ILX Plays: Mike Tyson's Punchout for the NES

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popinski. still can't get a single shot in.

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:40 (five years ago) link

i got bored playing glass joe and sat this round out. i think i got to super macho man once up on a time or maybe just saw someone get to him

rap is dad (it's a boy!), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:45 (five years ago) link

gotta love the absurd size of some of these opponents

rap is dad (it's a boy!), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:45 (five years ago) link

alright let's get it on: ILX Plays: The Legend of Zelda for NES

Eugene Goostman (forksclovetofu), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:50 (five years ago) link

I agree with AB. This is nearly a perfect NES game, there's something so satisfying about it and it manages to be super addictive despite its difficulty. I say 'almost' because Tyson was just way way too hard. I remember being so thrilled being able to finally beat Great Tiger and Bald Bull and then get absolutely destroyed by Iron Mike. I never got close to beating him.

frogbs, Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:53 (five years ago) link

it is so much work just to get there. how can you ever figure it out?

the grimes of claire boucher ('90s on) (Sufjan Grafton), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:54 (five years ago) link

this may be the game/thread that convinces me to get a better usb controller

Eugene Goostman (forksclovetofu), Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:56 (five years ago) link

also I think Von Kaiser's head bobbing around as he descends the ring is probably the funniest thing in any NES game

frogbs, Tuesday, 1 December 2015 17:56 (five years ago) link

i got to the Great Tiger on my first quarter. I think I lost because I couldn't remember how to use the stars? How do you use them again?

polyphonic, Tuesday, 1 December 2015 19:21 (five years ago) link

start button i think? very non-intuitive since it so quickly became strictly the pause or inventory screen button in like 95% of games. not that the two middle buttons would have ever really have been much use in non-secondary roles - too hard to move your thumbs over there - but it's interesting to think that if they'd just laid out the controller hardware differently this could have been a real four-button system. wonder what that would have done for game design.

not that having six 'active' buttons turns every super NES game into a rich, complex super-game, but it does open up some possibilities. definitely would have freed you up from soooooooo many now-forgotten titles with frankly bizarre button combinations to accomplish basic things (down + B to climb ladders or whatever).

Doctor Casino, Tuesday, 1 December 2015 20:49 (five years ago) link

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