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if this doesn't work, maybe try the pills? higher doses to boot

kolakube (Ross), Saturday, 30 December 2017 03:03 (one year ago) link

I tried doing 20mg at once and there was some reduction in anxiety, fairly muted but it was there - though of course anxiety is variable!

cherry blossom, Sunday, 31 December 2017 09:07 (one year ago) link

the thing I don't understand about sublingual is, you hold it there for 3 minutes or whatever because it goes in faster, then you swallow it? but that mean the stuff thats still in your mouth hasn't gone in the sublingual way?

cherry blossom, Sunday, 31 December 2017 09:08 (one year ago) link

I just hold it as long as possible while working

cherry blossom, Sunday, 31 December 2017 09:09 (one year ago) link

The 3 minutes sounds like a general guide

I assume some people can’t go a long time without the need to swallow

Administering liquids under the tongue ensures they enter the bloodstream faster without the so called first pass effect of breaking down/potentially losing its potency in the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, then liver

If you’re swallowing minuscule amounts of it, I don’t think it’s a big deal, especially since you are now taking way more than the product suggests

infinity (∞), Sunday, 31 December 2017 14:08 (one year ago) link

so I massively increased the dose, and was doing 20mg at once the last few days, 6 or 7 times a day and....its nearly all gone. It did kind of work a bit. I think maybe a try the vape

cherry blossom, Monday, 1 January 2018 10:44 (one year ago) link

Ok, second try - gone with Bluebird 6X Hemp concentrate so maybe the stronger will do better

cherry blossom, Wednesday, 3 January 2018 10:31 (one year ago) link

four months pass...

5mg in cappuccino, A+

calstars, Saturday, 26 May 2018 17:28 (one year ago) link

two weeks pass...

Might be interested in a 10:1 CBD/THC thing.

fields of salmon, Tuesday, 12 June 2018 02:46 (one year ago) link

I'm confused by this story


Is this a different CBD oil to the ones that are in sale in the UK?

anvil, Tuesday, 12 June 2018 03:08 (one year ago) link

Something to do with the ratio of THC I presume, but its not particularly clear

anvil, Tuesday, 12 June 2018 03:13 (one year ago) link

three weeks pass...

cbd oil not available on Amazon
Can anyone recommend a source to order from for a US customer ?

calstars, Sunday, 8 July 2018 22:27 (one year ago) link

Cal is there a licensed dispensary near you? Would recommend checking that if you can

Ross, Monday, 9 July 2018 07:14 (one year ago) link

I've been messing around with CBD for the last few weeks and have had best results from vaping high CBD low THC bud (surprisingly easy to get hold of in UK?!) It's like my body gets stoned but my brain doesn't? Really reduces pain in muscles and lessens body stress/anxiety. Not a wonder cure but any reduction in symptoms is welcome tbh.

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Monday, 9 July 2018 15:13 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

been using cbd oil for a few weeks, felt quite good initially but noticed i've been getting upset stomach a lot more. i have ibs but usually related to eating certain things. i wondered is it possible i'm swallowing it more than i notice when taking it sublingually. i find it quite hard to know how much is being administered and now i think about it, whether i'm properly administering it sublingually. i mean without getting ridiculous should i be telling myself to say "ah" like a doctor would when you're a kid.

alternatively i guess i could start vaping it instead? dunno where to start with that tho.

FernandoHierro, Friday, 31 August 2018 15:27 (one year ago) link

i have a lot of chronic weakness and muscle pain and the first week it seemed to help a lot with that, i was exercising more and sleeping better, but the upset stomach just exacerbates those issues so it's become harder to tell how effective it's been.

FernandoHierro, Friday, 31 August 2018 15:28 (one year ago) link

eight months pass...

I had the bartender put a few drops in my beer last week and mix it up. Horrible idea, turned it into soap and caused it to overflow.

calstars, Wednesday, 15 May 2019 17:17 (four months ago) link

im a bit dubious about the benefits of cbd so i like to read things like that that are positive but measured

findom haddie (jim in vancouver), Wednesday, 15 May 2019 17:18 (four months ago) link

i've had good results

mh, Wednesday, 15 May 2019 19:11 (four months ago) link

three months pass...


I am interested in trying CBD on as as-needed basis to manage/alleviate anxiety. Interested if anyone else has tried it and your results.

fremmes with neppavenettes (rip van wanko), Wednesday, 4 September 2019 11:41 (one week ago) link

could be psychosomatic, but a small amount of cbd and I’m less self-conscious when being social. a middle amount and I’m falling asleep on the couch

untuned mass damper (mh), Thursday, 5 September 2019 01:42 (one week ago) link

and it’s probably even more unlikely, but after having some cbd following a week where I had thc, feel like some residual good vibes popped up

untuned mass damper (mh), Thursday, 5 September 2019 01:43 (one week ago) link

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