platinum pied pipers/sa-ra/the new downbeat-rnb thing: why don't i like this stuff more?

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this thread title is stolen from right out of my head; i was thinking the exact same thing while listening to the ppr record last night and again this morning. the phrase "wash over me" is pretty accurate - i think i like the way the sounds fit together but i have a hard time finding anything to hang on to. im comforted by the fact that i once felt this way about amp fiddler and (way back in the day), bodily functions, both of which i now love. i think maybe my best hope is the plant life record; ive only given it 3-4 listens but i remember thinking it sounded very promising.

mark p (Mark P), Monday, 16 May 2005 18:45 (twelve years ago) Permalink

For Me:
Sa-Ra > Peven Everett > Amp Fiddler > PPP

I love that Sa-Ra tour CDr that is going around, here's to hoping they don't fuck with the formula too much on their upcoming studio disc.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Monday, 16 May 2005 19:42 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"so yeah, i'm absolutely in love with this stuff. but it seems i'm one of the only ones. i think most of it is that one of my all time favorite artists is Jay Dee and i'm always looking for people trying to replicate his sound."

how many sub-jay dee beats and programming can anyone take though? i hear that sound of his in so many underground producers, i just want them to move past that mellowness, that stacatto drum pattern, and that 'this could be slum village couldnt it?!' mood music.

"i mentioned in the Sa Ra thread how the major complaint of these guys is lack of songwriting, but i just don't even understand what that means. i mean, there's a beat, a chord progression (or not, but a lot of the jazz i love is only one chord, and NEU!). there are vocals, there's sometimes a hook. i mean, coming from someone who loves jungle and dance music, how can you expect it in this genre, but not in that. are you an r'n'b-ist?"

but this doesnt come from jungle and dance, it comes from soul, R&b and hip hop. id say these guys grew up on hip hop, then are trying their hand on R&b and soul type stuff, and it shows in the songwriting, cos its pretty static and mechanical. they havent quite understood that not all music is made like hip hop is. the problem i have with ppp and sa-ra is a lot of their music lacks any sort of momentum, it just glides along, or jogs along, and never really goes anywhere. its all about maintaining a vibe rather than developing a song as such. kinda like a hip hop beat and someone singing rap lyrics. the songs with georgia (i think) on the ppp album are the absolute pits cos of this. shes just rambling on barely strung together words that sound like they should be rapped instead of sing. and the funny thing is that despite their reactionary dissing of neo soul, theyre still close to that sound with their mellowness, their tranquility and their songlessness. (btw, sa ra are not peppermints and incense, lyrically speaking - people should listen closer).

all that said, sa-ra do have a few good songs to their credit, only about 3 or 4 though.

ppp, Monday, 16 May 2005 20:03 (twelve years ago) Permalink

four months pass...

Sa-Ra have a new single/mini-compilation of their production work for Pharaoh Monche, J Dilla and Steve Spacek out now, called "Second Time Around." It is- como se dice?- fucking awesome. And apparently Kanye's signed them- if I hear "Glorious" or "Double Dutch" on mainstream pop radio I will be orgasmically happy.

Telephone thing, Tuesday, 4 October 2005 02:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i heard that new EP of theirs
its shit, pretty much
double dutch and shimmy shimmy and songs like that are great, they should be big hits, but the rest of their stuff is really hit and miss, too much
that new ep sounds like its too in between commercial R&B/hip hop and funkier underground stuff
they need to take a few more greater risks

okok, Tuesday, 4 October 2005 11:16 (twelve years ago) Permalink

three months pass...
sort of slow on the uptake here ... but anyway ...

waajeed live on deviation (bbc 1xtra)

1. diverse - aint right
2. platinum pied pipers - try me
3. jonny miller - everyday
4. teddy seven - steady
5. alison crockett - U R (yam who? remix)
6. leroy hutson - love this feeling (moodymann reedit)
7. metal fingers - orange blossom instrumental
8. platinum pied pipers ft elleuud - one to love you
9. waajeed - vangelis
10. slum village - la la
11. jay dee - guitar
12. jay dee - it's dope
13. jay dee - kaamal
14. sa ra creative partners - glorious
15. fourtet - serious as your life (jay dee remix ft guilty simpson)
16. wajeed - untitled beat
17. platinum pied pipers - better days
18. waajeed - tron
19. theo parrish - musical metaphors
20. amp fiddler - superficial (moodymann remix)
21. urban tribe - covert action
22. galaxy 2 galaxy - journey of the dragons
23. wajeed - tron
24. rhythim is rhythim - it is what it is
25. dego & kaidi tatham - ain't nothing you can't feel
26. dabrye - you know the formula right
27. brandy - turn it up

killer set, esp if you're feeling the whole jay-dee-meets-detroit-techno sort of vibe.

hold tight for the YSI.

vahid (vahid), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:41 (twelve years ago) Permalink

needless to say i like this stuff now.

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:42 (twelve years ago) Permalink

and god that looks good. plz tell me it fits on a cd.

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:45 (twelve years ago) Permalink


adamrl (nordicskilla), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:50 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I tried making a mix of some sa ra/jay dee stuff and then adding moodymann/parrish and some straight up Teedra-style rnb, but it didn't sound quite right.

adamrl (nordicskilla), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:53 (twelve years ago) Permalink

fits on 2CDs (cause it's a 2hr radio show). the person i slsk'd it off was kind enough to track it, too! so you can start the 2nd disc @ sa-ra's "glorious" and you have a nice 2cd set.

anyway before we get to the YSI:


it's hard to love this shit when it's SLSKed in the form of hastily-assembled "bootleg"/"unreleased" mp3 folders on random people's. i especially had this problem w/ sa-ra. i don't want to hear a 20 track "compilation" that's 1/3rd intros/skits and 1/3rd studio outtakes and random beat compositions.

on the other hand, hearing it in mixed form w/ benji b and waajeed's heartwarming collegial chatter over the top ... OMGs all around. why have i been sleeping on PPP?!?!

vahid (vahid), Friday, 13 January 2006 22:57 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i was surprised that i didn't hear more about that plant life album when it came out cuz there was some good stuff on there.

scott seward (scott seward), Friday, 13 January 2006 23:00 (twelve years ago) Permalink

xpost - dude, meet me for lunch, you can have my PPP cd

plantlife is gooood.

jaxon (jaxon), Friday, 13 January 2006 23:01 (twelve years ago) Permalink

gah this YSI is taking AGES

(any idea how long 164 mb should take on 802.11g broadband?)

well, expect it by ... tomorrow, at the latest.

vahid (vahid), Friday, 13 January 2006 23:52 (twelve years ago) Permalink


vahid (vahid), Saturday, 14 January 2006 01:40 (twelve years ago) Permalink

much appreciated

adamrl (nordicskilla), Saturday, 14 January 2006 01:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

That Diverse song is so dope. I'll check this out.

deej.. (deej..), Saturday, 14 January 2006 02:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Thx dude.

Jordan (Jordan), Saturday, 14 January 2006 02:19 (twelve years ago) Permalink


vahid (vahid), Sunday, 15 January 2006 02:31 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i haven't listened to this. i'll listen to it on the way to work on tuesday and report back.

would you be at all interested in a DJ Houseshoes mix? he's a detroit dj who specializes in all this stuff. the beats are all fantastic, but (honestly) the mcs are kinda backpackery. i can upload if wanted

jaxon (jaxon), Sunday, 15 January 2006 02:50 (twelve years ago) Permalink

gah stop bumping it until i get to work on monday so i can download it!!

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Sunday, 15 January 2006 03:07 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Damn, it's dead.

Patrick South (Patrick South), Sunday, 15 January 2006 04:21 (twelve years ago) Permalink

ok i will re-up when strongo sez i can.

(poor strongo - working on dead president's day?)

vahid (vahid), Sunday, 15 January 2006 04:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

the press never sleeps vahid.

(p.s. thnx dude)

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Sunday, 15 January 2006 06:24 (twelve years ago) Permalink


cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 15:17 (twelve years ago) Permalink

vahid (vahid), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:14 (twelve years ago) Permalink

you're a good man

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i listened to most of it on the bus this morning. getting into the techno area of the broadcast so i turned it off for a sec. this is pretty old huh? they played that jaydee/fourtet remix that's been out for a long time and wajeed hadn't even heard of it. and the PPP album hadnt' even been made yet.

i think i've heard most everything that they played. the coolest parts were the interviews and hearing that Amp Fiddler taught Jay Dee how to use the MPC. i've got the amp fiddler album, but i never really got into it. i should go back and give it another chance now

jaxon (jaxon), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:37 (twelve years ago) Permalink


Sororah T Massacre (blueski), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:40 (twelve years ago) Permalink

yeah it's quite old ... november 2003!

vahid (vahid), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:52 (twelve years ago) Permalink

still, it's a good place to catch up

vahid (vahid), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:52 (twelve years ago) Permalink

how much does this song sound like it could have been a jay dee beat?

Weather Report - River People

xpost - yeah, it's a really good show. i do appreciate it.

jaxon (jaxon), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:54 (twelve years ago) Permalink

this shit better still be around when i get home

i love that diverse album

,, Tuesday, 17 January 2006 17:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Anyone out there have a copy of Woebot's Sa-Ra CDR they'd care to YSI?

Crocus Behemoth (modern dance), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:01 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i'm not sure what cdr woebot has, but back in may on this thread i posted a link to probably what he's talking about. it's the first place i heard about SaRa (and became addicted). 20 or so tracks.

link's still active.

jaxon (jaxon), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

It amazes me that the good Woebot would embrace something championed well over a year earlier by Straight No Chaser and Gilles Peterson.

Andy_K (Andy_K), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:21 (twelve years ago) Permalink

And Pépé Bradock -- wait, it's a trend!

What next, Ursula Rucker?

Andy_K (Andy_K), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:23 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Thanks for the link, Jaxon.

Crocus Behemoth (modern dance), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:41 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Here's Woebot on the subject of Sa Ra:

Crocus Behemoth (modern dance), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 18:42 (twelve years ago) Permalink

haha i just saw that pepe bradock post! i had never seen those sleeves before (curse of mp3 culture, cough cough). they're pretty hideous, though delightfully unexpected given that i kind of expected mirrored sunglasses and tanned bodies.

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 20:54 (twelve years ago) Permalink

he missed my favorite.

vahid (vahid), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 20:59 (twelve years ago) Permalink


cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 21:00 (twelve years ago) Permalink

that kinda reminds me of the scene in alien where they're dissecting the face hugger after it's detached from ash

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 21:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink

okay, as a present, here's dj language's art of customization mix from last year. spacek/sa-ra/jay dee/stones throw/random soul bits/a little broken towards the end/demo mix of ayers' "sunshine"/etc. i'll try to find the sleeve when i get home so i can do a tracklist since i cant find any info about this anywhere online.

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Tuesday, 17 January 2006 22:07 (twelve years ago) Permalink

anyone? anyone? bueller?

cancer prone fat guy (dubplatestyle), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 01:34 (twelve years ago) Permalink

omg people, did you listen to my weather report upload?

jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 01:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

thx strongo!

art of customization

1. Dollar - Steve Spacek
2. Now or Never - Platinum Pied Pipers
3. Hideyaface [Instrumental] - Prefuse 73
4. I Don't Care - Black Spade
5. Simply So [Sa-Ra Remix] - GB, Steve Spacek
6. Glorious - Sa-Ra Creative Partners
7. The Hop - Radio City
8. Reverible Top - Steve Spacek
9. Time Has Come - Exile, Slum Village
10. Can't Hold On - M.E.D.
11. Broad Factor - Quasimoto
12. Listen - Black Spade, Darien Brockington
13. Move, Pt.2 - Daz-I-Kue
14. Show Me the Way [Seiji Remix] - Zap Mama
15. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [Demo Version] - Roy Ayers

vahid (vahid), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 04:00 (twelve years ago) Permalink

oh, while this thread is open, for anyone that might care, the new Daybre (remixes etc) sux. it's really boring. there's one good beat that's RUINED by terrible vocals. luckily there's an instrumental version of that song.

jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 04:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I listened to the Weather Report track, thx Jaxon. Best handclaps on a fusion record ever?

Jordan (Jordan), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 05:46 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i was only kidding about really wanting to know if people listened to that track. i was mainly making fun of jess and vahid. it's a good song though, huh?

jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 06:58 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I could not get into the new record at all.

The Screaming Lobster of Challops (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 25 March 2009 14:09 (eight years ago) Permalink

aw, i loved abundance. especially the karma stewart numbers, "on a cloud" is fierce as fuck

Leif ericsonned (k3vin k.), Wednesday, 25 March 2009 15:16 (eight years ago) Permalink

new ppp is way better than old ppp. but even then, i like it, but it can seem like its trying to do too much at once.

Yellow Carded (titchyschneiderMk2), Wednesday, 25 March 2009 15:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

Abundance is all right, but Triple P is a lot better imo. All the great personalities that were present on the first record got shafted in favor of anono-soulers.

The-Reverend (rev), Wednesday, 25 March 2009 23:23 (eight years ago) Permalink

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