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what a time

gbx, Wednesday, 2 July 2014 00:47 (five years ago) link

Those were the days.

Sara R-C, Wednesday, 2 July 2014 06:45 (five years ago) link

Oh look, more good Hstngs in the news - guess who one of the 8 MN companies involved in the hobby lobby case was:

"Plaintiffs: Hastings Automotive, Inc., Hastings Chrysler Center, Inc., and Douglas W. Erickson
Location: Hastings
Industry: Retail Auto Sales
Excerpt from the complaint: As part of their Christian faith, Plaintiffs believe that life begins at conception, and it is therefore a grave moral wrong to destroy a human embryo. Consequently, Plaintiffs believe that the use of what are labeled contraceptive, but have an abortifacient effect, is immoral and sinful because they destroy a human life by chemically inducing an abortion."

Everyone is awful except you. Wait, no, you are also awful. (jjjusten), Wednesday, 2 July 2014 14:42 (five years ago) link

yeah I was informed of that by J yesterday, who may or may not have been exuding gigantic waves of "my home town was so much better than yours and someone spraypainted 'nigger' on my parents' garage when I was a kid" while telling me

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Wednesday, 2 July 2014 14:47 (five years ago) link

I am stabbing myself in my eyeballs over everything after reading those last two posts

Sara R-C, Wednesday, 2 July 2014 17:16 (five years ago) link

(work tonight is going to be a challenge, I guess)

Sara R-C, Wednesday, 2 July 2014 17:16 (five years ago) link

Oedipus R-C

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Wednesday, 2 July 2014 17:28 (five years ago) link


It's still possible to laugh in these dire times, yay?!

Sara R-C, Thursday, 3 July 2014 05:48 (five years ago) link

three weeks pass...

I missed an opportunity to dance with Traci Bingham on Monday, BOOOOOOOOO

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Wednesday, 30 July 2014 14:53 (five years ago) link

I'm sad bc I have no clue who that even is.

But I never get to dance with anyone, so

Sara R-C, Friday, 1 August 2014 17:04 (five years ago) link

But hey, I had ice cream post-Joseph last night with Ms. 0, which was totally weird. But kind of fun...?

Also, is there some rule in Hastings that if you do a production of Joseph, Jacob must be played by the one black guy who lives in town? (deX - your singing voice is way better than this guy, although he was ok).

Sara R-C, Friday, 1 August 2014 17:05 (five years ago) link

I gotta say, the new high school's auditorium is HUGE. I've seen several shows there and until there are ten trillion people on the stage you don't realize how HUGE it is. It's crazy.

Sara R-C, Friday, 1 August 2014 17:06 (five years ago) link

hahaha we will see what's up if he ends up playing Action in West Side Story and Max in Sound of Music

HSTNGS-related, one of my pseudo-college* buddies is Director of Choral Activities at Macalester now and recently posted a status update about how he'd taken L1n W4rr3n out to dinner, which I found entirely awesome (jjj this is the dude we met up with at the Russian vodka place)

Traci Bingham dropped out of Harvard to pursue an acting and modeling career and ended up on Baywatch:

* "pseudo" because we never actually overlapped; he was class of 2001

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Friday, 1 August 2014 17:15 (five years ago) link

I don't remember who was in their Sound of Music, but who knows, maybe they will do it again... Next summer is Guys and Dolls. So we're off the hook. For NOW

Sara R-C, Friday, 1 August 2014 17:17 (five years ago) link

Ah, ok, Baywatch. I never managed to watch that. I'm blaming the kids. They are a great scapegoat... I missed xxxx because KIDS.

(But you guys might be able to recognize now that there is a lot of truth in it. They are adorable time sucks!)

Sara R-C, Friday, 1 August 2014 17:19 (five years ago) link

its totally fine to miss baywatch because BAYWATCH tbf

Everyone is awful except you. Wait, no, you are also awful. (jjjusten), Friday, 1 August 2014 17:37 (five years ago) link

I was feeding J last night and started watching Moral Orel, which had him completely enraptured, which led to my first ever "maybe my child shouldn't be watching this" moment

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Friday, 1 August 2014 17:49 (five years ago) link

also John OTM re: Baywatch but OTOH it's kind of awesome seeing that one of the bigger patrons of young artists in town posed for Playboy back in the day

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Friday, 1 August 2014 17:50 (five years ago) link

Could it be... MURDER?!

Sara R-C, Friday, 8 August 2014 06:07 (five years ago) link

My reaction to that whole thing was not even a flutter of surprise. I have no idea if that is extreme cynicism or what.

Had an exasperating shift at the hospital tonight... sigh.

Sara R-C, Friday, 8 August 2014 06:08 (five years ago) link

My all time favorite John statement "stupid people shouldn't breathe" is getting me through the week you guys.

Sara R-C, Friday, 15 August 2014 17:09 (five years ago) link

Vegas rules, you guys

Star Gentle Uterus (DJP), Friday, 15 August 2014 17:34 (five years ago) link

Wait, are you gambling the babiez away???

Sara R-C, Saturday, 16 August 2014 06:20 (five years ago) link

testing username

I approve

stacked as fuck & imposing (DJP), Thursday, 28 August 2014 01:40 (five years ago) link

three months pass...

I miss you guys. LOVED John's video online today on FB.

Hope you are well and enjoying those babies. :)

Sara R-C, Wednesday, 3 December 2014 06:26 (five years ago) link

two weeks pass...

winona, mn c/d?

mookieproof, Friday, 19 December 2014 04:55 (five years ago) link

lol r u moving to winona

gbx, Friday, 19 December 2014 05:21 (five years ago) link

nope. but i have a friend . . . (srsly)

mookieproof, Friday, 19 December 2014 05:25 (five years ago) link

I like the Winona State nursing students who come to help us take care of patients when they do their clinicals... Otherwise I know next to nothing about Winona.

Probably safer than HSTNGS, though, and I believe it is also on the Mississippi...

Sara R-C, Monday, 22 December 2014 06:36 (five years ago) link

one year passes...

is this the most recent HSTNGS thread? oh well, it's worthy of a revive anyway (via MS/subgenius):

its subtle brume (DJP), Friday, 19 February 2016 16:23 (four years ago) link

three months pass...

posted by a high school acquaintance, not as a funny meme they found, but as a thing they actually did

jason waterfalls (gbx), Wednesday, 29 June 2016 18:40 (three years ago) link

Apparently having a wisdom tooth pulled after the age of 40 is the worst fucking idea in the world

volumetric god rays (DJP), Tuesday, 5 July 2016 12:48 (three years ago) link

check out my brother's band

http://porno (DJP), Monday, 18 July 2016 21:01 (three years ago) link

I passed this along to my kids' former kung fu teacher, who is pretty active in the DC/Baltimore music world. It turns out that he knew your brother's singer through the kung fu scene out here! Sadly, he doesn't dig rock music much.

how's life, Tuesday, 19 July 2016 10:53 (three years ago) link

oh wow I just saw this, small world

http://porno (DJP), Friday, 22 July 2016 13:15 (three years ago) link

two weeks pass...

mookieproof, Friday, 5 August 2016 18:40 (three years ago) link


Don't boo, vote (DJP), Friday, 5 August 2016 19:24 (three years ago) link

also this douche is from Cottage Grove, basically he can gtfo of the HSTNGS thread (unless he has weed)

Don't boo, vote (DJP), Friday, 5 August 2016 19:25 (three years ago) link

i cannot get over his accent -- like it's obv very minnesotan but it's also so specifically reminiscent of the local accent

jason waterfalls (gbx), Saturday, 6 August 2016 01:14 (three years ago) link

jergins and i had a layover in MSP on sunday and waved in the direction of hastings.

had i seen the above posts before now, i would have given the finger in the direction of cottage grove. what an a-hole.

lxy, Tuesday, 9 August 2016 17:25 (three years ago) link

i assumed he was a joke candidate at first

esempiu (crüt), Tuesday, 9 August 2016 18:56 (three years ago) link

two months pass...

happy 950th anniversary of the battle of u

mookieproof, Friday, 14 October 2016 14:53 (three years ago) link

three months pass...

I have no place else to put this but the Facebook group for the symphony chorus I used to sing with is currently having a tizzy over negative comments about them on an article announcing their new director; I went to it to see what was being said and, thanks to the time frame being complained about, it reads like "ever since DJP and his wife left, the chorus has gotten progressively worse"

I know that's not at all what was being said but still: lol

ornate orchestral arrangements (DJP), Friday, 3 February 2017 20:26 (three years ago) link

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