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NYC retro in August includes rep picks from Dante, plus The Movie Orgy

helpless before THRILLARY (Dr Morbius), Friday, 22 July 2016 19:17 (five years ago) link

no mention of the forthcoming Matinee BD on Arrow? now I can finally get rid of my uninspiring Pathe DVD. the Blu is encoded for R2 but looks packed to the gills with great stuff; I preordered it along with the remaster of The Human Condition since they're coming out around the same time:

I also managed to get a copy of The Second Civil War (my actual favorite Dante movie ever) for like $8 shipped and it really holds up well. I wonder why HBO doesn't at least make it available to stream on Go or wherever; there's a lot of stuff in year that plays way better in 2016 than it did when I first saw it around 2001ish.

thos beads (jamescobo), Sunday, 31 July 2016 02:38 (five years ago) link

saw Matinee today... JD introduced it and admitted the teenage lead (who's kind of a drip) is basically him. It's lovingly mounted and Goodman is delightful to watch tearing into that producer/huckster role (Cathy Moriarty's deadpan delivery is v funny too), but most of what i found really funny was in Mant! itself. (also the Disneyesque 'shopping cart' movie)

The Hon. J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Dr Morbius), Sunday, 7 August 2016 01:34 (five years ago) link

I seem to recall seeing that in a theater when it was released and having the Mant appear in the aisles of our theater at an appropriate point in the screening.

The Rest Is A Cellarful of Noise (James Redd and the Blecchs), Sunday, 7 August 2016 01:43 (five years ago) link

oh and the secret screening paired with Gremlins last night was Hellzapoppin'!

The Hon. J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Dr Morbius), Sunday, 7 August 2016 17:39 (five years ago) link

three months pass...

Second Civil War is a comedy for these times

Milton Parker, Friday, 25 November 2016 08:32 (five years ago) link

one year passes...

i can confirm that innerspace remains a v entertaining movie and that visual effects oscar was v much deserved

martin short's interiors (bizarro gazzara), Sunday, 13 May 2018 18:49 (three years ago) link

It's been a few years since I've seen it but yeah, it rocks. Very few things are not improved by the presence of Kevin McCarthy, Robert Picardo or Dick Miller, and this movie has 'em all!

incel elgort (cryptosicko), Sunday, 13 May 2018 18:53 (three years ago) link

two months pass...

^tot forgot it was by JD; due for a rewatch, esp w/ small roles for Kathleen Freeman, Dick Miller et al

a Mets fan who gave up on everything in the mid '80s (Dr Morbius), Monday, 23 July 2018 15:17 (three years ago) link

two years pass...

Joe Dante talking about the Psycho remake is my new favorite thing.

— 🏳️‍🌈Kneel Before Cod🏳️‍🌈 (@tj_mackey432) August 2, 2020

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 4 August 2020 21:20 (one year ago) link

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