Taking Sides: Greek v. Latin Christians

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The Turks of Greece left few traces. They disappeared suddenly and finally in the spring of 1821 unmourned and unnoticed by the rest of the world....It was hard to believe then that Greece once contained a large population of Turkish descent, living in small communities all over the country, prosperous farmers, merchants, and officials, whose families had known no other home for hundreds of years...They were killed deliberately, without qualm or scruple, and there was no regrets either then or later

By most standards, the records of the Spanish Inquisition are spectacularly good and a treasure trove for social historians as they record many details about ordinary people. Nothing like all the files have been analysed but from the third looked at so far, it seems the Inquisition, operating through out the Spanish Empire, executed about 700 people between 1540 and 1700 out of a total of 49,000 cases. It is also reckoned that they probably killed about two thousand during the first fifty years of operation when persecution against Jews and Moslems was at its most severe. This would give a total figure of around 5,000 for the entire three hundred year period of its operation.

Noodle Vague, Sunday, 13 July 2008 01:53 (twelve years ago) link


S-, Sunday, 13 July 2008 05:05 (twelve years ago) link

my parents are one of each of these, and i can say hat they are both as repugnant as eachother, as dogmas, as religions, as perversions of thought.

hey what board am i on again?

Frogman Henry, Sunday, 13 July 2008 05:15 (twelve years ago) link

both of them, only the Ethiopian Orthodox church is legitimate, mostly because their clergy are called abunas and whats fucking with that?

isn't Abuna the Amharic for coffee?


The Real Dirty Vicar, Wednesday, 23 July 2008 13:36 (twelve years ago) link

It means, "Our Father"

gzip, Friday, 25 July 2008 09:44 (twelve years ago) link

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