey, Sunday, 7 February 2021 15:40 (two months ago) link

hmm, i guess Concrete is a skin scent and not meant to project? neat.

davey, Sunday, 7 February 2021 15:42 (two months ago) link

if i like something i'll look up the notes on fragrantica or basenotes. usually i can then pick out a few of the prominent notes but most fragrances have so many notes that they're all jumbled up in an amorphous scent cloud. if i'm unsure of what a particular note smells like i'll try several fragrances that feature that note and just kinda eliminate the differences.

slugbuggy, Saturday, 13 February 2021 05:12 (two months ago) link

thank u for that, slugbuggy. fragranica is gonna be helpful. :)

after my last post i went crazy and bought bottles of CdG's (underappreciated) Concrete and (much praised) Copper, and i'd like to get more stuff from that house... i guess i'm a bit of a label whore.

anyway, this stuff is pretty fun and i get why people get into collecting perfumes/colognes. that last purchase it for me for a while, though—cutting myself off until i use most of what i've ordered and Luckyscent takes all my money.

davey, Saturday, 13 February 2021 09:07 (two months ago) link

that stuff all sounds great, Davey, wonderoud sounds like extremely my kind of thing

I have been wanting to splurge on a bunch of samples lately but I’m trying to be good and use the frags I have because they are really lovely.

brimstead, Saturday, 13 February 2021 17:42 (two months ago) link

I just want a sample of every Tom Ford fragrance please. I’m hopeless for Tom Ford.

brimstead, Saturday, 13 February 2021 17:44 (two months ago) link

my friend loves one of those Tom Ford scents... she says it smells exactly like cocaine.

davey, Saturday, 13 February 2021 18:14 (two months ago) link

I almost laughed out loud with a mixture of delight/bemusement when I smelled Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather for the first time, it’s like “yea ok maybe I do want to smell like a brand new car!”

brimstead, Saturday, 13 February 2021 19:14 (two months ago) link

that's the one!

davey, Saturday, 13 February 2021 19:21 (two months ago) link

i think

davey, Saturday, 13 February 2021 19:21 (two months ago) link

two weeks pass...

I've very recently gotten into fragrance in my 30s by way of a late-breaking obsession with incense (file under hobbies/habits acquired under quarantine). Agree with all that Tom Ford frags are lovely. Beau de Jour is the one for me; it makes me feel like I've just walked out of a high-end neon barbershop freshly styled and shaven.

So far I've found the CdG Incense line resonates the strongest with me. Just got a bottle of Avignon last week and have my nose set on Kyoto next. Because I didn't grow up going to church--Catholic or otherwise--I don't associate frankincense and myrrh with any of that stuff. To me it just smells NICE in a way that directly activates my pleasure centers whenever I spray on Avignon or burn a stick of Fred Soll's Resin on a Stick Frankincense and Myyrh incense.

Xps I got a sample of CdG Concrete a few weeks ago. It is surprisingly light, sweet, and sandalwoody and I really like it. I also just really love the concrete bottle as an object, and the concept of the whole thing. So I'll probably cop a bottle when I have the funds. I tried Copper in-store and found it kind of off-putting, but I'll probably give it another shot. Has anyone tried any of their Olfactory Library stuff (Tar, Soda, Garage, etc)?

J. Sam, Tuesday, 2 March 2021 19:45 (one month ago) link

Even though I rarely leave the house much, I've taken to wearing the perfume from my old place of work, Aesop's Mystra, now discontinued. Labdanum, mastic, frankincense—. I had forgotten how much I love it. Wonder what I'll do when it's run out— it is rather expensive, and I'd much rather see what else is out there, since the world of perfume is so intriguing to me.

it's like edging for your mind (the table is the table), Tuesday, 2 March 2021 20:33 (one month ago) link

on the incense tip, i really like Tauer's incense-meets-desert stuff, L'Air du desert marocain or Au coeur du desert - which i realize i already mentioned too much above. Memo's African Leather smells v similar to my nose. It's not as eSoTeRiC and catholic as others i suppose but really beautiful. Personally I didn't love the Olfactory Library ones i've sniffed - someone like CB I Hate Perfume had better weird evocation scents for me, though i found they didn't last very long.

recently i bit the bullet and sprang for a whole bottle of Monocle/CDG's Hinoki perfume, which has a sharp cypress wood smell and then also this bloom of camphor that makes it at once "clarifying" and almost piney + at the same time sort of toxic, in a way i like. A nice alternative to some of the more sumptuous/incensey other things i wear. excited to try it in summer!

sean gramophone, Wednesday, 3 March 2021 03:22 (one month ago) link

I really like the CdG Hinoki. Good to see others liking the same

mh, Wednesday, 3 March 2021 15:47 (one month ago) link

terre d'hermes is one of those liminal perfumes. like, way too much vetiver to be kosher but if you apply it just so, it's sublime, but one step beyond and it's egregious. and so it goes. not enough is just enough. jean-claude elena, what was going on in your mind? this goes all the way to eleven. six or seven is where it should live, but that's not included in the instructions.

as a counter-reference, i spayed on some of my brother's vettiver guerlain. so brutish, so elegant. jesus howard christ! if you put this on your body in springtime conditions you will be a better person! too cold and it lays flat and too warm and it weighs you down, but at optimal conditions, you have superman powers! i am pure of heart and woe of all wrongdoers everywhere! i thought this was just ok for an old-timey thing but i have been transformed into a pillar of righteousness! i should know. i'm a medical doctor. i should know. you should quit. you should never, never know. you never know.

slugbuggy, Saturday, 13 March 2021 09:03 (one month ago) link

terre d'hermes is one of those liminal perfumes. like, way too much vetiver to be kosher but if you apply it just so, it's sublime, but one step beyond and it's egregious. and so it goes. not enough is just enough.

Yeah, I went back and forth between terre d'hermes and terre d'hermes eau intense vetiver on a couple sample vials. I ended up picking up a full bottle of the intense vetiver because I liked the scent better. It's one of those scents for me where the atmospheric conditions and temperature need to be perfect for it to work. Today is one of those days: light spring rain, lower 50s, lit a couple candles this morning, windows cracked, feeling mellow. Midway through the morning, I get the idea like "today. today is the day I wear some of that." One spray on the arm from a judicious distance and let me tell you it smells wonderful but damn I am practically cross-eyed with a headache now.

peace, man, Thursday, 18 March 2021 15:26 (three weeks ago) link

Maybe if I actually stepped outdoors to apply it or something. It's kinda ridiculous.

peace, man, Thursday, 18 March 2021 15:28 (three weeks ago) link

three weeks pass...

Tried that out back this fine, cloudy spring morning. One spray on the arm from over a foot away. Still headache-inducing. Swear it wasn't like this with the sample.

peace, man, Monday, 12 April 2021 12:53 (two days ago) link

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