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i think there's a word for that.....i think it starts with a....t?

100 Percent That Grinch (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 17 December 2019 05:33 (six months ago) link

??? things i have no interest in include marvel movies and basketball... so i don't post on those threads. i have a vested interest in ivory tower wokepieces about maleness, i just don't share the mandatory ilx/academic leftist pov on such issues

lumen (esby), Tuesday, 17 December 2019 05:51 (six months ago) link

you don't ever engage in debate, you just post toothless sarcasm and then flash the gap teeth in your mouth

100 Percent That Grinch (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 17 December 2019 05:54 (six months ago) link

so wait in your scenario do i have teeth or not ??????

lumen (esby), Tuesday, 17 December 2019 06:01 (six months ago) link

Luke’s got a gap between his two front teeth. A hyperbolic line, exaggerating the size of Luke’s gap by implying Dre’s penis could fit comfortably inside it.

omar little, Tuesday, 17 December 2019 06:08 (six months ago) link

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