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Which Rilke is your go-to Rilke when you really just want to bathe in Rilkiness? If you could only take one Rilke collection to a desert island, which one would it be?

Uptown VONC (Le Bateau Ivre), Monday, 24 June 2019 08:58 (three years ago) link

there are different rilkes for different moods, for me. when I'm feeling romantic/nostalgic, my go-to is "to lou andreas-salome", especially the second stanza:

s one puts a handkerchief before pent-in-breath-
no: as one presses it against a wound
out of which the whole of life, in a single gush,
wants to stream, I held you to me: I saw you
turn red from me. How could anyone express
what took place between us? We made up for everything
there was never time for. I matured strangely
in every impulse of unperformed youth,
and you, love, had wildest childhood over my heart.

it's at once tenderly specific and vague enough to be about anybody; I think of three people when I read it. "love song" also has a particular couplet that is really simple but always chokes me up: "upon what instrument are we two spanned? / and what musician holds us in his hand?"

when I just want to be bowled over by amazing writing, I'll re-read some of my favorites from new poems -- "archaic torso of apollo" is probably still my 'favorite', though I don't read it as often anymore because I've just read it so many times. "orpheus. eurydice. hermes." never fails to crush me. that entire collection is filled with really great stuff

a couple of months ago, I got most of the way through his "duino elegies", and loved the shit out of it, but they are dense, I need to read them each several times before moving on to the next one, and ultimately I became distracted with reading other things and life and haven't finished. that will have to be a project for an upcoming weekend

I own two volumes of his work: ahead of all parting, a very comprehensive collection translated by stephen mitchell, and "letters to a young poet" (also mitchell). before I started the elegies I'd have chosen "letters" as my desert-island rilke (and probably one of my ten desert island books, period), since I've more or less memorized most of my favorite short poems of his anyway, but now I'm torn, because I think I would need the elegies, and I still haven't started "sonnets to orpheus"

k3vin k., Monday, 24 June 2019 17:50 (three years ago) link

k3vin are you a doctor type yet or what

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Tuesday, 25 June 2019 23:06 (three years ago) link

literally had my first day today. I'm still alive and so is everyone else!

k3vin k., Wednesday, 26 June 2019 00:57 (three years ago) link

I want a doctor who can quote Rilke.

recriminations from the nitpicking woke (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 00:58 (three years ago) link

oh u ;)

I am like, at best, the third-coolest doctor on this board

k3vin k., Wednesday, 26 June 2019 01:00 (three years ago) link

so the coolest doctor can quote Henry James?!

recriminations from the nitpicking woke (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 01:52 (three years ago) link

literally had my first day today. I'm still alive and so is everyone else!

― k3vin k., Tuesday, June 25, 2019 8:57 PM (one hour ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

whoa congrats!

call all destroyer, Wednesday, 26 June 2019 02:15 (three years ago) link

yeah congrats dr k3ll3r!

Clay, Wednesday, 26 June 2019 02:22 (three years ago) link

congrats dude! (fuck uconn returning from aac exile tho!)

mookieproof, Wednesday, 26 June 2019 02:59 (three years ago) link

yeah man, holy shit!

i will never make a typo ever again (Karl Malone), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 03:15 (three years ago) link

Congrats dude. I expect a full professional opinion write up for every injury in the nba now.

big city slam (Spottie), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 03:32 (three years ago) link

thanks y’all

k3vin k., Wednesday, 26 June 2019 09:20 (three years ago) link

grats dr

godfellaz (darraghmac), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 09:48 (three years ago) link

Congrats! What flavor of doctoring are you doing?

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 11:31 (three years ago) link

internal medicine. you’ll be happy to hear I’m not really thinking cards anymore

k3vin k., Wednesday, 26 June 2019 12:13 (three years ago) link

Oh I love me some internists! Cards are mostly (though not exclusively) tools and/or assholes.

Bonus points if you go geriatrics :)

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 16:28 (three years ago) link

congrats k3v that is awesome

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Wednesday, 26 June 2019 21:48 (three years ago) link

congrats, Dr. K

flopson, Thursday, 27 June 2019 02:05 (three years ago) link

Just don’t this shit get in the way of your baseball posting, aight

calstars, Thursday, 27 June 2019 02:11 (three years ago) link

Thanks for the Rilke prescriptions, doc!

Uptown VONC (Le Bateau Ivre), Thursday, 27 June 2019 12:49 (three years ago) link

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