springsteen recording pete seeger tribute

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Special Agent Gene Krupa (orion), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:11 (eleven years ago) Permalink

rinktum boddum idga CAMBO

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:14 (eleven years ago) Permalink

... but no ABIYOYO.. :(

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink

No "A Mighty Wind," no credibility.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink

"how can i keep from singing" is going to slay me on the spot, i predict.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink



scott seward (scott seward), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:18 (eleven years ago) Permalink

With Madonna appearing at Coachella, Bruce should now play Terrastock.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:19 (eleven years ago) Permalink

not a great tracklisting. where's "death row"?

Autonomous University of Zacatecas (Jody Beth Rosen), Friday, 3 March 2006 17:29 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Their voices are so, so different. It will be strange to hear those clear, piercing melodies sung w/Bruce's slouchy rasp.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 3 March 2006 18:18 (eleven years ago) Permalink

he's not doing any of pete seeger's "native american tribes of upstate new york" songs?!?!

amateurist0, Friday, 3 March 2006 18:50 (eleven years ago) Permalink

A Bob Seeger tribute would be a million times better.

Huk-L (Huk-L), Friday, 3 March 2006 18:51 (eleven years ago) Permalink

this will pretty much define "dreary" for decades to come. Thanks Brooce.

timmy tannin (pompous), Friday, 3 March 2006 20:50 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I'm so glad to see that people still can't figure out how to spell Bob Seger's name on ILM, it warms the heart somehow.

Matos-Webster Dictionary (M Matos), Friday, 3 March 2006 20:52 (eleven years ago) Permalink

one month passes...
I kinda like this a lot, to my great surprise.

Chuck_Tatum (Chuck_Tatum), Sunday, 23 April 2006 11:47 (eleven years ago) Permalink

six years pass...


Just a video link here of 40.000 Norwegians (including myself) singing the Norwegian (and then, English) version of Pete Seeger's "My Rainbow Race" in Oslo today as a peaceful protest against mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

The Norwegian version, "Barn av Regnbuen" ("Children Of The Rainbow"), was a huge hit for Norwegian singer/songwriter Lillebjørn Nilsen in 1973, topping the Norwegian singles charts for weeks. It has since become established as a singalong staple.
Breivik himself has said in court that he hates this song because it he claims it is a marxist song, being used to brainwash Norwegian children in schools.

So there, some girls on Facebook decided to invite people to sing this song as a protest against Breivik. They hoped for maybe 2.000 people. 40.000 showed up, including Lillebjørn Nilsen himself who sang "lead vocals" and also took the chance to present the English version, as many Norwegians don't realize it is actually a Pete Seeger song.

The GeirBot (Geir Hongro), Thursday, 26 April 2012 22:18 (five years ago) Permalink

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