Twilight Singers

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johnny fever (johnny fever), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 01:32 (sixteen years ago) link

Mmm. I got this today. It's louder then Twilight. Makes me want to get into a horribly dysfunctional relationship like most Dulli albums. I likes.

bnw (bnw), Saturday, 18 October 2003 17:57 (sixteen years ago) link

damnit. I just got a promo copy of the thing today from the radio station. I won't get to hear it until late tonight if then. Damnit!

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Saturday, 18 October 2003 18:40 (sixteen years ago) link

I'm a little disappointed myself. Melodies and lyrics aren't hitting me too strongly, though the Dulli vibe remains. Sounds like the only thing that happened in the last three years was that his roster of collaborators got weaker.

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Sunday, 19 October 2003 18:49 (sixteen years ago) link

two months pass...
one of the best albums dulli has ever made!

adam young, Thursday, 1 January 2004 04:43 (sixteen years ago) link

I like 1969 and the Twilight Singers so much more than anything Dulli did before. Save for a few things on Black Love and some assorted covers.

Colin Beckett (Colin Beckett), Thursday, 1 January 2004 07:32 (sixteen years ago) link

four weeks pass...
i was/am a HUGE whigs fan...wasn't to excited when i heard the earlier twilight singers stuff. However....this album is beautiful. welcome back mr.dulli!

Aaron Rooney, Thursday, 29 January 2004 01:05 (sixteen years ago) link

Well, I posted a thread yesterday asking who else was going to see the Twilight Singers last night, and got no response... so I assume y'all missed it. Which is a crying shame as it was without a doubt the best gig I have seen in years. I went without expecting too much of the new stuff, but Greg fucking rocked the house for two hours, playing a few old Whigs songs, and about the best version of 'Hey Ya!' you could ever imagine, ever.

If anyone is interested, and can tell me how to, I will post a (v blurry) pic...

Mog, Thursday, 29 January 2004 11:24 (sixteen years ago) link

about the best version of 'Hey Ya!' you could ever imagine, ever.

Heh. Sounds like something he'd do.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 29 January 2004 16:28 (sixteen years ago) link

two months pass...
Best album by Dulli hands down..

Stevie Rolson, Monday, 12 April 2004 02:18 (sixteen years ago) link

one year passes...
I was never that much into the Whigs, something about the tinny production always annoyed me, but heard a Twilight Singers song once on the radio, which sounded pleasantly husky and mysterious.
Where should I start?

Baaderonixx weaves a daisy chain for... SATAN!! (baaderonixx), Thursday, 24 November 2005 16:54 (fourteen years ago) link

If you're not into the Whigs, start with Twilight As Played By The... - very much a deliberate departure from the rock/soul mode, half recorded with Happy Chichester & Shawn Smith, then finished with Fila Brazilia after a falling out.

kit brash (kit brash), Thursday, 24 November 2005 20:33 (fourteen years ago) link

five years pass...

"tinny production" + Afghan Whigs? Were you listening to 20th generation dubs on beat up cassette tapes? The major label albums, at least, have a really warm low end.

Anyway, new Twilight Singers album just leaked. Haven't listened yet.

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 22 January 2011 05:23 (nine years ago) link

FYI, if you preorder it on you get to hear a stream of the album. The leak is someone's recording of that stream.

StanM, Saturday, 22 January 2011 05:59 (nine years ago) link

Can't wait to hear this, I think I"m the only person alive who likes Twilight Singers more than the Afghan Whigs.

thirdalternative, Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:38 (nine years ago) link

i wouldn't go that far, but my fav. album by either band is probably Blackberry Belle

ilxor, Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:44 (nine years ago) link

I just hope it's more crooning r&b then him trying to rock out.

bnw, Saturday, 22 January 2011 16:26 (nine years ago) link

I only hope there's nothing on there about vampires.

StanM, Saturday, 22 January 2011 16:32 (nine years ago) link

he has kind of overplayed that card

bnw, Saturday, 22 January 2011 16:39 (nine years ago) link

oh wait you meant... n/m

bnw, Saturday, 22 January 2011 16:40 (nine years ago) link

new record is completely fucking massive.

Brad Nelson (BradNelson), Saturday, 22 January 2011 23:13 (nine years ago) link

the artwork.

Brad Nelson (BradNelson), Saturday, 22 January 2011 23:14 (nine years ago) link

it's sort of paced like blackberry belle, by which i mean: excellently. i think a lot of effort was put into the sound of this thing, which, dulli knows how to carry a mood, definitely, but sonically this record is a terrifying dark current. don't really know what i'm trying to say. still in awe.

Brad Nelson (BradNelson), Saturday, 22 January 2011 23:17 (nine years ago) link

yesssssss i am so pumped for this!!!

ilxor, Sunday, 23 January 2011 02:13 (nine years ago) link

i thought the gutter twins album was monstrous, so

ilxor, Sunday, 23 January 2011 02:14 (nine years ago) link

This is some good shit, liking it more and more with each listen.

thirdalternative, Tuesday, 25 January 2011 00:59 (nine years ago) link

eight years pass...

Blackberry Belle is the best thing in the world to me today, such a wonderful shoegaze soul sound that doesn't sound like anything else at all

ufo, Tuesday, 10 September 2019 12:40 (eight months ago) link

lol @ me overrating dynamite steps itt

american bradass (BradNelson), Tuesday, 10 September 2019 13:07 (eight months ago) link

gentlemen -> black love -> twilight/1965 -> blackberry belle is a hell of a run

american bradass (BradNelson), Tuesday, 10 September 2019 13:07 (eight months ago) link

yeah dulli's peak period was seriously incredible

"teenage wristband" is a perfect song

ufo, Tuesday, 10 September 2019 13:27 (eight months ago) link

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