Trobriand cricket

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well this is cool

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The people of the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea have a rich history of rituals and war that has inspired study and intrigue for over 70 years.

The islands of Trobriand sit off the east coast of Papua New Guinea and are inhabited by mostly indigenous people. The first western explorers discovered the Island in 1793. British colonial power came to the area in the early 20th Century, seizing control of the southern portion of New Guinea. With this new settlement came many traders, missionaries and anthropologists who wanted to study this non-western culture.

Of all the new settlers, the missionaries’ influence over the islands of Trobriand became the most fascinating. They introduced the islands to cricket, which was quickly adapted to the needs of their society. Cricket became a replacement for the tribal battles.

Those participating in the game perform the same ceremonial acts (face painting, magic spells, rituals, and chants) that their ancestors performed before they went to war. Instead of fierce battles between rival tribes they play their own version of the game, throwing cricket balls at each other rather than spears and competing in teams of unlimited players. The home side always wins, every out is celebrated with a choreographed dance and a spiritual leader blesses the irregular bat and ball before every game.

a pass-agg to indier (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 17:58 (eleven years ago) link

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