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good riddance

ilxor-com-dog-meat-drawer-7-840-x-600.jpg (unregistered), Monday, 3 September 2018 21:11 (three years ago) link

did it die?

Karl Malone, Monday, 3 September 2018 21:12 (three years ago) link

is it in trouble somewhere in the woods

Karl Malone, Monday, 3 September 2018 21:13 (three years ago) link

six months pass...

i uh missed this story?? wtf


illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Sunday, 3 March 2019 01:38 (two years ago) link

Also read something recently (a twitter thread I think) that notes that if you gave FB your phone number, you can no longer set it to"only me" and they will now hand it over to Instagram, Whatsapp and advertisers.

I feel utter vindication that I ignored their increasingly aggravating "add phone number! 2FA! You neeeeed to do this!" BS.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Monday, 4 March 2019 00:19 (two years ago) link

Pretty sure they have my number anyway, given that they included it in the prompt about adding 2FA. Like "Do your want to add this number?" I always say no but when has that ever stopped them.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Monday, 4 March 2019 00:39 (two years ago) link

Yeah if they mention it, you've had it elswhere (it can grab it from the phone app I think? I also stopped using that because it scraped my fucking address contacts and started recommending I add workmates who know NOTHING about my FB)

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Monday, 4 March 2019 00:49 (two years ago) link

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