Rolling techno* albums thread for people who are clearly doing it wrong

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is it "weightless" stuff

the late great, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:34 (eleven months ago) Permalink

and that's his show on rinse, right?

the late great, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:34 (eleven months ago) Permalink

heavy heavy monstah sounds

mh, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:34 (eleven months ago) Permalink

for some reason I was thinking it was a nts show, but yes, rinse

mh, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:36 (eleven months ago) Permalink

i can't find it, can you post a link?

the late great, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:38 (eleven months ago) Permalink

mh, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:38 (eleven months ago) Permalink

aahhh i'm super confused

you said his show last week, those are all from 2017!

the late great, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:42 (eleven months ago) Permalink

no I said I was listening to the show last week!

as in, a bunch of episodes of the show. sorry for the ambiguity

mh, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:48 (eleven months ago) Permalink

although I do like the idea of getting pretty deep on a single episode

mh, Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:53 (eleven months ago) Permalink

oh haha sorry me dumm

the late great, Thursday, 29 March 2018 22:15 (eleven months ago) Permalink

three months pass...

item: i back-to-backed the new skee mask album with last year's shed album and while i enjoyed the skee mask and the young dude energy behind it, the shed album is clearly on another level.

map, Sunday, 1 July 2018 21:35 (eight months ago) Permalink

Shed LPs are a perfect example of how to do full length tech, especially the first two

brimstead, Sunday, 1 July 2018 23:16 (eight months ago) Permalink

I found the new Skee Mask a bit cold and clinical. Give me Shed any day.

millmeister, Monday, 2 July 2018 12:18 (eight months ago) Permalink

feel like people slept on that shed record "too homogenous" yes but everything on it rips. skee mask is comfort food to me, the drums sound amazing but it's also sorta like just sports videogame music or something, shed has ~~mystery~~ about the proceedings imo

Vapor waif (uptown churl), Monday, 2 July 2018 15:56 (eight months ago) Permalink

yeah I posted in the "diss hyped releases" about that Skee Mask album, bewildering critical praise

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 3 July 2018 09:28 (eight months ago) Permalink

Shed is just a highly exceptional producer, the way he makes the bass rumble in the mix is just awesome.

brimstead, Tuesday, 3 July 2018 15:16 (eight months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

I don't know how much longevity value it will have, but for now I'm quite digging that Pariah album.

calzino, Saturday, 4 August 2018 10:15 (seven months ago) Permalink

Anyone who has not yet heard the atrociously titled 'Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God' by the Swedish duo Shakarchi & Straneus should do so while the weather's still this good.

DJ Koze has been repping hard for it and you can tell why, although it's a lot better than his album.

Matt DC, Saturday, 4 August 2018 11:32 (seven months ago) Permalink

i have been listening a lot of octo octa lately and i think she is a wonderful album artist. the one from last year is especially good

marcos, Friday, 10 August 2018 15:37 (seven months ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

what's the newer thread for stuff like this? Anyway here's a Young Marco mix with lots of the Dream House stuff he has compiled lately

Neil S, Tuesday, 4 September 2018 08:41 (six months ago) Permalink

anyway if you like your contemporary kosmische music i can give no higher recommendation than to the new vakula on leleka, "metaphors"

That is great and seemingly unavailable. I mean it's not unavailable - it's £70 on discogs but...

Ned Trifle X, Tuesday, 4 September 2018 15:40 (six months ago) Permalink

yeah i grabbed mine as soon as it was on hardwax, he sometimes represses his bandura releases but rarely see leleka represses ...

the late great, Tuesday, 4 September 2018 17:50 (six months ago) Permalink

I posted this on the rolling house and techno thread, but this is maybe a better place for it. The new Djrum album is very good, imo, for a crossover between bass and techno. I've listened to it a few times on Spotify so far (the 2LP is sold out a lot of places at the moment, it seems, but it's on R&S so should be repressed soon?) and it's terrific and a great, fully realized album.

Federico Boswarlos, Tuesday, 4 September 2018 19:28 (six months ago) Permalink

The Vakula is on Spotify if that’s not too sacrilegious a thing to say

the article don, Thursday, 6 September 2018 20:06 (six months ago) Permalink

Oops actually it’s his new one, which is great incidentally

the article don, Thursday, 6 September 2018 20:07 (six months ago) Permalink

if you mean arcturus that one was available elsewhere a year or 2 ago but it rules and is nice to have it on spot

ciderpress, Friday, 7 September 2018 20:31 (six months ago) Permalink

I am enjoying the new Ancient Methods album

silverfish, Friday, 21 September 2018 17:31 (six months ago) Permalink

The Ame album is a lot better than its cracked up to be.

Matt DC, Saturday, 22 September 2018 07:56 (six months ago) Permalink

Really miss the lush style of the Lord of the Isles LP, anything like that people want to recommend?

Uhura Mazda (lukas), Sunday, 30 September 2018 22:33 (five months ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

dj richard's dies irae xerox is outstanding

princess of hell (BradNelson), Saturday, 27 October 2018 22:56 (four months ago) Permalink

princess of hell (BradNelson), Saturday, 27 October 2018 22:56 (four months ago) Permalink

yeah it's a good un that

calzino, Saturday, 27 October 2018 22:58 (four months ago) Permalink

yeah, I've been listening to the dj richard album a lot lately.

silverfish, Monday, 29 October 2018 14:32 (four months ago) Permalink

I bought this album by Junes, it is "well vibey, mate" according to the local paper. I don't know if its a good fit for the lads that are doing it wrong thread but what is the worst that can happen?

saer, Monday, 29 October 2018 15:37 (four months ago) Permalink

that is lovely

niels, Monday, 29 October 2018 16:09 (four months ago) Permalink

the new skee mask album

oh this is quite nice, quite nice

j., Tuesday, 30 October 2018 02:25 (four months ago) Permalink

love the skee mask album!

Dan S, Tuesday, 30 October 2018 03:30 (four months ago) Permalink

another track from the Junes record, this one was a reluctant bench warmer at first, but since it got subbed on its been chipping in with assists from midfield with a rough hewn yet nonchalant air of a new signing from non-league

saer, Tuesday, 30 October 2018 07:12 (four months ago) Permalink

really like both of those Junes tracks

Dan S, Wednesday, 31 October 2018 06:05 (four months ago) Permalink

agree with the skee mask and dj richard praise!

bruce's sonder somatic is really doing it for me today as well

petey v, Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:14 (four months ago) Permalink

Totally, Bruce album rules. But man am I having a hard time keeping all these “weird beats” threads straight ... so apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but the airmax 97 joint is awesome

Vapor waif (uptown churl), Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:30 (four months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

this is really growing on me

j., Monday, 24 December 2018 19:27 (three months ago) Permalink

Hell yeah, album of the year for me maybe

brimstead, Monday, 24 December 2018 19:59 (three months ago) Permalink

i love the hi-hats

j., Monday, 24 December 2018 21:54 (three months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

this one is excellent as well.

calzino, Saturday, 2 February 2019 10:48 (one month ago) Permalink

Debut Quadruple LP from Lizz is something of a mixed bag - snippets from all tracks stitched together here

not keen on first half at all! But theres some gold in the second half - the tracks at 21, 25, 28 and 35 mins are all great, some familiar faces in there too

saer, Saturday, 2 February 2019 13:23 (one month ago) Permalink

Nkisi is great. Heard one of those tracks on a mix, looking forward to checking out the rest.

change display name (Jordan), Saturday, 2 February 2019 18:21 (one month ago) Permalink

anticipating this album. reminded me of huerco s and indeed, popped up on his excellent recent RA podcast

loving this, particularly title track, special, and where they at

Vapor waif (uptown churl), Sunday, 3 February 2019 06:57 (one month ago) Permalink

The Nkisi album is wicked. Does that count as deconstructed club music?

Also feeling Take Me With You by Anthony Naples, some lovely chilled out deep house/ambient/dubby vibes

paolo, Sunday, 3 February 2019 11:31 (one month ago) Permalink

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