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pplains, Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:40 (one month ago) link

Oh, it's Euler! Sorry, I didn't have my readers on.

pplains, Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:40 (one month ago) link

I must confess that I've never understood the purpose of killfiling. I can't be the only one who possesses the ability to not read a thing I don't care to read.

Unless I am the only one...whoa.

Ask yoreself: are you're standards too high? (Old Lunch), Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:56 (one month ago) link

some of us can't resist the impulse to read bullshit and get mad at it!

contorted filbert (harbl), Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:57 (one month ago) link

Jelly, OL.

pomenitul, Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:01 (one month ago) link

some of us have reached a point where seeing certain people's dns and accompanying bullshit over the course of a decade plus have conditioned us to see red when those posters say or do anything, so better for our health and the health of the board that we leave it be.

also, some posters (and oddly, often the same ones that offend!) tend to clog up whole threads (or boards!) with their nonstop blithering, so it's nice to have the option to enjoy the thread/board minus their influence.

though more power to you if you have a killfile... in your MIND

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:02 (one month ago) link

Finally crossed over from Killfile of the Mind to Killfile of the Greasemonkey, and the absolute best thing about it, is if you have even minimal programming skills, you can script it so that your poxy FULES are actually repeating very amusing jokes instead of their usual blethering, which has increased my enjoyment of ILX substantially.

Highly reccommend. *PLEASE* killfile me.

Branwell with an N, Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:17 (one month ago) link

> Is there a way to killfile a thread instead of a poster?

wouldn't be too hard (in fact i vaguely remember doing this already). threads can appear in many places though, blocking them everywhere might be a pain. and you'd have to enter the threadid somewhere, which is a bit oblique.

koogs, Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:33 (one month ago) link

IIRC the old script was easily edited to do this because I did it

of course, I then stopped using it and then switch computers about a billion times so I don't remember what I did

shout-out to his family (DJP), Thursday, 13 August 2020 21:43 (one month ago) link

can be edited to replace the poster's post with ai-generated text seeded by the thread title

it's a spicy dinner we're having (Sufjan Grafton), Thursday, 13 August 2020 21:54 (one month ago) link

how do you killfile yourself

aw naw no bolingoli anaw noo (||||||||), Thursday, 13 August 2020 21:55 (one month ago) link

Write a post designed to reap 50 FPs.

pomenitul, Thursday, 13 August 2020 21:57 (one month ago) link

You can killfile yourself - that's how I test it.

koogs, Friday, 14 August 2020 01:32 (one month ago) link

don't understand the why of killfile

Dan S, Friday, 14 August 2020 01:40 (one month ago) link

I can understand being annoyed by others’ posts, but pretty much everyone here is posting in earnest and it’s just a message board

Dan S, Friday, 14 August 2020 01:49 (one month ago) link

Yep, pretty much everybody!

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Friday, 14 August 2020 03:34 (one month ago) link

Pretty much. Killfile is for the 1%.

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Friday, 14 August 2020 03:35 (one month ago) link

if you want to make a name for yourself as a poster, killfile EVERYONE. then just go into threads with appealing that interest you and speak your mind.

no context. no discursive triangulation. just posting. pure posting.

treeship., Friday, 14 August 2020 03:38 (one month ago) link


Dan S, Friday, 14 August 2020 03:48 (one month ago) link

the becky lucas strategem

popeye's arse (Neanderthal), Friday, 14 August 2020 03:49 (one month ago) link

Pretty much. Killfile is for the 1%.

― Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Thursday, August 13, 2020 8:35 PM (eighteen minutes ago)

sounds pretty "let them eat posts" out of context

it's a spicy dinner we're having (Sufjan Grafton), Friday, 14 August 2020 03:59 (one month ago) link

this message board is dying and we should welcome all new voices

Dan S, Friday, 14 August 2020 04:10 (one month ago) link

I gave up on killfile and do my best to practice it mentally these days

sleeve, Friday, 14 August 2020 05:30 (one month ago) link

wait I still have "Nerdstrom Poindexter" killfiled I believe

sleeve, Friday, 14 August 2020 05:31 (one month ago) link

new snatk script - site new answers thread killer

unfortunately, threads are numbered per-board, so you need to supply the boardid as well as the threadid. i also had to take care of the 'updated' threads, which have an extra css attribute. but generally the structure of a thread link is easier than a post so code is shorter.

it *might* work in places other than Site New Answers. let's see...

yes. also works in 'new answers' (ie board view) - go to HTML Playground to test.

koogs, Saturday, 15 August 2020 16:07 (one month ago) link


kills threads


popeye's arse (Neanderthal), Saturday, 15 August 2020 16:11 (one month ago) link

(added readme / install instructions)

koogs, Saturday, 15 August 2020 16:18 (one month ago) link

thanks, this works well!

Joey Corona (Euler), Saturday, 15 August 2020 16:40 (one month ago) link

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