Xanadu Soundtrack!!

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Bimble Is Still More Goth Than You, Saturday, 12 April 2008 07:26 (nine years ago) Permalink

my siblings and I used to take our record player down to our unfinished basement and setup our own roller skating rink, complete with cheapo strobe lights we had bought at Spencers. Xanadu was the album of choice (along with the Muppet Movie soundtrack). Then my parents had the basement redone as a family room, and the fun times were gone.

sparkletuna, Saturday, 12 April 2008 11:59 (nine years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

Every time I open this record it cracks me up that they included a photo of the writer of "Magic."

dream words & nightmare paragraphs from a red factory in a dead town (Abbbottt), Saturday, 18 February 2012 00:51 (five years ago) Permalink

TEH SEX indeed. I'm gonna regret this, but yeah, that's me:


Fastnbulbous, Saturday, 18 February 2012 15:46 (five years ago) Permalink

The guitar sound on 'Magic' makes me feel crazy.

Axolotl with an Atlatl (Jon Lewis), Saturday, 18 February 2012 16:42 (five years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

a while back, I got very very hung up on the title track: Jeff Lynne = Benny & Bjorn; 'Liv = Agnetha and Frida.

So I went in search of the best performance of the tune I could find. The below is my choice: I wept with joy when I found it.


veronica moser, Saturday, 14 April 2012 22:10 (five years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

HAVE TO BElieve we are MAgic

pilate is my cogod (Crabbits), Tuesday, 12 May 2015 04:52 (two years ago) Permalink

love that this lp is labelled 'elo side' and 'onj side'
like u know
they are both gnna be good but diff sides
like that rekkid i have that is the turtles on one side & the association on the other

pilate is my cogod (Crabbits), Tuesday, 12 May 2015 04:56 (two years ago) Permalink


i don't know shit about the tubes but this clip makes me pine for some day where a band could have 35 guitarists pulling the same moves. not listening to but maybe doing it – seems like a pretty good living if you don't mind doing some drugs past bedtime

pilate is my cogod (Crabbits), Tuesday, 12 May 2015 04:58 (two years ago) Permalink

kinda want her over-the-knee length wrap dress
seems v glam + pratcical

pilate is my cogod (Crabbits), Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:01 (two years ago) Permalink

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