Why the hate for Sigur Ros?

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oops ok sorry substitute the word 'great' for the far more sensational 'brilliant,' then. Satisfied?

roger adultery (roger adultery), Saturday, 26 February 2005 04:51 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Look closer at the word after "brilliant".

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Saturday, 26 February 2005 05:01 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i can mostly take or leave them but i Do love "Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa" (over "Svefn..." anyway).

jed_ (jed), Saturday, 26 February 2005 13:39 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"Olsen Olsen" is nice.

Anyone Who Can Pick Up A Frying Pan Pwns Death (AaronHz), Saturday, 26 February 2005 13:45 (twelve years ago) Permalink

haha julio used to be so ANGRY!!

mark s (mark s), Saturday, 26 February 2005 13:46 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i don't hate them anymore. they just leave me completely cold now. i have given the cd away to a friend btw. somehow she liked them in the beginning but she kind of understood my pov and likes them less now...

alex in mainhattan (alex63), Saturday, 26 February 2005 14:11 (twelve years ago) Permalink

aaaw good for you...


Rizz (Rizz), Saturday, 26 February 2005 14:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Where is Sigur Ros?

new album out this year for all you fans of good music

Rizz (Rizz), Saturday, 26 February 2005 14:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

actually i know now the main reason why i hated them so much. there seemed to be a magical mystery behind their music at first listen. when i found out that it was all fabric softener for the ears i felt cheated. they fucked with my feelings.

alex in mainhattan (alex63), Saturday, 26 February 2005 14:18 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Noodling= a groove that goes nowhere and is just there to fill up space (just like concrete) is produced?

RJG (RJG), Saturday, 26 February 2005 14:19 (twelve years ago) Permalink

haha julio used to be so ANGRY!!

I can actually imagine him saying all of the stuff on this thread with a broad un-malicious smile, though!

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Saturday, 26 February 2005 15:07 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i know sean!! he is KING of "oh i get it, sweetheart not git" when you meet him in person

mark s (mark s), Saturday, 26 February 2005 15:11 (twelve years ago) Permalink

a piece of music can be interesting and even satisfying and not be a 'great song.' "Suzanne," "Thirteen," and "Tell Me Why" are great songs. "Four Violins," Disintegration Loops" and "Jerusalem" are all very awesome and amazing but not "great" "songs," ya dig what um sayin?

when did roger turn into Geir?

kyle (akmonday), Saturday, 26 February 2005 17:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Come on, Sigur Ros are just the Cocteau Twins without the annoying vocals.

Ferlin Husky (noodle vague), Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:08 (twelve years ago) Permalink


Ferlin Husky (noodle vague), Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:10 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i like a.b. but was never all that hot on ().

polyphonic (polyphonic), Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:12 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"Four Violins," Disintegration Loops" and "Jerusalem" are all very awesome and amazing but not "great" "songs,"

to the first two, yes, they are not songs nor were they ever meant to be, you couldnt play them on an acoustic guitar, yr right. Jerusalem however is a very great song indeed - whether you can play it well on the piano (and i'm sure you could) does not affect that.

jed_ (jed), Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:41 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Does the acoustic guitar rule count on non-Western musics? Those crazy Chinese can't write songs for shit then, Roger?

Ferlin Husky (noodle vague), Saturday, 26 February 2005 18:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

from The Complete Idiot's Guide To Music Theory:

Song A song, in classical music, is a short and self-contained piece for one or more voices; it can be accompanied or not, and either sacred or secular in nature. In popular music, however, just about any musical composition (vocal or instrumental) is called a song.

Anyone Who Can Pick Up A Frying Pan Pwns Death (AaronHz), Saturday, 26 February 2005 19:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

I'm a big fan. Loved them the first time I heard them, just before ágætis byrjun came out, ( ) is one of my 5 favouritest albums ever, Takk took a while to grow on me but I now totally get it.

I saw the screening + acoustic set they did in Ghent of the DVD they've got coming out next week, it's stunningly breathtaking ( trailer here: http://www.heimafilm.com ), the Hvarf/Heim reworkings are superb ( listen here: http://www.myspace.com/sigurros ) - more info about Heima/Hvarf/Heim here: http://sigur-ros.co.uk/band/disco/heima.php

I understand the hate, on paper/in theory I should hate them too, I shouldn't like anything about them, but it just works and I love them.

ok, start hating again, everyone :-(

StanM, Monday, 29 October 2007 06:58 (ten years ago) Permalink

I don't hate them. When anyone asks me to name some of my favourite artists, I always (always!) forget about Sigur Rós, but usually when I'm alone and in a certain pensive mood for which even Radiohead are too upbeat (ha!) and Joy Division are too heavy-dark, I'll rediscover something like "Starálfur" or "Olsen Olsen" or "Njósnavélin" or "Glósóli" etc., and be half-pleasantly, half-unsettlingly transported again into a half-world of ambient orchestral underground caverns in which the very twisted columns are built from crystalline sugar -- granted, haha -- but which also deflect, reflect and echo some kind of ebbing, flowing hesitant/grandiose beauty.

So yeah, at times, I really do like and even love Sigur Rós, recognising the "pretentious noodling" tag as being really very ridiculous indeed. I.e./ they're not noodling at all and who the fuck cares about pretentious?

Lostandfound, Monday, 29 October 2007 07:27 (ten years ago) Permalink

I suppose I should also say I've been a long-time Yes and Cocteau Twins fan (respectively, from Close To The Edge and Garlands onward, really) so much so that so-called whale music has never been alien to me. It's a definite prog streak that, if you're not onboard with it, precludes you from loving the Icelandic chamber music (cosmic inflation-collapse) Sigur Rós specialise in. They're hit and miss in terms of timing and pacing and all that subjective shite, though. F'rinstance right now I'm listening to a song by them called "Flugufrelsarinn" and it's taken waaa-aaa-aay too long to reach the sublime payoff before dissipating waaa-aaa-ay too quickly. Although undoubtedly painfully gorgeous while it lasted.

Lostandfound, Monday, 29 October 2007 07:41 (ten years ago) Permalink

Why the hate people?
-- Gregg, Monday, March 11, 2002 7:00 PM (5 years ago) Bookmark Link

Because it's ambient noodling for fuck's sake. Use your ears.
-- Julio desouza, Monday, March 11, 2002 7:00 PM (5 years ago) Bookmark Link

One of my favorite immediate answers to an ILM thread, ever ^^^

As for the band -- wouldn't say I'm a fan, don't own anything they've done, don't love em or hate em. Sigur Ros is just one of those indie institutions (so to speak) that is perpetually overrated by the kids who haven't found artists who have done/are doing what Sigur Ros is doing, but infinitely better.

stephen, Monday, 29 October 2007 08:13 (ten years ago) Permalink

Yeah, this is a critical and undervoiced position: Agaetis Byrjun versus "Blue Skied and Clear." I'm really not one for the whole "someone did that ten years ago so it's not good now" arguments, but I suspect that on some level this is why Sigur Ros strike me as good but inessential.
-- [ban me], Monday, March 11, 2002 7:00 PM (5 years ago) Bookmark Link

[ban me] OTM, as usual, waaaaaay upthread.

(Going back to that "is there any good music writing left?" thread: Is [ban me] currently writing for anyone? Last saw a Pfork review by him at least a year ago, can't recall much else. Love his writing though, and generally agree with his tastes.)

stephen, Monday, 29 October 2007 08:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

(...why was N*tsuh changed to [ban me]??)

stephen, Monday, 29 October 2007 08:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

lets cyberfuck

Curt1s Stephens, Monday, 29 October 2007 08:49 (ten years ago) Permalink


stephen, Monday, 29 October 2007 09:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

Sigur Ros may be the only act on the ILM hate list that does not write traditional verse-chorus-based songs.

Geir Hongro, Monday, 29 October 2007 10:55 (ten years ago) Permalink

their albums can be kind of dull but they were amazing live a few years back, i was shocked. i think they work much better in a live setting, surprisingly.

akm, Monday, 29 October 2007 13:05 (ten years ago) Permalink

I don't know how I feel about them, but I will say that they've never really sounded at all like anything anyone on ILM has compared them to. Their layers of vocals that distort as they grow louder really don't sound anything like the Cocteau Twins or any shoe-gazing band. Like it or hate it, it's definitely its own thing.

filthy dylan, Monday, 29 October 2007 13:18 (ten years ago) Permalink

Agaetis Byrjun was pretty good, I thought, but ( ) was better. I also thought they were pretty amazing live when I saw them maybe 4 years ago. Heard bits and pieces of Takk but it never really stuck.

I think the hate towards them often just amounts to kind of silly, knee-jerk reactions - "fuckin new age innit?!?" "fuckin ambient prog noodling" bla bla, come on guys. There is plenty of great stuff that could be saddled with the new age or prog labels, and shouting those labels was/is never a good substitute for decent criticism. That said I suppose the hate is just backlash towards the hyperbolic praise given to them from the indie press, and now I guess from the NPR crowd.

But decent enough ambient/post-rock band, even if there are a few songs that sound a little syrupy.

Mark Clemente, Monday, 29 October 2007 13:45 (ten years ago) Permalink

Pulled from the Stylus archives today, in the Bluffer's Guide to Stylus retrospective:

Haiku Marathon 2005 (Stylus Staff)
Sigur Ros
Just one step away
From being Enya, you daft
Secret hippy scum!

stephen, Monday, 29 October 2007 15:42 (ten years ago) Permalink

M83 are similar in some ways (large swelling orchestral cosmic ambience). I don't listen to NPR so maybe I've missed the backlash urge. (I'm not American.)

But, regardless, they sometimes hit heights of beauty that cause me to lose control of my entire skin. Which, for the most part, means they are a lot better than the ILM massive has traditionally given them credit for -- there was one poster who always, always posted on Sigur Rós threads and completely took the fucking piss out of them to the extent that any casual observer would think they were utterly dismissed here, which was not altogether fair.

Lostandfound, Tuesday, 30 October 2007 08:30 (ten years ago) Permalink

(i.e. Search "Sigur Rós" and you'll see one name crop up consistently... in a negative way, obv.)

Lostandfound, Tuesday, 30 October 2007 08:32 (ten years ago) Permalink

my boss listening to these guys on high volume this morning. i don't liek!

carne asada, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:21 (ten years ago) Permalink

Caught their BBC Electric Proms performance the other night; seem to remember enjoying the record on first few listens, but live they seemed to expose the song for what it really was; i.e. no real backbone, in other words, what [ban me] mentioned at the start of the thread.

tissp, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:39 (ten years ago) Permalink

it sounds like new age crap. is that waht they were going for?

carne asada, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:58 (ten years ago) Permalink

Ok then, but don't let their music put you off from viewing Heima, the views of Iceland are breathtaking (and it may add something to the music as well).

StanM, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 16:41 (ten years ago) Permalink


StanM, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 16:43 (ten years ago) Permalink

Oh come on. I'm a big fan, but this is WAY over the top, anonymous (why?) writer:

"To make all this a bit more concise: Sigur Rós are arguably the best music band in the world today."


StanM, Thursday, 1 November 2007 12:26 (ten years ago) Permalink

Well sure, they might be the best music band, but that's only one of like how many kinds of bands?

call all destroyer, Thursday, 1 November 2007 14:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

There's a trailer I keep seeing at the moment for a BBC4 documentary about photography, which uses a track I'm sure must be by Sigur Ros because it's got those eeeeeeoooooooooooooeeeeeeeee vocals. But it's loud, and quite fast, and I like it. Can anyone ID it?

JimD, Thursday, 1 November 2007 15:17 (ten years ago) Permalink

Rubber? Don't think they're the most elastic. (xpost)

Is it online somewhere, Jim? Can't get 4 over here :-(

StanM, Thursday, 1 November 2007 15:31 (ten years ago) Permalink

sigur ros now seem to exist solely for the purposes of providing music for bbc documentaries

tissp, Thursday, 1 November 2007 15:41 (ten years ago) Permalink

so? even if it were true.

StanM, Thursday, 1 November 2007 15:49 (ten years ago) Permalink

Can't find it online I'm afraid. The show is called "The Genius of Photography".

JimD, Thursday, 1 November 2007 15:55 (ten years ago) Permalink


Hmm. I would be very surprised if it wasn't them, but I don't recognise the track. And I thought I had everything :-/

StanM, Thursday, 1 November 2007 16:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

Duh. It's the final bit of Svo Hljótt, from "Takk..." (2005)

StanM, Thursday, 1 November 2007 16:13 (ten years ago) Permalink

Hmm. Remix perhaps? Or something from here?


oh, xpost. ace! Thanks. :)

JimD, Thursday, 1 November 2007 16:14 (ten years ago) Permalink

so? even if it were true.

so nothing. just making an observation, wasn't a comment on their music.

tissp, Thursday, 1 November 2007 18:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

I looooooooooooved Sigur Rós circa 2001 - 2005 (the rooftop scene at the end of Vanilla Sky was my gateway). I also fell off hard after Takk, which I really liked. By the time the next record came out (2008?), their shtick and post-rock's schtick in general had already been completely exhausted and started showing up everywhere in movies, tv, commercials... proto-"epiphany core" music defined by Arcade Fire's "Wake Up." it was just like grunge, there was only so much you could do with epic quiet-loud-quiet instrumental rock. Same thing happened for me with Explosions in the Sky - I adored The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, but the 2007 record was in one ear out the other for me. They're another band that was liscened a lot.

flappy bird, Sunday, 23 July 2017 23:29 (four months ago) Permalink

yeah flappy bird, well said

Week of Wonders (Ross), Sunday, 23 July 2017 23:30 (four months ago) Permalink

lol didn't mean to italicize EITS...

also i gotta stick up for ( ), the first song and the one that was in Vanilla Sky are my favorite Sigur Rós songs. But R.A.G. is right - Jonsi recycles the same vocal melody and made up lines on the back half of the album. It's not that I don't dig him singing in a made up language - just that he's singing the same made-up phrase with similar inflection and melody on half the record.

xp thanks

flappy bird, Sunday, 23 July 2017 23:32 (four months ago) Permalink

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