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Really love this now. Took me a little while and it's a bit more throwaway poppy than I originally thought?

kinder, Friday, 11 July 2014 18:19 (seven years ago) link

Cathedral and G# are ace

kinder, Friday, 11 July 2014 18:19 (seven years ago) link

four months pass...

I'm glad I remembered to come back to this album as I start rounding up my year-end favorites. A lot of what's novel about this record (and what makes me like it most) is that she's channeling 80s music that wasn't particularly cool then and is no cooler now. "Like a Stranger," for instance, feels like something by Fiona that would play as the credits roll in a C. Thomas Howell movie.

Johnny Fever, Tuesday, 11 November 2014 19:16 (seven years ago) link

yep! i wish the album were a little more coherent but i basically love what it's doing

emo canon in twee major (BradNelson), Tuesday, 11 November 2014 19:41 (seven years ago) link

one year passes...

new song!!! VERY reminiscent of suede's 'trash' but with more gothy touches

maura, Friday, 12 February 2016 16:01 (five years ago) link

it's exactly Trash (is the first word even Trash)
not a problem

and something else in the verses, something like Bananarama...?

kinder, Friday, 12 February 2016 20:46 (five years ago) link

this song is great

HYPERLINK TO RAP GENIUS (BradNelson), Friday, 12 February 2016 20:57 (five years ago) link

didn't know she'd covered Panic, either (ages ago)

kinder, Sunday, 14 February 2016 23:13 (five years ago) link

three weeks pass...

Getting addicted to Fall On Me. Aside from Trash, the sound/production or something else about it immediately reminded me of Johnny Boy's You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes -- though it's been years since I've heard it so might be faulty memory.

early rejecter, Thursday, 10 March 2016 16:07 (five years ago) link

Another new one, this one does actually sound Smiths-y/ The Cure-y

there's an EP, Heaven or Somewhere in Between

kinder, Tuesday, 15 March 2016 22:00 (five years ago) link

three months pass...

u2's "numb" as a synth pop song with saxophone, or an alt universe new sky ferreira record

who is extremely unqualified to review this pop album (BradNelson), Friday, 8 July 2016 16:04 (five years ago) link

saw kitten on friday night and it was so great! chloe chaidez is one of my favorite lead singers out there right now. also the "g#" to "purple rain" segue made a lot of things click in my head

maura, Sunday, 10 July 2016 23:41 (five years ago) link

three years pass...

unfortunately i'm only checking in after a few years but the new ep is wonderful

american bradass (BradNelson), Friday, 18 October 2019 15:45 (two years ago) link

that's brilliant and i'm immediately going to track down all the no-longer-embedded songs from this thread

ufo, Saturday, 19 October 2019 06:40 (two years ago) link

three weeks pass...

this is still my favorite kitten song, though it's been deleted from most streaming services and the video's gone too :(

american bradass (BradNelson), Monday, 11 November 2019 16:13 (two years ago) link

i've seen the future, and the future is unkind

american bradass (BradNelson), Monday, 11 November 2019 16:16 (two years ago) link

two years pass...

new album is wild

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Thursday, 18 November 2021 00:04 (two months ago) link

'american football' is one of my fav songs of the year

flopson, Thursday, 18 November 2021 00:10 (two months ago) link

there's a new album?

ufo, Thursday, 18 November 2021 00:11 (two months ago) link

personal hotspots, out 12/10

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Thursday, 18 November 2021 00:58 (two months ago) link

i'll look forward to it

ufo, Thursday, 18 November 2021 01:01 (two months ago) link

'american football' is one of my fav songs of the year

― flopson, Thursday, November 18, 2021 12:10 AM (one hour ago) bookmarkflaglink

Likewise! Hyped for this.

Tim F, Thursday, 18 November 2021 01:12 (two months ago) link

ooh. I didn't much like the 'Memphis' stuff.

kinder, Thursday, 18 November 2021 18:54 (two months ago) link

but this is sounding good

kinder, Thursday, 18 November 2021 18:55 (two months ago) link

when I google 'Kitten' "personal hotspots" i only get stuff like this

kinder, Thursday, 18 November 2021 19:00 (two months ago) link

lol i assumed when i got the promo email the album had been announced, sorry 4 the leak

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Thursday, 18 November 2021 19:41 (two months ago) link

after "american football," this is my favorite of the recently-released singles that made the record

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Thursday, 18 November 2021 19:42 (two months ago) link

one month passes...

This album is crazy stupid and I love it

Tim F, Tuesday, 28 December 2021 01:28 (three weeks ago) link

oh i forgot about this

fun album, some wild decisions, like what the hell is "daddy don't take my phone"? but it works

ufo, Tuesday, 28 December 2021 04:03 (three weeks ago) link

Daddy Don't Take My Phone made so much more sense once I that learned it was a Gupi/Umru collab. great album.

fffv, Wednesday, 29 December 2021 03:05 (three weeks ago) link

that makes sense but i'd also have never expected that

ufo, Wednesday, 29 December 2021 03:17 (three weeks ago) link

I feel about 100 years old but is there a CD or download or is it all streaming these days?

kinder, Wednesday, 29 December 2021 10:24 (three weeks ago) link

i don't think there's any sort of physical release (yet?) but there's downloads from itunes, 7digital, etc

ufo, Wednesday, 29 December 2021 10:27 (three weeks ago) link


kinder, Thursday, 30 December 2021 11:29 (three weeks ago) link

Love this. Does it for me better than pale waves if they’re comparable

xheugy eddy (D-40), Thursday, 6 January 2022 05:59 (two weeks ago) link

also loving this. i also love the pale waves album, both probably in my top 5

first time i heard 'do u still love me' i thought 'ok this is just too much of a haim rip' but it really won me over

'american football' is the new mitski 'your best american girl' guitar crash landing from 5,000 ft into the chorus

i enjoyed this interview from a couple years ago. kinda refreshing how transparent they are about angling to 'make it' in the music biz. maybe that's an LA thing

What inspired you while creating this EP?

Chloe Chaidez: We’ve really been inspired by bands from the early 2000s: Smash Mouth, Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda produced “Me.” I think the sound is a product of the internet age. For instance, the lyrics on “Memphis” are a bit chaotic. I think that’s how I take in “content” on a daily basis.

Parker Silzer: When you’ve been doing music for a while like all of us have, you see how music regurgitates itself in 10, 20-year cycles. There was a little bit of calculation on our part of like, ‘We’ve just been living through five, six years of insane ’90s revivalism. We know what’s happening next.’ We all lived through the late ’90s, early 2000s. We know all that music’s coming back. We know if we start incorporating some of those sounds or concepts or visuals now, that’s going to put us in a good place for what’s coming next in music. It also comes from us living through that era and loving it. But then figuring out how to take that assessment of the future of music and combine it with contemporary sound, so it’s not like we’re a revival band. Nobody wants to do that.

to my ears the album strikes a great balance b/w professionalism/chart ambition but also fucking around, they were clearly having a blast going nuts in the studio ('my house', 'daddy don't take my phone')

i'm also super confused by how many bandmembers there are, every photo i've seen of them is a different group of 3-6 ppl lol

flopson, Saturday, 8 January 2022 21:31 (one week ago) link

pale waves feels much more like a retro exercise to me. what I like about this is that the nostalgia here is all mixed up and 'imperfect' rather than 'nailing a sound,' and it coheres because the closest band that this resembles IMO is the 1975 -- not in surface characteristics, its pastiche is pretty different, but in terms of it being a meta-pop act whos lyrics, concepts, concerns speak to the present even while its music taps on different facets of history ready player one style.

its the best 1975-like thing i've heard because its surface distance creatively lets it feel like its own distinct thing, vs all the other 1975 core stuff sounding like an extension of matt healy. 'what year are we in' makes all this stuff explicit, speaking at once to its creative process and to just the state of modern life without talking down to its audience in this kind of dumbed down effort at 'timelessness.' talking about nostalgia is the 'super nintendo, sega genesis' of 2022 or whatever

xheugy eddy (D-40), Saturday, 8 January 2022 21:37 (one week ago) link

pale waves is way more narrow in the sound they target but they do it so well and the songwriting is really strong. (also micro-generationally the first avril album is prime nostalgia real estate to me specifically). beeabadobee ep is the other best 1975-core release this year

vs all the other 1975 core stuff sounding like an extension of matt healy

this is probably due to matt being directly involved in producing or songwriting for the others v.s. this just being an afaik totally unrelated band?

flopson, Saturday, 8 January 2022 21:46 (one week ago) link

sure! I mean I like some of that stuff. I like 'cologne' off the beabadobee a lot. I guess to me this album just felt more substantial/ significant than this other stuff, like its figured out its own path outside his shadow, learning the right lessons etc.

xheugy eddy (D-40), Saturday, 8 January 2022 21:48 (one week ago) link

I’m going to see the @the1975 tomorow. I haven’t seen them since 2013 , SXSW. This shit will be very sentimental thank u @Truman_Black

— KITTEN (@KITTENTHEBAND) February 21, 2020

xheugy eddy (D-40), Saturday, 8 January 2022 21:49 (one week ago) link

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