The secret blitw: Serie A 2013/14

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Stunner in off the post from Pogba, 3-0

Ismael Klata, Sunday, 10 November 2013 21:22 (six years ago) link

one month passes...

Roma taking a comprehensive shoeing tonight - 3-0, two men sent off, unbeaten record obliterated, the works. Juventus looked immaculate from the bit I saw, quite how they contrived to get knocked out the CL I have no idea.

Ismael Klata, Sunday, 5 January 2014 22:09 (six years ago) link

yeah, FUCK YOU de Rossi

Number None, Sunday, 5 January 2014 22:53 (six years ago) link

boy is his face red tonight

Ismael Klata, Sunday, 5 January 2014 23:10 (six years ago) link

Is today a holiday in Italy? Bemused to find Napoli-Samp. on right now. 60 mins gone so must have kicked off at 11.30. Napoli 1-0 up but Gabbiadini has just hit the post for Samp.

pandemic, Monday, 6 January 2014 12:51 (six years ago) link

Mertens free-kick, poor goalkeeping. 2 nil Naples.

pandemic, Monday, 6 January 2014 12:54 (six years ago) link

Epiphany, no?

Ramnaresh Samhain (ShariVari), Monday, 6 January 2014 13:02 (six years ago) link

napoli have been rampant these last ten mins.

Reina not in goal. Injured? Dropped?

pandemic, Monday, 6 January 2014 13:02 (six years ago) link

Ah yes. So it is SV. I know v little about religious holidays.

pandemic, Monday, 6 January 2014 13:04 (six years ago) link

Pozzi with a curler off both posts and out!

pandemic, Monday, 6 January 2014 13:10 (six years ago) link

ffs taking a two-on-two into the corner when you're two-nil up in injury time

Ismael Klata, Monday, 6 January 2014 13:25 (six years ago) link

First half Berardi hat trick for Sassuolo vs Milan. Think that's ten in fourteen since he went there on loan.

Ramnaresh Samhain (ShariVari), Sunday, 12 January 2014 20:43 (six years ago) link

Got another one three minutes into the second half.

Ramnaresh Samhain (ShariVari), Sunday, 12 January 2014 21:16 (six years ago) link

He is a veritable beast on the new FM, and has an admirably spartan wiki page for such a highly rated talent. Still don't really have any understanding of how the co-ownership system in Italy operates

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 12 January 2014 21:27 (six years ago) link

Thanks, those have cleared things up a bit. Would be interested to see some sort of mid-long term analysis of how this plays out for the various parties compared to the system in place in the EPL. Seems like there might be money in it for smaller teams when big clubs take a small punt on a talented player that may not make the grade, but at the expense of denying them the big pay-day that smaller EPL clubs pick up when their stars are acquired by the top teams.

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 12 January 2014 22:27 (six years ago) link

Has anyone seen Nainggolan play? Intrigued after reading this on whoscored

pandemic, Wednesday, 15 January 2014 17:37 (six years ago) link

Inter have pulled the plug on a proposed swap deal with Juventus involving Fredy Guarin and Mirko Vucinic because of a backlash from fans - but it could yet be resurrected.

r|t|c, Monday, 20 January 2014 19:15 (six years ago) link

such a classic example of numinous immanence in fitba, like no matter who's in charge over the generations inter will always and forever be guided by the spirit of magically inept transfers

r|t|c, Monday, 20 January 2014 19:19 (six years ago) link

Now, according to Sky Sport Italia, Guarin is looking to push the move through and is refusing to leave Juventus’ offices in the hope that Inter will reconsider and allow him to join the Serie A champions.

It is also thought the Colombian has threatened to refuse to train with Inter should the move collaps

r|t|c, Monday, 20 January 2014 19:22 (six years ago) link

Vidal just wiped out by a psychopathic challenge.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 19:59 (six years ago) link

Ooh Inter have bought Hernanes.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 19:59 (six years ago) link

Pirlo with a sumptuous pass to Lichsteiner. 1-0. PIRLo my God!

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 20:01 (six years ago) link

Wait, Napoli lost 3-0 to Atalanta. WTF?

Juve so far above the rest of this league. Bayernesque.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 20:02 (six years ago) link

Eh, so Vucinic didn't actually leave in the end. So Juve have Tevez, Llorente, Giovinco, Vucinic, and Dani Osvaldo. How unnecessary.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 20:22 (six years ago) link

P sure Pirlo didn't miss a single pass during that 45 mins.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 20:32 (six years ago) link

Two points from a possible 9 against Bologna, Chievo and Atalanta. Hope Napoli step it up a bit soon, I'm planning on picking up a ticket tomorrow for the game against Milan next weekend, and they haven't exactly been flying recently either.

I don't believe in the beauty standards (Windsor Davies), Sunday, 2 February 2014 20:47 (six years ago) link

Napoli are p exciting to watch this season. V little defence especially considering it's a Rafa team. Reina with a howler today, not sure why he was reinstated to the team.

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 21:02 (six years ago) link

Ho ho, commentators speculating that Osvaldo has been bought solely for the Europa League. The ignominy!!

pandemic, Sunday, 2 February 2014 21:07 (six years ago) link

Taraabt scored eight minutes into his debut for Milan.

Ramnaresh Samhain (ShariVari), Saturday, 8 February 2014 20:57 (six years ago) link


pandemic, Saturday, 15 February 2014 14:09 (six years ago) link

Luca Toni has 13 in 21 appearances this season - one fewer than Tevez, one more than Higuain.

Ramnaresh Samhain (ShariVari), Monday, 24 February 2014 19:56 (six years ago) link

A team that pours players frwd (Napoli) vs a team that's deadly on the counter (Roma). I fancy Roma but as ever will be rooting for Rafa.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 19:54 (six years ago) link

Ah man I hope Strootman hasn't done his achilles. Just when down in apparent agony with no other player anywhere near him.

― pandemic, Sunday, March 9, 2014 8:00 PM (0 seconds ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:01 (six years ago) link

those luca toni stats reflect poorly on serie a, but then he is one of my least favourite players ever

Thanks in anticipation of your opinions (nakhchivan), Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:03 (six years ago) link

Napoli's transition D is awful, especially on their right side.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:07 (six years ago) link

Higuin given offside from a throw-in. Seen it all now.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:15 (six years ago) link

Napoli have been awful so far. Constantly giving the ball away.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:26 (six years ago) link

Lucky to be 0-0 at half time. Trying to play frwd too quickly. Need to drop Hamsik a little deeper to both work the ball thru midfield better (he's too far apart from Inler atm) and to disrupt Nainggolan some cos he's bossing this so far.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 20:38 (six years ago) link

Great header from Callejon. He's been terrific this season.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 21:33 (six years ago) link

Napoli have conceded a lot of late equalisers this season, doubtful that they'll see this out.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 21:34 (six years ago) link

Napoli hold on for the win.

pandemic, Sunday, 9 March 2014 21:44 (six years ago) link

four weeks pass...

gbx, Tuesday, 8 April 2014 02:58 (six years ago) link


gbx, Tuesday, 8 April 2014 03:03 (six years ago) link

three weeks pass...

Roma are getting smashed 4-1 by Catania so Juve will be champions in about ten minutes.

Yuri Bashment (ShariVari), Sunday, 4 May 2014 14:38 (six years ago) link

seems legit

r|t|c, Sunday, 4 May 2014 14:45 (six years ago) link

The noise in Naples last night was very impressive, don't think I've ever really been in a city on the night their team won something. Shame about the shenanigans before the match though

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 4 May 2014 15:02 (six years ago) link

What are you in Naples for?

Shootings before a game is a pretty bloody terrifying development, but I've half a memory of guns & football not being a new thing in Italy?

Ismael Klata, Sunday, 4 May 2014 15:05 (six years ago) link

Been living here for a bit. Not got along to as many matches as I would have liked tbh, the ones I have been to see weren't very good performances at all. Was skint before the Juve match so couldn't go, fucking 2-0 win and Napoli's best performance of the season, typical.

From the very few people I've spoken to about it today the atmosphere here with regard to the shootings seems to be "I wish someone could control the animals doing this kind of thing" rather than "WTF someone got shot at the football" as the response would be over here. Also this is probably tempered by the fact that the whole city is just buzzing off the win

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 4 May 2014 15:35 (six years ago) link

Poor bastard didn't stand a chance tbh.

Le Bateau Ivre, Tuesday, 1 November 2016 12:14 (three years ago) link

tbf, he inherited a squad that probably under-performed in finishing 4th last season and spent £112m on players over the summer. I'm not sure why it fell apart so horribly.

Bubba H.O.T.A.P.E (ShariVari), Tuesday, 1 November 2016 12:20 (three years ago) link

It didn't help that he was only brought in mid/late August, but yeah, it's been a spectacular downfall.

Le Bateau Ivre, Tuesday, 1 November 2016 12:23 (three years ago) link

nine months pass...

anyone gonna be watching this season? i've not paid much attention since i moved back to the UK but i wanna rectify that, seems like things could be heating up at long long last.

watching the Milan game against Cagliari now, the young lad Cutrone just gave Milan the lead converting from a nice Suso delivery - 2nd goal this season having scored one, assisted one and won a penalty in the 3-0 win over Crotone last week. had never heard of him before that. Kalinic and Andre Silva not getting a look in yet. Milan look very exciting this season, so much depth in the squad now. could this be the year?!

all the talk this summer has been about Milan but it's Inter who've put in the most eye-catching performance so far - they came back from 1-0 down to win 3-1 away at Roma last night - Icardi banging in 4 goals in the first 2 games. their transfer window obviously hasn't been eye-catching like Milan's but Borja Valero is a quality signing and Spalletti is a great managerial appointment. big advantage they have on the competition this time is there's no Europe for them again this season. i love Mauro Icardi.

loads of pundits tipping this to be Napoli's season but they haven't really done anything to speak of during the summer and they're currently makin a balls of it at home to Atalanta.

meanwhile Dybala is looking on it and keeps doing stuff like this (his hat-trick goal in a 4-2 win)

Juve have once again been bringing in players by the bucketload (Bernadeschi, Douglas Costa, Matuidi, De Sciglio) and still have by far the best team and deepest squad in the division and will definitely win the league. unless they don't.

whatever, come one come all, can't say how long the feeling will last but it seems like Serie A might finally be getting slightly more competitive again

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 27 August 2017 19:33 (three years ago) link

watched Inter's first game against Fiorentina the other day and was delighted to see Jordan Veretout and Carlos Sanchez looking something less than useful in the Fiorentina midfield. clearly wasn't just a personal thing against Villa :)

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 27 August 2017 19:36 (three years ago) link

four weeks pass...

Giovanni Simeone and Federico Chiesa up front for Fiorentina tonight, reminding everyone who grew up watching their parents of our mortality.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Sunday, 24 September 2017 20:31 (three years ago) link

two months pass...

Benevento vs Milan is pretty interesting. It’s Gattuso’s first match as Milan manager, Benevento’s record before today was Played 14, Lost 14. Benevento have just equalised. Not sure they are going to hang on for their first point of the season but it’s going to be fun seeing how Gattuso reacts if they do.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Sunday, 3 December 2017 12:45 (two years ago) link

Yeeeesssssss they're gonna do it!! :D

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 3 December 2017 13:26 (two years ago) link

The Benevento goalkeeper just scored a diving header to make it 2-2 in the 95th minute!

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Sunday, 3 December 2017 13:27 (two years ago) link

This is amazing

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 3 December 2017 13:27 (two years ago) link

I’m so pleased for them.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Sunday, 3 December 2017 13:29 (two years ago) link

Lololololol what a start for Gattuso. His managerial record is really something, I don't even know how he's ended up here

Windsor Davies, Sunday, 3 December 2017 13:31 (two years ago) link

This warms the heart

Le Bateau Ivre, Sunday, 3 December 2017 16:05 (two years ago) link

four months pass...

Fifteen minutes in to Inter - Juve, Inter were down to 10 men and a goal behind.

20 minutes to go and Inter are 2-1 up. Napoli might actually do this.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Saturday, 28 April 2018 20:24 (two years ago) link

Damn them, 3-2 Juve. Two goals in two minutes,

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Saturday, 28 April 2018 20:44 (two years ago) link

five months pass...

Krzysztof Piatek’s now scored nine goals in seven games in the league (having scored four in one match in the cup), since signing for Genoa. It’s the best start any striker has ever made in Serie A.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Sunday, 7 October 2018 10:52 (one year ago) link

four months pass...

Piatek has scored six in four games since joining Milan.

Piatek, the renew of AC Milan⚫️🔴#football #acmilan #acm #MilanAtalanta #MILATA #SerieATIM #SerieA #Italia

— The Playmakers Culture (@pmkrsculture) February 16, 2019

About as good a bargain as you are going to get for €35m.

ShariVari, Sunday, 17 February 2019 08:23 (one year ago) link

In other news: Serie C club Pro Piazenca can only field 8 players (including 6 teens and the masseur) lose 20-0. With 16-0 at half-time, Cuneo should be ashamed of themselves for only scoring four in the second half.

Uptown VONC (Le Bateau Ivre), Monday, 18 February 2019 10:51 (one year ago) link

six months pass...

fuuck this shitty league

alomar lines, Thursday, 5 September 2019 04:34 (one year ago) link

otm. this takes the fucking cake.

Le Bateau Ivre, Thursday, 5 September 2019 09:59 (one year ago) link

two months pass...

We need to talk about Italy nuke Italy.

A short thread on Italy and racism in 2019.

Italian footballer Mario Balotelli was racially abused during a match in Verona this weekend. The abuse is clearly audible in this video:

— Alberto Nardelli (@AlbertoNardelli) November 4, 2019

^^ thread. Nardelli doesn't even get around to mentioning the racist abuse Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli) got this weekend from AS Roma fans. Big surprise coming from them, I know, but he's got it several times before this season. Rampant.

Le Bateau Ivre, Tuesday, 5 November 2019 19:39 (ten months ago) link

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