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Can’t wait for this domino’s delivery

calstars, Sunday, 13 October 2019 23:03 (nine months ago) link

Apparently my name is Tent and I live in Alabama

calstars, Sunday, 13 October 2019 23:05 (nine months ago) link

Dang, enjoy your stay at the Ft Lauderdale Ritz-Carlton, $1700 for Tues - Sat.

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 15 October 2019 14:41 (nine months ago) link

four weeks pass...

I've recently had my "tyres" changed in Perth, apparently

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 12 November 2019 03:36 (eight months ago) link

yeah that's how we spell it because they are not things which make you sleepy

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Tuesday, 12 November 2019 03:58 (eight months ago) link

Perth Aus or Perth Sco?

Vernon Locke, Tuesday, 12 November 2019 04:05 (eight months ago) link

four weeks pass...

Pollo Tropical
Citrus-Marinated Chicken

1 x 1/2 Fire Grilled Chicken - With 2 Sides (1 x $7.99) = $7.99
1 x White Meat Only (Additional Charge)
(1 x $0.85) = $0.85
1 x French Fries
1 x French Fries

white meat, extra burnt!

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 10 December 2019 21:09 (eight months ago) link

Ok y'all, this one's a doozy.

MasterArchfiend replied to your comment on Love for Spinel:
You wrote:

Ah... where do I start on this beauty?! I was immediately drawn in by the promise of weight gain, and I can confidently assure you that I was not let down and my bean was most certainly flicked! This has to be the most intriguing story I've read in my many years. Through all of the essays and stories I've read from my students, I've never been quite as impressed as I am now. In this short but sweet message, I will let you know a few things I love about this Shakespearean level of literature.

First of all, I love how you meticulously built up to the climax. You went at a pace not quite slow enough to leave the reader yawning, but not quite fast enough to leave the reader confused and unsure of what was occurring. The story was timed at a perfect pace, and once things started getting good, things started getting GOOD!!! If you look back to paragraph 13 where the text exclaims, "Having not eaten before, she wasn't quite sure how to describe it. All she could say for certain was that she wanted more.", this is a clear example of foreshadowing. Spinel had just had her first morsel of food, and she wants MORE! She won't stop until she gets more! The reader knows that the rising action is now taking place, and they anxiously begin to edge their way to their seat in anticipation of what occurs next!

Secondly, the use of details and imagery was, with lack of a better word, extremely sexually arousing. I loved how you were able to gracefully describe the gradual growth of Spinel's belly. The idea of her slowly taking up more and more of Yellow's lap is so hot, and the idea of our precious little bean Spinel being filled to the brim with pastries... I'm honestly getting turned on writing this. I love the detail you added in about her clothes stretching out and ripping -- it just makes everything much more realistic (and sexy)! "Spinel spent more and more time resting on Yellow's lap instead of her bed while Blue and White took turns replenishing her tray while providing soothing rubs when she became too full." (paragraph 24.) The only complaint I have is that I wish you'd give more detail as to what Spinel's belly and folds felt like when the Diamonds were rubbing it! And this whole story wraps up in such an elegant way that I'm genuinely left begging for more! A sequel, perhaps?

Lastly, I love the way you wrapped this up. Yellow and Blue are obviously having doubts of their actions after they see how big Spinel has gotten, and they even consider amongst themselves to maybe lay off a bit on the snacks. However, White quickly dismissed whatever ideas they were conjuring up, leaving so much to the reader's imagination about what happened after this story ended. Did Spinel gain more and more girth until she finally popped? Did the Diamonds decide to stop feeding Spinel until she returned to her normal size? How many more belly rubs was she given? Was Spinel ever given new clothes or did she just sit there butt naked? It's all up to the reader to decide! "As they quietly thought about what they have done to their lover in the name of her happiness, the sound of heels brought their attention to White who held out a very large tray of pastries in one hand and one she had clearly been snacking on in the other. "I don't think we've gone far enough." (paragraph 28, a.k.a. the last paragraph.) My eager, horny mind is racing as to all the different things that could happen!

Furthermore, that was only a few things that I loved about this story! I would've written more, but I only have a 45-minute break before my next class of students come in! I'm debating showing them this to let them know how well imagery can work in your favor if used correctly. I implore you to write a second chapter! This was a ride from beginning to end, and I'm so so so excited for your upcoming stories!

Love from Wisconsin,
Mrs. Jordan M.

MasterArchfiend responded:

I want to apologize for not replying in a timely manner and thank you for the thorough compliment. I admit that I was not expecting something so in-depth, but I am pleased to find that you enjoyed it.

There is a sequel in the works and I will take this into account as I work on it.

As for sharing this work, I have no objections. It means more ideas and opinions to help me improve my writing.

With many thanks coincidentally also from Wisconsin,

Krys W. The one and only MasterArchfiend.

change display name (Jordan), Monday, 16 December 2019 15:27 (seven months ago) link

i think you need to make a trip to wisconsin

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Monday, 16 December 2019 15:59 (seven months ago) link

What a world

Fetchboy, Monday, 16 December 2019 17:12 (seven months ago) link

i think you need to make a trip to wisconsin


change display name (Jordan), Monday, 16 December 2019 18:33 (seven months ago) link

I think you need to legally change your name.

pplains, Monday, 16 December 2019 18:42 (seven months ago) link

or start a new life in wisconsin!

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Monday, 16 December 2019 19:02 (seven months ago) link

I already did that, 35 years ago

change display name (Jordan), Monday, 16 December 2019 19:06 (seven months ago) link

start a newer, weirder one

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Monday, 16 December 2019 19:13 (seven months ago) link

Query: Good morning!

I'm working on a story for XXXX called, "Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Taste."

I'm looking for sex educators, ob/gyn's, and vulva-owner experts who can speak to what changes the taste of the vagina, what tastes are normal/abnormal, and when a change in taste is cause for concern. Is that you? Wonderful! I'd love to interview you :). Please see my questions below.

1. I'd love to start by asking an expert speak to the fact that vaginal tastes vary and that there's no one "right" vaginal taste!
2. Anything you'd like to say to folks who are trying to "improve" the taste of their vaginas?
3. Is there anything you can do to change the tase? Does water or alcohol change the taste? How about fruits and veggies? Going vegan? Etc?
4. What do things like washes/douches/etc do to the taste? (Why can these things cause infection and therefore effect taste?)
5. What should folks actually do to was their vulvas? Can you wash the actual vagina?
6. Is vaginal taste every an indication it's time to see a doctor?
7. If you have a partner who doesn't like the way you taste and says that, what would your advise be?

sex educator, ob/gyn, vulva-owner expert

... poll?

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Friday, 27 December 2019 18:11 (seven months ago) link

one month passes...

Hello from Chile! ☺️

Go Chiefs!!

chet san telmo (alomar lines), Sunday, 2 February 2020 21:10 (six months ago) link

one month passes...

Hi this G***** y*** I live in roger Arkansas 72758. We have that diseases here in Arkansas but they didn't close down the work place called poultry like all the factory for animal. Just like our work place already send 2 people that sick but they didn't close down our work place called Ozark mountain poultry.

pplains, Thursday, 26 March 2020 13:13 (four months ago) link

two months pass...





Swear to God, I'm going to buy one of these things for myself, then drive across country to Richmond, California. I'll catch Mr. Pleasant Plains walking down his driveway and then beat the ever-living shit out of him with his own wallet.


pplains, Thursday, 25 June 2020 02:04 (one month ago) link

When you are hurt
Can be your advantage weapon
Give the enemy a fatal blow

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Thursday, 25 June 2020 02:59 (one month ago) link

... and p.plains saw that and went, "I'll take three!"

pplains, Thursday, 25 June 2020 13:16 (one month ago) link

You're nearly there!

Your Pornhub account bigcummmmm90 has been created. We just need to verify your email address to complete signup.

Fetchboy, Friday, 26 June 2020 03:32 (one month ago) link


This guy buys the dumbest shit.

pplains, Tuesday, 30 June 2020 01:14 (one month ago) link

you'll be singing another tune when the cantaloupes come for you

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Tuesday, 30 June 2020 01:16 (one month ago) link

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