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congratulations on reaching the end of intro

But guess what? Nobody gives a toot!😂 (Karl Malone), Friday, 10 January 2020 00:11 (eight months ago) link

now you can finally unlock the final skill trees!

But guess what? Nobody gives a toot!😂 (Karl Malone), Friday, 10 January 2020 00:11 (eight months ago) link

listen - i refuse to believe that ANYONE has ever beaten the witcher 3

But guess what? Nobody gives a toot!😂 (Karl Malone), Friday, 10 January 2020 00:12 (eight months ago) link

I was a bit worried I'd bugged the game last night. There's a part of Novigrad where every time I walked through I'd get started on by these high-level witch hunters.

they prevented me from talking to Ciri in one key quest.

eventually I was forced to just fight all of them as they pulverised me and nicked my coin again and again and again. think I lost like 9 grand killing them all.

thankfully they didn't respawn and I could continue my quest.

incidentally, what difficulty level did you all play on? I went for Story and Sword, although I'm starting to wish I'd put the difficulty level up a bit.

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Tuesday, 14 January 2020 08:35 (eight months ago) link

I've started the game the Broken Bones level, because I played the first two games immediately prior so felt I had a good handle on the concepts. I also did it counterbalance some mods I used to eliminate annoyances like gear decay and thus makes things slightly easier.

I usually switch to the lower level if it takes me more than three tries on an encounter, though, since video game difficulty tends to frustrate me more than reward me, and I'm supposed to be having fun doing this. Too many childhood memories of SNES games where I threw down the controller ("this is bullshit!") after missing some platform jump and consequently abandoning a game for weeks.

blatherskite, Tuesday, 14 January 2020 21:26 (eight months ago) link

two weeks pass...

The most annoying thing in this game is swimming and horse riding.

Drowning because Geralt becomes a straight-up idiot as soon as he puts his head underwater is super frustrating.
Also I hate some of these horse races where you fail as soon as you err slightly off the track, mostly because riding Roach is more like steering a particularly impertinent cow rather than a horse.

But on the bright side I'm onto the expansion packs and after a mammoth Sunday session got to experience Toussaint in all its Mediterranean sun-dappled glory. Such a nice break from the gloominess of Velen which of course is where a lot of the Hearts of Stone action takes place. Blood & Wine is seriously thrilling so far, HoS slightly less so but that's far from faint praise considering the high bar set by this game.

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Monday, 3 February 2020 12:41 (seven months ago) link

okay so the DLC stuff is perhaps better than the main game in many was. Hearts Of Stone started off as 'more of the same' but got genuinely creepy by the end. Blood and Wine is FANTASTIC in every way. Manages to mix camp high fantasy with some of the most unsettling moments in the whole game, and Toussaint is a wonderful area to explore.

Managed to get into a mutliple glitch scenario last night though. There's a quest I happened upon called 'Extreme Cosplay' that involves fighting a bunch of tough-as-nails 'living statues'. After dying a number of times, I was suddenly given a cut-scene that made out I'd won the fight. As soon as the cut-scene ended, the baddies (who I hadn't killed) just started whooping my arse, so I ran up some steps to get away from them, meditated to regain precious vitality and stock up on potions, and when I woke up I was outside the building with no way to get back in. I could see on the map on of the enemy NPCs was still in there, and she will be in there for the rest of time!

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Monday, 10 February 2020 11:07 (seven months ago) link

I’m tempted to buy this as it’s on sale in the Switch store, plus I’ve almost exhausted BotW and it seemed... similar-ish?

Can anyone tell me what the gameplay’s like? I like exploration-ing more than combat, and reputedly the world is massive in this?

Not bothered by the Switch graphics downgrade - I was more concerned that it’s going to be one of those games that’s interminable dialogue trees and overlong cutscenes - is that right/wrong?

Chuck_Tatum, Thursday, 20 February 2020 23:19 (seven months ago) link

thank god I don't have to learn how to play gwent. I was wtf'ing it.

Yerac, Thursday, 20 February 2020 23:24 (seven months ago) link

it's great Chuck Tatum. yeah there's some combat but really it's about exploration too

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 21 February 2020 01:14 (seven months ago) link

one month passes...

This is proving to be the perfect quarantine activity. The world is so beautiful, much of the time playing it feels like taking a long walk in the sunny countryside. And there’s no chance of running out of content; I’m 25 hours into it and the number of question marks on my map of Velen still dwarfs the number of identified missions/locations.

Dan I., Monday, 30 March 2020 16:14 (six months ago) link

its big

ciderpress, Monday, 30 March 2020 16:16 (six months ago) link

Jelly tbh. I'd love to re-experience the trilogy all over again as though for the first time.

coco vide (pomenitul), Monday, 30 March 2020 16:17 (six months ago) link

i really wish you could pick flowers/herbs from the horse.

Yerac, Monday, 30 March 2020 16:21 (six months ago) link

Absolutely, I started a two or three months ago and just now completed the first Novigrod visit. I've got a fair number of graphics mods installed and sometimes I just get a little stoned and go riding through the wine country on the east of the map, stop at the little houses, watch folks work and drink some wine from my inventory and just gallop through the scenery. Very peaceful.

blatherskite, Monday, 30 March 2020 17:44 (six months ago) link

TW1 is rough around the edges due to age and a relative lack of financial means at the time, but it really nails the Eastern European folksy atmosphere Sapkowski was going for in the first place and has a much more meaningful alchemy system. In some ways it's a more coherent experience than subsequent instalments, except perhaps for the second, which makes for an excellent self-contained story with some of the best narrative reactivity I've ever seen in a CRPG. So if you loved TW3, you definitely need to experience its predecessors as well.

coco vide (pomenitul), Monday, 30 March 2020 17:49 (six months ago) link

I wish TW1 had the difficulty switching: I was frustrated with the precise clicks on Hard, so restarted with the regular difficulty. However, I leveled up quite a bit at some point due to grinding in the sewers and the rest of the game was far to easy: I was killing a swarm of drowners in one swing, don't think I even used potions. I literally ran out of places to put bronze talents.

blatherskite, Monday, 30 March 2020 18:06 (six months ago) link

TW1 is $1.49 on Steam?? and runs on my Mac? tempting.

lukas, Monday, 30 March 2020 18:16 (six months ago) link

That's more than tempting, c'mon!

coco vide (pomenitul), Monday, 30 March 2020 18:19 (six months ago) link

alright. this will be my first Witcher. i'll direct bewilderment and complaints here.

lukas, Monday, 30 March 2020 18:22 (six months ago) link

Sounds good. Just keep in mind that it's a 13 year-old game put together by a then-novice Polish developer with a Gothic (the series, mind you) fetish. It's got plenty of soul, though.

coco vide (pomenitul), Monday, 30 March 2020 18:25 (six months ago) link

but to be clear, though, it is not a souls-like game

Karl Malone, Monday, 30 March 2020 18:39 (six months ago) link

Also, check out nexusmods if you are feeling adventurous, lots of mods to update TW1 graphics to something a little better, etc. Nice list here:

blatherskite, Monday, 30 March 2020 18:47 (six months ago) link

Thanks all.

The game I'm currently finishing is the most polished, G-rated RPG I've ever played (Breath of the Wild) so this will definitely be different.

lukas, Monday, 30 March 2020 20:30 (six months ago) link

Heh, that it will.

coco vide (pomenitul), Monday, 30 March 2020 20:31 (six months ago) link

Some of the throw-away lines and characters are so good and memorable. There's this one random peasant exclamation that cracks me up every time, something like "Sir! Why we're up to our noses in frights and horrors! Imps, samovilas, mamunes, flyin' drakes, pikes... oh, and BATS!" Just the way he spits out the word "BATS!" kills me.

Another time this run-of-the-mill unnamed merchant, using the same character model (wooden eyeglasses, etc) that many merchants use, unexpectedly provided such a genuinely warm and friendly interaction (all unique dialogue that I hadn't heard before from any other character) that I felt like I wanted to be friends with the voice actor. It's so impressive how they manage to create so many unique and believable characters, even for unnamed merchants and such who don't have more than three or four lines. Of course there are also the guys who just greet you with "What?" and say goodbye by grunting.

Dan I., Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:04 (six months ago) link

As consistent and impressive as the voice acting is in English, for my next playthrough – five years from now, maybe – I might just go for Polish with English subtitles.

coco vide (pomenitul), Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:10 (six months ago) link

ciderpress, Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:25 (six months ago) link


This is delightful.

Just got to the Beast and I'm getting destroyed. I've done all the local quests except for playing dice and fistfighting. I might have to grind some more just to keep myself alive in this fight, keeping Abigail alive seems impossible.

lukas, Saturday, 4 April 2020 03:42 (five months ago) link

I got lucky with Aard and one-shotted the Beast. Given that I had to quicksave at the beginning of the fight, reload several times and get lucky to win I fear I'm missing something about combat, but anyway on to Chapter 2.

Love how the typical early town full of quests turned out to be sordid and corrupt. Whereas the Salamadra are just thieves and murderers, they're veritable innocents.

lukas, Saturday, 4 April 2020 03:58 (five months ago) link

I always play with companions since my tactics is generally to get someone else to do initial damage while I spell long distance casts from a safe distance. I also like to taunt giants to lure them toward enemy camps and watch the chaos unfold

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Saturday, 4 April 2020 12:32 (five months ago) link

Oops wrong thread (skyrim)

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Saturday, 4 April 2020 12:32 (five months ago) link

Combat-wise, I found the learning curve quite steep at first. As with the overwhelming majority of CRPGs, however, it became a cake-walk once I got past the first half.

Oh and a word of advice: avoid walkthroughs and wikis while you're playing the game, but do check them out afterwards – there is much to miss out on, which is exactly as it should be!


Publius Covidius Naso (pomenitul), Saturday, 4 April 2020 13:26 (five months ago) link

I’ve neglected the main W3 story in favor of side quests, contracts, and exploration and, somehow, I’ve arrived at Kaer Morhen (recommended level: 19) at level 31. Might have to bump the difficulty up to Death March from Broken Bones so I don’t stroll through the rest of the game. OTOH, I suppose outmatching everyone is appropriate considering Geralt is a literally legendary warrior at this point, after several novels and two games worth of fighting…

blatherskite, Wednesday, 8 April 2020 20:27 (five months ago) link

yeah I never felt any real guilt about being overclocked while playing. the fights aren't really the star of the game

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Wednesday, 8 April 2020 21:53 (five months ago) link

After spending like 40+ hours in this game, I just today finally found out about how quest recommended levels affect the XP you get from them (from what I understand, if a quest is 5+ levels below your own level, you get basically no XP from it). I had been so confused to be getting like 2xp for completing lower-level quests!

Dan I., Wednesday, 8 April 2020 22:07 (five months ago) link

And yeah, I also don't mind being completely OP in all the fights. I'm in it for the story maaaan, and the scenery.

Dan I., Wednesday, 8 April 2020 22:09 (five months ago) link

xpost WAHT

Yerac, Wednesday, 8 April 2020 23:48 (five months ago) link

If you want to spruce up the combat, I heard the Ghost and Enhanced Edition mods are worth checking out.

Publius Covidius Naso (pomenitul), Wednesday, 8 April 2020 23:56 (five months ago) link

I killed a bunch of wyverns in that godawful swamp and got a sword with a name, cool

lukas, Wednesday, 8 April 2020 23:59 (five months ago) link

Gotta love a game in which the post-quest journal entry is "in some way, I've learned too much"

This situation with Alvin is bad. Triss is probably going to lobotomize him and Shani is dangerously naive to think he's just a kid.

Love how after chapter 2 the swamp is filled with EVEN MORE monsters. I just wanted to be a hero, why is everything getting worse?

lukas, Thursday, 9 April 2020 03:10 (five months ago) link

So I had no idea that when I left the middle portion of the game (fish god etc) that I was entering one long, scripted series of encounters with no chance to forage for potion ingredients. I never really thought about what I had, I just brewed and foraged as I needed, so no stocks to fall back on. I think I'll get through it but this seems unnecessarily stressful.

lukas, Thursday, 16 April 2020 04:21 (five months ago) link

Finished. My favorite part of the game was a random dwarf in Vizima who let out a frustrated "fuck" as he walked by.

lukas, Friday, 17 April 2020 01:07 (five months ago) link

I just got out of the prologue and made it to Vizima. I'm level 4 (recommended level 4) and I feel like I dicked around for waaaay longer than necessary in the first area.

rb (soda), Friday, 17 April 2020 01:13 (five months ago) link

general consensus is that dicking around in White Orchard is recommended. Some suggest completing all the side-quests before moving on. I didn't, but going slow in this game is a lot more rewarding than trying to speed through it

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 17 April 2020 10:59 (five months ago) link

I've just got out of White Orchard too. I do get the urge to go and visit all the ? everywhere rather than following the main quest.

One q

closed beta (NotEnough), Friday, 17 April 2020 12:37 (five months ago) link

is it better to sell all the random swords etc you get, or break them down? Or just stash everything? (haven't put anything in a stash yet)

closed beta (NotEnough), Friday, 17 April 2020 12:38 (five months ago) link

Level scaling makes loot stupidly meaningless for the most part, including unique swords and armour.

coviderunt omnes (pomenitul), Friday, 17 April 2020 12:43 (five months ago) link

Did you guys play the DLC packs? Better than the main quest in many respects!

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 17 April 2020 12:47 (five months ago) link

Hearts of Stone is the series’ highlight imo.

coviderunt omnes (pomenitul), Friday, 17 April 2020 13:10 (five months ago) link

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