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what about the Caribbean the other smart went crazy offshot?

matt king, Tuesday, 4 January 2005 23:08 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

what are they like? I think my favorite SWC offshoot so far is still Faraquet. Beauty Pill's album snuck into my top 10 for the year, though, kind of by default.

Al (sitcom), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 00:10 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

it was hovering in my top ten for a while, but the lyrics are kind of weak so i dropped it a few notches.

Turkey versus Eagle, McCauley is my Beagle (Jody Beth Rosen), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 00:14 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

sorry to butt in, but

tony D

tony dennison, Tuesday, 11 January 2005 20:04 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

thirteen years pass...

I was turned onto this by a friend a few years back -- it's such a great record! Funny, sharp songwriting; terrific hooks; songs that tackle political & cultural topics without becoming didactic or overbearing. It hits an "arch indie-pop" sweet spot for me -- all I can really think to compare it to at the moment are a few fairly obscure bands from a decade earlier, like Chevy Heston and Sexy Death Soda; though I'm sure there are better points of reference (the general approach also hits a Red Krayola vein for me, though it doesn't sound anything like them).

It feels to me like a overlooked indie-rock classic... although judging from this somewhat bummer thread, maybe it wasn't overlooked, it just didn't hit most people the way it hits me!

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 21:55 (one year ago) Permalink

think I tried to listen to this but found their new album much more to my taste (and its thread has more posts than this)

imago, Tuesday, 13 March 2018 22:00 (one year ago) Permalink

I gave that one a few listens, but wasn’t feeling it so much. Maybe I’ll try again...

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 22:07 (one year ago) Permalink

Yeah I'm really not hearing the "songs" on the recent (2015) one... that's cool, guess this band has something for everyone!

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 22:27 (one year ago) Permalink

(Postscript: I'm listening to some Red Crayola now; tracks like "An Old Man's Dream" actually aren't too bad a reference point for this album.)

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 23:37 (one year ago) Permalink

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