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maus back

flopson, Friday, 1 September 2017 01:41 (six months ago) Permalink

part of me wishes ppl stopped making music like this and ppl like him and ariel pink would just die or fade into obscurity so that i could compartmentalize it in my mind, maybe eventually be nostalgic about it..... but that song is p good

flopson, Friday, 1 September 2017 01:46 (six months ago) Permalink

maus' music kind of makes me nauseous and puts me in a foul mood and i like it a lot. i'm not sure what other musician does that for me

Karl Malone, Friday, 1 September 2017 01:47 (six months ago) Permalink


calstars, Wednesday, 13 September 2017 00:19 (six months ago) Permalink


Le Bateau Ivre, Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:07 (six months ago) Permalink

WMBTPCOOS has to be one of the most surprisingly enduring albums that I know. I gave it, what I assumed was going to be, a cursory listen when it came out but then ended up buying the record and now I still play it quite regularly

Shat Parp (dog latin), Wednesday, 13 September 2017 10:13 (six months ago) Permalink

Same for me. It's a classic album imo, and it clicked right away with me.

I've only heard the new one once; not sure it will be as classic for me, but it's what he does best and I really enjoy it.

Le Bateau Ivre, Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:19 (six months ago) Permalink

"Your pets will die" ;_;

Le Bateau Ivre, Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:20 (six months ago) Permalink

Touchdown is already a classic for me

octobeard, Tuesday, 19 September 2017 04:57 (six months ago) Permalink

I like the ones that sound like they could have come from the b sides collection , Esp Teenage witch.

And Could there be a connection with Pink's kitchen witch?

calstars, Monday, 25 September 2017 02:29 (five months ago) Permalink

Latter kind of seems like a glammed up version of the former?

calstars, Monday, 25 September 2017 02:30 (five months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Just listening to his latest, "Screen Memories" and I am really enjoying it. It feels like a guilty pleasure. Somehow it reminds me of Lansing-Dreiden as it also succeeds in recreating the new wave sound of the early eighties without aping/cloning it. Usually retro music bores me to death but this is different. He does his own thing and somehow it works. Surprised that there isn't more discussion on him around here.

Ich bin kein Berliner (alex in mainhattan), Tuesday, 31 October 2017 20:10 (four months ago) Permalink

New album's great!! Probably not better than Pitiless Censors but it's definitely more well-produced

josh az (2011nostalgia), Thursday, 2 November 2017 20:20 (four months ago) Permalink

Hell yes, new album rules. IDK if it's actually better than his last records but it's easily my favorite thing he's made.

davey, Thursday, 2 November 2017 20:57 (four months ago) Permalink

Maybe it's because the production is better. Thinking why I had a hard time connecting with previous records of his, the production was probably it

davey, Thursday, 2 November 2017 21:00 (four months ago) Permalink

Also the RA review suggested that the current political climate (of horrors) is a better context for his style of music, and it does feel like a timely record

davey, Thursday, 2 November 2017 21:03 (four months ago) Permalink

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