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well, mine is Gibson Epiphone limited edition Riviera Custom P93

his is an Antigua Fender Telecaster

I loves you, PORGI (DJP), Monday, 26 November 2012 20:39 (seven years ago) link

the Tele:
fretboard radius - 7.25"
scale length - 25.5"
nut width - 1.650"
U shape neck
not specified, but Teles usually ship with 9 gauge strings?

the Epi:
fretboard radius - 12"
scale length - 24.75"
nut width - 1.68"
C shape neck
shipped with 10 gauge strings

Paul McCartney, the Gary Barlow of The Beatles (snoball), Monday, 26 November 2012 20:57 (seven years ago) link

The smaller fret radius, slightly narrow neck, and it's U shaped back go a way to explaining why barre chords are a little bit easier on the Tele.

Paul McCartney, the Gary Barlow of The Beatles (snoball), Monday, 26 November 2012 20:58 (seven years ago) link

i know what it means but the acronym GAS is the weirdest thing to catch on in internet guitar communities. and the capitalization. all these old men shouting that they don't just have gas they have GAS.

my guess is the combination of radius and nut width. 1/16" in width doesn't sound like much but it makes a big difference in feel.

arby's, Monday, 26 November 2012 21:05 (seven years ago) link

er i guess more like 1/32" difference in this case but anyway

arby's, Monday, 26 November 2012 21:05 (seven years ago) link

ok i'll bite, what is GAS

congratulations (n/a), Monday, 26 November 2012 21:11 (seven years ago) link

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Paul McCartney, the Gary Barlow of The Beatles (snoball), Monday, 26 November 2012 21:13 (seven years ago) link

the tendency to focus on buying guitar equipment over actually playing guitar. i hate the term too though.

how's life, Monday, 26 November 2012 21:15 (seven years ago) link

Excessive GAS takes time away from playing the guitar (synth/drums/camera/etc.), but very mild GAS can help someone to focus in on what they want out of their instrument.

Paul McCartney, the Gary Barlow of The Beatles (snoball), Monday, 26 November 2012 21:30 (seven years ago) link

if that instrument is "butt trumpet"

how's life, Monday, 26 November 2012 21:37 (seven years ago) link

two years pass...
seven months pass...

this is a very very pretty guitar with a terrible headstock logo

Immediate Follower (NA), Monday, 21 March 2016 20:53 (three years ago) link

if that link dies eventually, I am referring to this guitar (but made out of darker wood):

Immediate Follower (NA), Monday, 21 March 2016 20:54 (three years ago) link

you're not kidding - that logo is a crime

Upset by racist left wingers calling me an egg (bizarro gazzara), Monday, 21 March 2016 20:59 (three years ago) link

three years pass...

My only electric axe for a while has been a cheapo Johnson solara -- I actually like the way it plays and the tone, but I'm looking to upgrade to something similar but more gigworthy. I was looking at the Guild Bluesbird, which I'm seeing (the more recent ones, not the 70s models) in the $700-1000 range. I'm also seeing DeArmond bluesbird models closer to $500. Is it worth spending more for the Guild? The DeArmond I was looking at happens to have a cool-ass D tailpiece that's a little more distinctive than the guild, fwiw.

longtime caller, first time listener (man alive), Friday, 24 May 2019 16:33 (eight months ago) link

People seem to like the DeArmonds (though a little more love for the set-neck versions than the later bolt-on ones.) Latter-day (post-Fender) Guilds (which I assume is the Guild you mean here) are spoken well of, too, but people don’t seem to fall in love with them.

I had a big Jones on for a DeArmond M-77T, just liked the look of them. I had a chance to play an M-75 (earlier model, no Bigsby) and wasn’t 100% taken with it, although it seemed fine for the price.

If you can demo them both, do it! Looks are a huge deal in an instrument, IMO. Nothing to be ashamed of.

I hope I get a chance to play a Guild S-300 sometime... and I hope I don’t like it. Because based on looks alone I’ve been wanting one BAD. In white, pls, with the chrome stock pickups, not those hard-rock DiMarzios.

Una Palooka Dronka (hardcore dilettante), Thursday, 6 June 2019 01:49 (seven months ago) link

I'd think some of those Hagstrom reissues might be in your wheelhouse style wise.

earlnash, Friday, 7 June 2019 00:46 (seven months ago) link

I kind of regret not picking up the Paul Westerberg First Act guitar when it was released but maybe I will see it around for like <$50 somewhere. I haven't played in several years so I should sell my guitars but I guess somehow they bring me joy (thx Marie Kondo).

My dream guitar would still be a vintage Gretsch hollowbody (not picky). I still have a rickenbacker330, jazzmaster 62 reissue and this crazy magenta glittertop les paul that my dad got for me when I was 15.

Yerac, Friday, 7 June 2019 00:59 (seven months ago) link

whoops jaguar not jazzmaster.

Yerac, Friday, 7 June 2019 01:03 (seven months ago) link

i still want three electrics although i don't play enough or have enough space to justify them. getting an upgraded japanese jag reissue last year does mean i have one electric that really kicks ass. but i'd still love to get these:

1. a reissue jazzmaster with early specs--sunburst, gold anodized guard, 50s logo.
2. a goldtop les paul with p-90s like the one clay tarver plays with chavez
3. a really resonant tele with a massive maple neck, probably white blonde

call all destroyer, Friday, 7 June 2019 01:11 (seven months ago) link

I got the jetglo rickenbacker primarily because it was the a color choice for Peter Buck, Carrie Brownstein and Paul Weller. I can't remember why I got a white jaguar. I think maybe because I thought I needed a more elegant color. I got the jaguar over the jazzmaster because short arms. The les paul color is so embarrassing but that guitar is so comfy to play. I also always wanted a Danelectro seafoam guitar but mostly just because of the aesthetics.

Yerac, Friday, 7 June 2019 01:22 (seven months ago) link

At some point I'm going to buy an EGC500. Also I'd like a Moog guitar but I wouldn't spend for it.

Sassy Boutonnière (ledriver), Friday, 7 June 2019 08:35 (seven months ago) link

I'd really like a Dean Razorback, preferrably with lightning bolts on it, although an explosion would do. But until then, I will get by with my G&L ASAT. Can't fuck with teles, imo. Kinda want something with P90s in it too. I have a G&L Fallout, but I never really got along with the body shape.

As far as basses go, I'm more inclined toward an opposite aesthetic. Interested in trying out an Epiphone Jack Casady or Guild Starfire.

☮ (peace, man), Friday, 7 June 2019 11:14 (seven months ago) link

Could put some humbucker-shaped P90s in the imaginary Razorback, I guess.

☮ (peace, man), Friday, 7 June 2019 11:16 (seven months ago) link

I have an Epiphone '56 Goldtop reissue with Fralin noise-cancelling P-90s, sounds great.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 7 June 2019 11:57 (seven months ago) link

I bought an unfinished body and neck for a Jazzblaster like Lee Ranaldo but I can't decide what color to have it painted

Olympic white + a fancy pants tortoiseshell guard is a leading option:
but with shiny humbuckers instead of the ivory JM pickups

or charcoal frost, with either fancy tortoiseshell or mint:

Greta Van Show Feets BB (milo z), Saturday, 8 June 2019 02:40 (seven months ago) link

Got my dream guitar yesterday. You’ll laugh at how modest a dream it was - I’ve wanted a mid 80s Ibanez Roadstar for years ever since learning that my all time favorite guitar sound, that on Meat Puppets’ Up On The Sun, was not Curt Kirkwood’s characteristic Gibson LP but rather a Roadstar he’d just gotten.

Been in the twin cities for over a week bc my mom is in the hospital and the guitar center in maple grove had a used one for $350 (cream color) and I drove her car out there and played it and loved it and bought it.

It’s not perfect (e string likes to slip off the feet edge a bit) but it’s perfect.

(Note: the other part of the up on the sun gtr recipe per Curt K was one of those Tom Scholz Rockman thingies - do they make some kind of clone of that these days?)

valet doberman (Jon not Jon), Saturday, 8 June 2019 22:10 (seven months ago) link

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