Colours Beyond Space, Shadows Out Of Time, Whisperers in Darkness: A Thread of Cosmic Horror

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Does 2001 have a place here

i don't think so - while the motives of the aliens behind the monoliths aren't expressed directly they seem pretty keen to help bowman have a good death and then return to earth to move evolution forward for the second time, which suggests a level of care that cthulhu is just not into

frankfurters take on new glamour in this gleaming aspic (bizarro gazzara), Wednesday, 30 August 2017 14:39 (three years ago) link

which is not to suggest that 2001 isn't scary, cuz i find it genuinely unsettling

frankfurters take on new glamour in this gleaming aspic (bizarro gazzara), Wednesday, 30 August 2017 14:40 (three years ago) link

shout-out to The King in Yellow, well used in True Detective

this book is great but I ended up resenting how it got dropped into TD tbh

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 30 August 2017 16:06 (three years ago) link

One detail missing from the Brian Aldiss obituaries was that he coined the term "Shaggy God Stories"

Elvis Telecom, Wednesday, 30 August 2017 23:20 (three years ago) link

Event Horizon i think fits in here, insofar as films go. whether or not you find it successful or even not-terrible (i think it's pretty solid) is another matter.

nomar, Wednesday, 30 August 2017 23:25 (three years ago) link

event horizon is such a frustrating missed opportunity - that cast and production design with a better script and director could have been great

frankfurters take on new glamour in this gleaming aspic (bizarro gazzara), Wednesday, 30 August 2017 23:29 (three years ago) link

David Lynch probably captures the mood of "basic wrongness" the best, but his stuff is dependent on people and their relationships to one another. I'd love to see him take a crack at a Ligotti story, though.

― Devilock, Tuesday, 29 August 2017 18:09

Lynch optioned an adaptation of "Last Feast Of The Harlequin" but I think he would have just been the producer if it had gone ahead.

Robert Adam Gilmour, Thursday, 31 August 2017 01:02 (three years ago) link

Have no idea how you'd create a satisfying Lynch tribute anthology but I'd like to try this book, but I don't have high hopes

Music on the other hand would be quite doable.

Robert Adam Gilmour, Thursday, 31 August 2017 17:58 (three years ago) link

Anyone else spot Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror In Literature in Nanjiani's book pile in The Big Sick? It's the most important piece ever written about horror stories.

Robert Adam Gilmour, Thursday, 31 August 2017 18:29 (three years ago) link

four months pass...

Just realizes H.P. Lovecraft's "Nemesis" has the same meter as Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

— Captain Video (@OurWorldcomic) January 14, 2018

Robert Adam Gilmour, Friday, 19 January 2018 14:27 (three years ago) link

one year passes...

Revive as I've recently started listening to the great Weird Studies podcast, which takes a completely serious analytical approach to aspects of "the weird" in popular culture(topics including Twin Peaks, Philip K Dick, Robert Aickman, Under The Skin, Shirley Jackson etc). It can get a bit heavy into the philosophical side but it's always interesting.

The episode on Crowley and magick is a bit of a headspinner, in which both hosts basically conclude "Yeah, it shouldn't work but it completely does."

Brainless Addlepated Timid Muddleheaded Awful No-Account (Pheeel), Sunday, 14 April 2019 10:01 (two years ago) link

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