Resident Evil (4, but we can discuss other versions if you wish)

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anyone going to play The Evil Within? seems very similar to RE4 but with RE1's ammo scarcity + some stealth?

festival culture (Jordan), Tuesday, 14 October 2014 20:16 (five years ago) link

i'm a fan! it's difficult. and not tremendously scary but i see it as more of an arty horror experience. like in the sense that the shining is considered horror, i guess. the level design is A+ and that's mainly what i love about it.

linda cardellini (zachlyon), Tuesday, 14 October 2014 23:27 (five years ago) link

downloading this now. will ride for gamecube re4 til the day i die

adam, Tuesday, 14 October 2014 23:51 (five years ago) link

four years pass...

Anyone play the Resident Evil 2 remake?

change display name (Jordan), Thursday, 7 February 2019 21:09 (one year ago) link

yeah, it fkn rules

Calgary customer Elvis Cavalic (bizarro gazzara), Thursday, 7 February 2019 21:12 (one year ago) link


adam, Thursday, 7 February 2019 21:13 (one year ago) link

Sweet. So is it basically RE4 gameplay + the old-school slow pace and ammo scarcity?

change display name (Jordan), Thursday, 7 February 2019 21:16 (one year ago) link

basically. the pace isn't that slow, leon is as nimble here as he is in re4. backtracking to grab a key or whatever is way less stressful because you can kind of see what's coming and make a run for it instead of falling prey to camera angles.

the level and puzzle design remain as good as ever. i thought the new controls would break the whole thing but it's just sort of recontextualized this virtual space that i've seen in a wholly different way for 20 years.

adam, Thursday, 7 February 2019 21:20 (one year ago) link

I want it

||||||||, Thursday, 7 February 2019 22:36 (one year ago) link

Is the unkillable hulking dude who stalks you through the whole thing as stressful as it seems?

circa1916, Thursday, 7 February 2019 22:43 (one year ago) link

Thinking of watching this on twitch. Can anyone recommend a non annoying streamer?

calstars, Thursday, 7 February 2019 23:03 (one year ago) link

My fave Dark Souls dude is doing it:

change display name (Jordan), Thursday, 7 February 2019 23:31 (one year ago) link


calstars, Friday, 8 February 2019 00:32 (one year ago) link

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