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Sounds like the the nu-Williamsburg tentacles stretching ever further south.

By the way, I could use both of those recipes.

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 28 January 2004 20:25 (sixteen years ago) link

meatloaf recipe is yours, if you'd like.

lauren (laurenp), Wednesday, 28 January 2004 20:29 (sixteen years ago) link

likewise the pie, as long as you swear to use wild blueberries...and if that's yr real email.

I like the suitable derailment of this thread.

Hurlothrumbo (hurlothrumbo), Wednesday, 28 January 2004 20:40 (sixteen years ago) link

Yeah it's real, and yes I swear, you'll have to tell me why wild blueberries, in the email.

To bring it back around, Fat Bobby loves pie.

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 28 January 2004 22:41 (sixteen years ago) link

who else is playing the Newsonic show?

Russ, Wednesday, 28 January 2004 23:01 (sixteen years ago) link

Mink Lungs, Dynasty and someone else, I can't remember. They're usually pretty good parties, that is people seem to hang out and have a good time. It's hard for me to judge, since I never have a good time. If Crazy Rhythms can get a dance party started, we'll go all night. If not, we won't.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Wednesday, 28 January 2004 23:21 (sixteen years ago) link

The other band is Ex-Models. A good time is assured all round.

Hurlothrumbo (hurlothrumbo), Thursday, 29 January 2004 00:37 (sixteen years ago) link

eleven months pass...
Two of my favorite things in 2004 were Secret Wars and the EP. Praise thee Oneida. A new record (The Wedding) is supposedly coming later in the year. And from the website: "We’re spending December recording all the string sections, and then it should be just about done." String sections? Is that a joke or are these tears of joy justified?

mcd (mcd), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 15:38 (fifteen years ago) link

Oneida = great.
And good people too.

Marco Damiani (Marco D.), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 15:53 (fifteen years ago) link

One of the best shows I saw in 2004 and one of the best records I heard in 2004.

alex in montreal, Wednesday, 5 January 2005 16:01 (fifteen years ago) link

I never did get that pie recipe, but the bread pudding was excellent!

mcd (mcd), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 16:06 (fifteen years ago) link

The Nice./Splittin Peaches EP is essential for "Hakuna Matata" (why oh why was this not released on vinyl???!??). It's a real treat, one of the best & most idiosyncratic things they've done yet.

mcd (mcd), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 16:11 (fifteen years ago) link

i think the whole EP is awesome, mcd. each of the songs seems to extend in a different direction, and each one seems totally fruitful. definitely my favorite current band, which i seem to say around here all the time. my friend and i were talking yesterday about how we both hope The Wedding really delivers, and is as good as it seems like it could be. brilliant fucking band, totally good dudes, and seemingly getting better everyday.

peter smith (plsmith), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 16:32 (fifteen years ago) link

listening to the EP now. those stick clicks and guitar tone on "summerland" are fucking great.

peter smith (plsmith), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 16:57 (fifteen years ago) link

I agree with you. They are so likable and keep getting better and better. Everytime you think you've got them pegged they do a "Sheets of Easter" or a "Last Act, Every Time" or a "Hakuna Matata" to let you know they're paying attention, and better not sleep.

Really, though, it's too bad that the EP didn't get the Version City treatment, I obsess over the beauty of the Each One LP.

mcd (mcd), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 17:06 (fifteen years ago) link

oh man - now im totally excited about The Wedding.

peter smith (plsmith), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 17:10 (fifteen years ago) link

"String sections? Is that a joke or are these tears of joy justified?"

It's true, actually -- the record won't be released till the beginning of May, I think, but all the strings have been recorded. The record will be finished by the end of this weekend. I hope it works out, too. You guys are very nice.

I wish the EP was on vinyl, too -- but it was not in the plans for Ace Fu, the label that put it out. The Wedding will definitely be on (gatefold) vinyl.

Hurlothrumbo (hurlothrumbo), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 17:10 (fifteen years ago) link

cant wait, bobby.

peter smith (plsmith), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 17:20 (fifteen years ago) link

i'll join the lovefest: strings + oneida sounds really cool and i'm very curious to hear it.

Marco Damiani (Marco D.), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 17:33 (fifteen years ago) link

Very cool.

mcd (mcd), Wednesday, 5 January 2005 20:24 (fifteen years ago) link

I've liked the odd Oneida song but I really didn't get Secret Wars at all. No real killer tracks, just a bunch of half-baked bong-rock gestures. They sound like Das Damen without the pretty tunes.

NickB (NickB), Thursday, 6 January 2005 09:57 (fifteen years ago) link

say wha?
secret wars was prolly one THE best things of last year, IMHO.
i yearn for a live album as each time i see em, they just let loose and roar.
jane said that the 'Speedo' stuff was out of fuckin control and it's currently sittin on a shelf, along with a ton of other stuff they've done yet just don't have the time/inclination to release. that makes me sad;(
i have yet to grab that EP...
i wonder how mr. bonello's (rickety records) last recording venture went. he had many a camera, and the sound was pretty good, too! outdoor show oneida is as good as indoor, though i worried of rain, so my cam was a bit far off. my battin record for gettin em goes 2 great, 1 lesser.

(and luvs ya!)

keep wearin that steeler gear, bobby! you may have turned the tide...

eedd, Thursday, 6 January 2005 18:54 (fifteen years ago) link

What's the 'Speedo' stuff you speak of?

mcd (mcd), Thursday, 6 January 2005 19:23 (fifteen years ago) link

i think they may've mentioned it previously, and i maybe stating the name of the film incorrectly, BUT, the Oneidians did a full score for an indie film, and apparently the score was 'too much' for the flick itself, ie-too crazy. which really makes me wanna hear because the film is about demolition derby, which would seem to go with Oneida.

well, to me, maybe.
jane said they were sorta pissed about it, but the d00d who made said flick was really cool fella, so they just chalked it up to 'Oneida luck' and to the shelf to went. to await usage at some later date. i think on the site they make mention of using it for some zombie flick they may or may not do...
take it with a grain, i s'pose.

eedd, Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:31 (fifteen years ago) link

Oh right. Would love to hear that sometime.

mcd (mcd), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:38 (fifteen years ago) link

one month passes...
I am totally digging this band! I bought the Nice/Splittin Eaches EP a while back and it was er, "nice" enough but "Each One Teach One" is absolutely incredible! What else should I look out for? I have "Secret Wars" on my HD but haven't taken the time to listen to it yet.
I like the way that Each One.. is a double album even if it could fit on one CD. The first side is just too BIG to be jammed in on the back of the second side.

dog latin (dog latin), Friday, 18 February 2005 12:56 (fifteen years ago) link

EOTO>nice/SP>liars/oneida split>=SW>anthem, but all of those are fantastic. supposedly, The Wedding is going to change it all, though. also, search their "jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher" cover.

peter smith (plsmith), Friday, 18 February 2005 14:29 (fifteen years ago) link

and godDAMN "hakuna matata" is so fucking awesome. also, great battiato cover on the What's Your Function? compilation. ILM nepotism all over this thread...

peter smith (plsmith), Friday, 18 February 2005 15:54 (fifteen years ago) link

My favourite is the "You've got to look into the.... LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT" track. I mean, WOW!

dog latin (dog latin), Friday, 18 February 2005 15:57 (fifteen years ago) link

These guys blew me away when I saw them at Tonic.

J.D. Forgang (Jonathan Forgang), Friday, 18 February 2005 16:29 (fifteen years ago) link

Yeah Dog Latin, that is the real shit. Each One was originally vinyl only so that's probably why it is two discs (to reflect the double LP version). The Nice./Splittin Peaches EP is a weird one for an introduction but I love it. The best/my favorite album is Each One followed by Secret Wars. The other albums all have their moments (see "Double Lock Your Mind") but as for complete pieces EO and SW are hard to top.

mcd (mcd), Friday, 18 February 2005 16:38 (fifteen years ago) link

Yeh Splittin Peaches/Nice was a bit unexpected but I figured it would be somehow.


dog latin (dog latin), Friday, 18 February 2005 16:40 (fifteen years ago) link

i'm quite fond of enemy hogs. there's a boys choir on one of the songs!

lauren (laurenp), Friday, 18 February 2005 16:41 (fifteen years ago) link

great battiato cover on the What's Your Function? compilation.

I've never heard this. Sounds cool.

mcd (mcd), Friday, 18 February 2005 16:41 (fifteen years ago) link

in june/july, i was so obsessed with "sheets of easter". here is evidence...

End of a half-decade: ILM kinda official Top 100 Albums & Tracks Poll - VOTING OVER (thank heavens) (2 matching messages)

omigod - i can let oneida's "sheets of easter" slide. no one was gonna vote for that for tracks, anyway. but if i change my votes to all-strokes, is someone gonna come along and rescue i get wet? otherwise, im gonna be paralyzed by indecision for the next 36 hours.
so, lemme make it official.
my nomination of "sheets of easter" is rescinded for the strokes' "last nite".

cmon, somebody - tell me youll pick up the WK slack, or nominate is this it or room on fire.

-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), July 29th, 2004.

90's-present Metal bands - Black Sabbath style (1 matching message)

ehhh - i mean. kyuss is good. IMO, master of reality is better than anything by any of those bands, except maybe "sheets of easter" and each one teach one by oneida.
-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), July 1st, 2004.

Songs that can't get loud enough (1 matching message)

OTM sheets of easter - i just wanna destroy my brain listening to that.
trex - metal guru
vu - sister ray
mission of burma - thats how i escaped my certain fate
wire - from the nursery
can - mother sky

-- peter smith (plsmit...), June 9th, 2004.

your 11 favourite songs of the moment, fuck. (1 matching message)

muhal richard abrams - one for the whistler
black dice - skeleton
rocket from the tombs - so cold
the fall - a new face in hell
wire - pink flag
oneida - sheets of easter
kanye west - all falls down
nirvana - drain you
brian eno - needles in the camel's eye
sonny sharrock - once upon a time
10 is good...

-- peter smith (plsmit...), June 15th, 2004.

Recent Things That You Have Played Really Really Loudly When You Were Really Really Drunk And It Was Really Really Late (1 matching message)

i had a few drunk nights this past spring where i blared scott 4 and collapsed in bed. those were the more poetic/low-level-depressed nights. andrew wk is a personal drunk favorite. also my perennial all-the-time favorite "sheets of easter" by oneida. sometimes when im drunk, i just want to play something that will tear my head apart. i guess raw power too.
-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), July 19th, 2004.

Favorite Long Songs ? (1 matching message)

is it possible for me to mention oneida's "sheets of easter" any more?
some of these are repeats, i know...

expressway to yr skull - sonic youth
sister ray - vu
mother sky - can
hallogallo - neu!
albatross - pil
matty groves - fairport convention
lady cab driver - prince
sad eyed lady of the lowlands - bob dylan
visions of johanna - bob dylan
desolation row - bob dylan
teenage riot - sonic youth

-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), July 1st, 2004.

What song(s) are you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS in the mood to hear? (1 matching message)

unrest - so sick
amon duul - im garten sandosa
oneida - sheets of easter
oneida - jazz is the teacher...
scott walker - rhymes of goodbye
the fall - the classical
t. rex - metal guru
prince - sister
prince - u got the look
the velvet underground - sister ray
abba - super trouper
mclusky - without msg i am nothing
nirvana - drain you
the crystals - he's a rebel
the homosexuals - vociferous slam
sonic youth - teenage riot
pavement - elevate me later
real mccoy - another night
ace of base - the sign
-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), January 12th, 2005.

BEST Album Opening Tracks of all time (1 matching message)

agree with a salty salute and only shallow and needles in the camels eye from the other thread.
also, some of these others have been said, but whatever...

"sheets of easter" - each one teach one
"paperhouse" - tago mago
"lets go crazy" - purple rain
"metal guru" - the slider
"solo dancer" - black saint & the sinner lady
"come all ye" - fairport convention
"when i get to the border" - i want to see...
"streets of paradise" - pour down like silver
"everything in its right place" - kid a
"airbag" - ok computer
"i saw her standing there" - please please me
"sweet leaf" - master of reality
"hallogallo" - neu!
"the seventh seal" - scott 4
"dont stop til you get enough" - off the wall
"too high" - innervisions
"loves in need of love today" - songs in the key
"little fury things" - yr living all over me
"king of carrot flowers" - in the aeroplane over the sea
"out in the street" - my generation
"down on the street" - funhouse
"astronomy domine" - piper at the gates of dawn
"sunday morning" - vu & nico
"roadrunner" - modern lovers
"remake/remodel" - roxy music
"its time to party" - I GET WET
"practice makes perfect" - chairs missing
"schizophrenia" - sister
"teenage riot" - daydream nation
"is this it" - is this it

-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), July 19th, 2004.

CD80X2: a specialized introduction to rock (1 matching message)

so my friend peter (wow, same name, blah blah) works with me at a record store. he loves the velvet underground, crass, dub reggae, and 20th century composition. last week, after i offhandedly suggested an album (nico's the end) to him, he told me i needed to "school him in rock". so, considering his musical tastes, and my own favorites, i made him a 2-CD80 mix, with the first disc being shorter, poppier songs, and the second disc being longer, more experimental rock. how did i do?
1. prince - let's go crazy
2. fleetwood mac - the ledge
3. the homosexuals - vociferous slam
4. the fall - how i wrote "elastic man"
5. sly & the family stone - family affair
6. pavement - elevate me later
7. the sonics - the witch
8. guided by voices - watch me jumpstart
9. neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
10. the raincoats - fairytale in the supermarket
11. the rolling stones - ventilator blues
12. blue cheer - summertime blues
13. os mutantes - ave lucifer
14. fairport convention - reynardine
15. bob dylan - as i went out one morning
16. the kinks - the village green preservation society
17. t. rex - metal guru
18. brian eno - needles in the camel's eye
19. unrest - make out club
20. the new pornographers - letter from an occupant
21. the strokes - you talk way too much
22. the stooges - down on the street
23. thin lizzy - the boys are back in town
24. the slits - shoplifting
25. wire - pink flag

1. scott walker - farmer in the city
2. mars - helen for(d)sdale
3. can - oh yeah
4. boredoms - vision creation newsun track 1 (circle)
5. black dice - the dream is going down
6. oneida - sheets of easter
7. nico - it has not taken long
8. joni mitchell - the jungle line
9. captain beefheart - hot head
10. public image ltd. - theme
11. perrey/kingsley - the little man from mars

so, maybe im a little rockist...

-- peter smith (reesewitherspoo...), October 8th, 2004.

peter smith (plsmith), Friday, 18 February 2005 18:23 (fifteen years ago) link

What's with the crazy listing Peter? Oh, it's your Oneida evidence. We have a lot of similar faves though man! Sonic Youth, Dylan, Can, Wire etc. Oneida, i have Secret Wars, which I totally enjoy. Always meant to grab EOTO...

PiersT, Saturday, 19 February 2005 01:45 (fifteen years ago) link

one year passes...
oneida - what are they really?
immitators of bands like "boredoms" or making new interpetation of their own?!

flawless, Tuesday, 21 February 2006 13:37 (fourteen years ago) link

they really are awesome

pssst - badass revolutionary art! (plsmith), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 13:48 (fourteen years ago) link

They are a rock band. They are like, an american krautrock band. Think of them that way maybe.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:16 (fourteen years ago) link

I've seen them 9 times. The last time was probably the best.

Tripmaker (SDWitzm), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:17 (fourteen years ago) link

i've seen them a lot too,but they tent to repeat themselvs as a band.
ok,krautrock is about repetition,but for a certain extent only.

froyd, Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:21 (fourteen years ago) link

They've cut records with 2 minute organ driven songs, 20 minutie 1 chord droneathons, cock-rock jams, baroque orchestral pop...I think they've quietly been amassing one of the more eclectic and interesting catalos of recent bands.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:25 (fourteen years ago) link

You're right, Dan. And I hope Oneida's still making records when I'm 60.

mcd (mcd), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:31 (fourteen years ago) link

the "oneida" records are great, i was talking anly about the live act.

froyd, Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:33 (fourteen years ago) link

at first, i was wary...
then, i was awe-struck...
then, i moved onto entralled...
which went onto enveloped...
gave way to 'i can't wait to see these guys again/hear they're next joint'...
and they ARE nice fellas, too!!!
i enjoys me some mighty Oneida.

eedd, Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:46 (fourteen years ago) link

never heard their Battiato cover, tho their Ulmer cover kills. YSI?

Beta (abeta), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:49 (fourteen years ago) link

hmmm... the only track i can say i really really really like is sheets of easter, simply because it's incredible they can keep it up.

Vintage Latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:54 (fourteen years ago) link

i can gmail/ysi the battiato cover tomorrow, beta. but you should buy the tribute comp - its great, and youd be supporting ilxor marco d.

pssst - badass revolutionary art! (plsmith), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 14:58 (fourteen years ago) link

the new ondedia is done...being mastered lovers will soon have more to deal with. probably an album and a bunch of other releases. they dumped a LOT of material in the last few months.

bb (bbrz), Tuesday, 21 February 2006 15:52 (fourteen years ago) link

any new Oneida=good Oneida.
wish they'd release that 12 inch on cd tho (hint hint-eh!)

and come back to their 2nd home, Pittsburgh!!!
just cuz.

eed, Tuesday, 21 February 2006 15:58 (fourteen years ago) link

"shepherd's axe" is sharp, music for (millions in) hospitals

reggie (qualmsley), Friday, 9 March 2018 16:57 (two years ago) link

one month passes...

there is a gofundme thing for kid millions here:

i'm surprised to see your screwface at the door (NickB), Wednesday, 11 April 2018 16:14 (two years ago) link

good to hear -- will donate.
the charnel ground record that just came out (kid millions + james mcnew + chris brokaw) is a total blast.

tylerw, Wednesday, 11 April 2018 16:30 (two years ago) link

four months pass...

Whooooooa. Tempted to get a backup copy...

Western® with Bacon Flavor, Saturday, 18 August 2018 01:45 (one year ago) link

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