Star Trek Discovery: The Bryan Fuller TV reboot

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Loved the moire screen detail

#startrekdiscovery Some details go back to my childhood. I always loved Spock's science station on the Enterprise bridge. Thank to Alex Kurtzman and Olatunde Osunsanmi for letting me animate Spock's moiré. Such an iconic screen!

— Timothy Peel (@timothypeel1) April 20, 2019

stet, Saturday, 20 April 2019 09:29 (seven months ago) link

things we didn't learn:

  • how burnham created the Signals
  • how burnham crashed the oksana baiul technology
  • how the suit/time crystal, which was supposed to only have enough power for one jump into the future, was able to make all the Signal-making jumps
  • why the suit/time crystal compelled burnham to perform the Signal-making jumps at that moment, when they could have been done at/from any time
  • why the enterprise has no robots able to close a blast door from the inside, requiring an admiral to do it instead
  • why control, which was evidently running the entire section 31 fleet by itself, chose to put all of itself into leland
  • fuckin magnets, why do they work
  • why ash, who is supposed to be dead, is able to hang out in public with klingons
  • why starfleet would subsequently ban spore-drive technology
  • why we even bothered with that whole hugh-is-pissy arc
  • why vulcans are unable to use contractions

mookieproof, Saturday, 20 April 2019 21:22 (seven months ago) link

also, why did the signals appear briefly at the start of the season? why did burnham bother with saru's backwards shithole planet instead of getting someone like the vulcans to help out?

yes, i could deal with a few of these, but all together they come across as sloppy writing.

adam the (abanana), Saturday, 20 April 2019 23:44 (seven months ago) link

"have we had fighters/drones like that before in trek?"

star trek beyond had lots of little ships. I did find the action sequences genuinely thrilling, which I hadn't felt before with Discovery. (If the budget overrun on the season premiere was spent on the X-Wing asteroid field sequence, they wasted their money.)

adam the (abanana), Saturday, 20 April 2019 23:48 (seven months ago) link

Also it’s seems like poor starfleet management practice not to nominate a captain from the legions of commanders on discovery before they disappeared into the future.

I did like Number 1s very 60s hairstyle and overall looks. The 23rd century is about to enter a very retro phase.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Sunday, 21 April 2019 00:00 (seven months ago) link

• why vulcans are unable to use contractions

contractions are illogical

j., Sunday, 21 April 2019 00:41 (seven months ago) link


j., Sunday, 21 April 2019 00:41 (seven months ago) link

Spock used contractions! He might be Vulcan, but he's no Soong-type android.

I really liked this for its pure spectacle! There's a million things that don't make sense this season (yes, the current writing regime continues the proud Trek tradition of not being able to do cool, well-considered sci-fi concepts*), but they hit enough beats that made up for it: Burnham's flight in the suit; the SFX for all of her jumps; Lrell and Ash with the requisite "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE" (I seriously got choked up when they said it).

* Like they literally didn't need Burnham to send an additional signal! She appeared to Spock as a child, which should've been proof enough that she made it through the wormhole.

Audrey Tautoulogy (Leee), Sunday, 21 April 2019 04:34 (seven months ago) link

have we had fighters/drones like that before in trek?

I'm pretty sure we saw some in some of the big space battles in DS9.

Audrey Tautoulogy (Leee), Sunday, 21 April 2019 04:36 (seven months ago) link

xp i think that was mrs burnham who appeared to spock as a child

mookieproof, Sunday, 21 April 2019 06:42 (seven months ago) link

ugh this was garbage

so confusing, maybe i misheard but at one point they say they can't get through to the rest of starfleet, then 5 minutes later "we have 200 ships to [leland's] 30". huh?

why didn't they just use the spore drive to jump to the delta quadrant and launch michael from there?

so much awful technobabble but the enterprise bridge officer asks the discovery one to "speak english" because she doesn't know what an arc second is :(

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Saturday, 27 April 2019 20:36 (seven months ago) link

pretty sure they could have tied a string to that blast door handle. also, blast door was pretty strong, maybe they should build the whole ship out of them.

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Saturday, 27 April 2019 20:57 (seven months ago) link

spock: did u ever knooo that ur my heeeerooooo

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Saturday, 27 April 2019 20:58 (seven months ago) link

"section 31 requires more transparency"

that went well, no-one's heard of it in ds9.

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Saturday, 27 April 2019 21:08 (seven months ago) link

i thouht the signal she was going to send to spock was the one from his childhood... so when did that one get sent?

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Saturday, 27 April 2019 21:14 (seven months ago) link

we have 200 ships to [leland's] 30

i think this was a reference to all their lil fighters and drones (and then leland launched his own)

mookieproof, Saturday, 27 April 2019 22:06 (seven months ago) link

That blast door scene made me cross. No way he could have stood directly on the other side of the glass and not been impacted somehow. WTF.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Sunday, 28 April 2019 00:04 (seven months ago) link

spock's childhood meeting was with mike's mom. how the vision included the signals when mom didn't know anything about signals is a plot hole.

adam the (abanana), Sunday, 28 April 2019 08:49 (seven months ago) link

There are dozens of star treks, not just 6 or 7, and if trek is a feeling then everyone has a different one. But i keep thinking of The Measure of a Man; it might not even be my favourite episode but in the writing, the problem posed and the solution offered, it was something of a peak. Nothing in Discovery was remotely of that calibre - in season 2 certainly. Season 1 had some things going for it, e.g. Tilly pushed the boundaries of what a starfleet officer could be, while staying true to or even exemplifying trek values; by season 2 she was mostly reduced to comic relief.

what if bod was one of us (ledge), Sunday, 28 April 2019 11:15 (seven months ago) link

I missed some of the wtf-ness that Jason Isaacs provided last season, but I really enjoyed this one. Shame the last episode was a Marvel movie climax laser fight though.

Chuck_Tatum, Sunday, 28 April 2019 16:22 (seven months ago) link

Hells yeah that massive pew pew scene hurt my head, I couldnt tell who was shooting what at some points.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Sunday, 28 April 2019 23:22 (seven months ago) link

two months pass...

logic extremists


j., Monday, 15 July 2019 06:41 (five months ago) link

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