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are these guys better or worse than the Transplants

That's a pretty funky dance, Garfield. Show me how you do it. (frogbs), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:02 (five years ago) Permalink

okay I know you're not trying to compare a song about a dude trying to process his emotions after he found out his girlfriend had an abortion and a song about being a big soppy afrocentric hippie to any of these Sublime songs because that would be really, really stupid

I'M THAT POSTA, AAAAAAAAAH (DJP), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:06 (five years ago) Permalink

sorry only you can make really tenuous comparisons between bands, djp

da croupier, Monday, 30 April 2012 19:07 (five years ago) Permalink

at least I'm not being a quasi racist idiot about it

I'M THAT POSTA, AAAAAAAAAH (DJP), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:09 (five years ago) Permalink

oh wtf

da croupier, Monday, 30 April 2012 19:09 (five years ago) Permalink

if you're seriously hurt that I suggested sublime and arrested development had any similarities despite the difference in their lyrical stances, i apologize

da croupier, Monday, 30 April 2012 19:12 (five years ago) Permalink

The way kids are living is 100% European
African boys and girls:
Set down your Nintendo joysticks right now!

Japanese! Nintendo is Japanese. Japan is in Asia.

frogsclovetofu (beachville), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:15 (five years ago) Permalink

I am not hurt, and "quasi racist" was way too strong and I apologize for that. I still think calling out those two songs as suspect is incredibly strange, though.

I'M THAT POSTA, AAAAAAAAAH (DJP), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:29 (five years ago) Permalink

just to clarify, i was not trying to equivocate between the inane shit nowell says about dark subjects and the inane shit speech said about dark subjects, but note that both were '90s-identified post-hiphop hippie good time groups that said inane shit about dark subjects.

And I don't think it's incredibly strange to call out songs that incoherently race bait and have a guy telling a woman who just had an abortion "after I scold U, maybe I can mold u to share your truths with me. To tell U the truth, you made a mistake."

da croupier, Monday, 30 April 2012 19:35 (five years ago) Permalink

i have run into corny motherfuckers here who earnestly talk about arrested development as some shit people should be up on. :(

hologram ned raggett (The Reverend), Monday, 30 April 2012 19:54 (five years ago) Permalink

I've never raped anyone at least as far as I can remember. We were at a party a long time ago and we were all talking about how much date rape sucked. This guy was like, "Date rape isn't so bad; if it wasn't for date rape I'd never get laid." Everyone at the party was bummed out about it, but I was cracking up and I wrote a funny song about it.[2]

suidavyvan eht nioj (Whiney G. Weingarten), Tuesday, 8 May 2012 05:42 (five years ago) Permalink

game recognizes game?

booblights and the eternal frustration (how's life), Tuesday, 8 May 2012 10:09 (five years ago) Permalink

I saw Fishbone last month and they covered "Date Rape" and I was like "well, it's late, I saw enough of this show to be done now" because ugh it is rough watching somebody sing "Date Rape"

cosi fan whitford (underrated aerosmith bootlegs I have owned), Tuesday, 8 May 2012 10:33 (five years ago) Permalink

there were a lot of Sublime fans in college but when they played the first album, it was more about Ruca/40 oz/Smoke Two Joints, plus the Dead and Marley covers. I dont remember people playing Date Rape all that much...

I remember a while back wanting to write an exegetical essay about Sublime and "Wrong Way" which I look back now and am glad I didn't...

cinco de extra mayo (loves laboured breathing), Tuesday, 8 May 2012 13:54 (five years ago) Permalink

Yeah, Date Rape is buried so deep in the second side of the tape, sorta at the end with the less vital tracks (the decendants cover, krs-one, thanx) and right after another of the weaker songs on the album (Ebin).

how's life, Tuesday, 8 May 2012 14:05 (five years ago) Permalink

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