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but going back to supreme architecture, that track made me look up the matrix on netflix ;_:

the late great, Sunday, 29 April 2012 03:54 (five years ago) Permalink

track 2 is maybe like a plaid track but in a universe w/ a not twee and turning out embarrassingly simpleminded plaid that confused jungle with frantic breakbeats, but instead two dudes that tool around the countryside in matching black bmws

the late great, Sunday, 29 April 2012 04:23 (five years ago) Permalink

Yeah, well up for this. Used to follow the United Vibes show on Sub FM a while back. Must check the following: http://www.dubstepforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=237898

millmeister, Sunday, 29 April 2012 09:15 (five years ago) Permalink

I'm listening to track 6 now. Hmmm... I see the alternative universe thing now, which is what perplexed me a bit at first. It's almost like this is the first truly 'retro' bass album - taking ideas and tropes firmly rooted in the last 25 years of bass music and seeing where else they might have gone had fashion and music not been in such a hurry to move on. This is much better heard as a compilation of lost and rare 12"s than an album of new music. Taken in this context, it's pretty cool.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 10:30 (five years ago) Permalink


fantastic video, agonising wait for a bass drop that doesn't arrive, hearing Ashra in there alongside the D'n'B vibe, swear there's a Photek quote in there. me likey.

seapunk run. run punk run! (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 29 April 2012 10:40 (five years ago) Permalink

Great video. Very nostalgic. Reminds me IOC those old 'The Trip' vids from back in the 90s.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 10:47 (five years ago) Permalink

track 6, supreme architecture, is from the universe where after 96's "stonekiller" and 97's epic "controlled developments",source direct started listening to german dub house instead of fanatically going harder and harder in a desperate attempt to win back wire critics

― the late great, Sunday, April 29, 2012 3:40 AM (7 hours ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

yeah what popped into my head at times on this was that Source Direct album from '99 that no-one bought - I've not listened to it for maybe a decade so was alive to the possibility of being way off, but maybe my ailing memories are valid after all

listicular fortitude (DJ Mencap), Sunday, 29 April 2012 11:14 (five years ago) Permalink

in terms of how LHF chop up drums and use samples in the form of big slabs of dialogue, Altered Natives is prolly the closest thing active at the moment I think, although his productions are a good deal more cheerful

listicular fortitude (DJ Mencap), Sunday, 29 April 2012 11:16 (five years ago) Permalink

Exorcise the Demons! yes

seapunk run. run punk run! (Noodle Vague), Sunday, 29 April 2012 11:16 (five years ago) Permalink

My basic feeling about this album is that I like it but maybe not as much as I expected to. At the moment I can't easily sum up why that is - I think it might be that I've heard some of the samples that are used prominently on this a few too many times before. Definitely need to spend more time with the album though.

Mr Andy M, Sunday, 29 April 2012 19:46 (five years ago) Permalink

feel like that's kinda the point though

the late great, Sunday, 29 April 2012 20:50 (five years ago) Permalink

^Yeah sure, a lot of the album seems to be implicitly saying 'we place ourselves within the tradition of proper London music, and here are all our proper London reference points' - and I don't have a problem with that as such, in fact in a way I admire them for nailing their colours to the mast like that, but still.. taking for example No Worries and Base 2 Dark by Double Helix, I sort of feel like once you take in the references to the New Blood and Asylum tunes (both of which are much better than the DH ones) there's not so much going on there, too much space is devoted to the act of referencing/allegiance rather than doing something with the references (although Base 2 Dark does have a pretty cool beat tbf).
I dunno though, I don't want to go in too hard on this because I do feel that it's something I need to give more listens to in order to fully get my head round it.

Mr Andy M, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:02 (five years ago) Permalink

On more of a positive, I'm really enjoying Voyages by DH from this - it's pretty hard to do that kind of tune and it not come off a bit corny but imo he manages it.

Mr Andy M, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:03 (five years ago) Permalink

'we place ourselves within the tradition of proper London music, and here are all our proper London reference points'

Don't know if this is because it's a subject close to my heart at the moment, but I'm getting more of a "raving in fields" kind of vibe, or like the ghosts of raves that once happened on the outskirts of the M25. The video helps with this of course - something kind of rural about it all.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 22:44 (five years ago) Permalink

^Yeah sure, a lot of the album seems to be implicitly saying 'we place ourselves within the tradition of proper London music, and here are all our proper London reference points'

It's certainly the most Keysound album there ever was, give or take the actual Blackdown & Dust album.

I'm liking it on first listen, unsure at this stage whether that will blossom into full-blown adoration or fade into dispassionate approval.

Tim F, Sunday, 29 April 2012 22:53 (five years ago) Permalink

^Hmmm, maybe. I think perhaps my interpretation has been swayed by reading interviews with them where they've talked at length about things like all the different pirate radio stations that they listened to from the 90s onwards, but there are undeniable jungle/d&b elements to quite a few of the tunes here. I like your take on it too though, there are definitely some tunes that have that kind of swimmy euphoric feel to them where you can half-imagine a DJ playing them at sunrise near the end of an all-night rave in the late 80s.
Candy Rain by Amen Ra is another very big tune on this album, and I cosign all the appreciation for Akashic Visions upthread. So there's lots of good things going on here, but I think the combination of sample/reference point over-familiarity with the perhaps being just too many tunes is holding me back from being head-over-heels crazy about it, at least for the moment.

xpost to dog latin.

Mr Andy M, Sunday, 29 April 2012 23:07 (five years ago) Permalink

It's definitely got that same feel as the first Horsepower Productions album - probably the closest actual sonic reference point (albeit boringly so: comparing to Hidden Agenda being both more interesting as an approach and more inviting as a recommendation) esp. tunes like "Pimp Flavours" and "Fat Larry's Skank" - to the effect that it's kind of exhausting even if it's not strictly speaking "samey" throughout.

Tim F, Sunday, 29 April 2012 23:17 (five years ago) Permalink

Yeah obviously I get that this is partly a compilation of their earlier releases as well as new material, but I still feel they could have trimmed it a bit.
Haven't listened to that first Horsepower Prods album in aaaaages actually, might be time to dig it out again. (I remember preferring it by miles to their 2nd album, but I guess most people felt that way?).

Mr Andy M, Sunday, 29 April 2012 23:27 (five years ago) Permalink

Oh yes, the first HP album may have its flaws but it's still a great album; the second was dire.

Tim F, Sunday, 29 April 2012 23:51 (five years ago) Permalink

What about Quest For The Sonic Bounty? I remember thinking that was alright.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Monday, 30 April 2012 00:18 (five years ago) Permalink

disc 1 of this lhf thing is better than disc 2, disc 2 seems to be unreleased stuff that didn't make the 12" cut

the late great, Monday, 30 April 2012 00:22 (five years ago) Permalink

no, it's a reflection of their best tracks. vinyl is very expensive and not condusive to large numbers of tracks, so we've been taking it one EP at a time.

Martinclark, Monday, 30 April 2012 16:55 (five years ago) Permalink

oh, i see - so disc 2 is newer stuff?

how many people in lhf? is each pseudonym a different person or are some the same person or recombination of a few people?

the late great, Monday, 30 April 2012 17:04 (five years ago) Permalink

btw disc 1 vs disc 2 thing is not a knock, both discs are a fabulous revelation for me (i only heard the first ep until now)

the late great, Monday, 30 April 2012 17:11 (five years ago) Permalink

LHF = Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Low Density Matter, Octaviour, Escobar Seasons, Solar Man and Lumin Project, while Exhale acts as events and communications lieutenant for the clan.

Martinclark, Monday, 30 April 2012 17:33 (five years ago) Permalink

so amen ra, double helix, low density matter and no fixed abode are all different people?

more low density matter please

the late great, Monday, 30 April 2012 17:34 (five years ago) Permalink

escobar seasons sounds like something off good lookin

the late great, Monday, 30 April 2012 17:35 (five years ago) Permalink

LHF Chronicles

LHF spirals for two hours

Unbreakable codes....


No Fixed Abode- "Nucleus"
No Fixed Abode feat Amen Ra- "Wash Over"
Solar Man- "Cold Hearted"
Solar Man- "Lucid"
Octaviour feat No Fixed Abode- "Nibiru"
Amen Ra vs No Fixed Abode- "Secrets 2"
Double Helix vs Low Density Matter- "Crystalised Vision"
Amen Ra- "Trickles"
Double Helix- "Bats In A Cave"
Amen Ra- "Pranayama"
Amen Ra- "Tandava"
Double Helix feat Low Density Matter - "Pantomimes 2"
Double Helix- "Illusion Of Time"
Octaviour- "I Carry Message"
Octaviour vs Double Helix- "Flashbacks"
Double Helix- "Flux Refix"
Double Helix- "Judgement Day 2012"
Amen Ra- "Sleepyhead 2"
Double Helix- ??
Amen Ra- "Forwards"
Low Density Matter- "Hearts and Minds"
Amen Ra- "Oracle"
Amen Ra- ??
Low Density Matter- "Heatwave"
Amen Ra- "The Cook Up"
Amen Ra- "Lemon Dayze"
Amen Ra- ??
Amen Ra- "Northbound"
Double Helix- ??
Double Helix- ??
Double Helix- ??
Amen Ra feat No Fixed Abode- "Carte Blanche"
Amen Ra feat No Fixed Abode- "Dog Star"
Low Density Matter- "Reach Out 2010"
Amen Ra- ??
Low Density Matter- "28 Days"
Amen Ra-
No Fixed Abode- "Victory"

11th March Jungle Special



"Sky" – Just Jungle (VIP)
"Going Gets Tuff" – Lemon D
"In My Life" – Lemon D
"Get Carter" – Hidden Agenda
"One & Only" – PFM
"Just For You" – Shogun
"Horizons" – LTJ Bukem
"Jazz Note" – Krust
"Is it Love"– Hidden Agenda
"Pressin On" – Hidden Agenda
"Being With You" – Foul Play
"The Rain" – Photek
"Rollin Voodoo" – DJ Spatts
"Dreams of Heaven" – Grooverider
"Life Began Changing2 – Van Kleef
"Rollers Convention Part3" – DJ SS (Grooverider Remix)
"Drumz 95" – Doc Scott (Nasty Habbits Mix)
"Crisis" – Coda
"On The Roof" – Hidden Agenda
"Slow Down" – Macka Brown ft Robbie Craig
"Tranquil" – J Majik
"Peace in Our Time" – Van Kleef
"Roll the Beats" – DJ Hype
"Steppers Anthem"- Rude Bwoy Monty
"Funky Worm" – Ray Kieth (Woo!Mix)
"Dubwars"– Badman (Tango Remix)
"Next Sound" – Just Jungle
"Babylon" – Splash (Trace Mix)
"This Sound Is For The Underground" –Krome & Time

25th march 2012

LHF takeover

It's Alive.....


Who Are The Keepers? Group Mix


Protect & Serve - Octaviour
Lucid - Solar Man
Sono Luminessence - Double Helix
Life Age - Double Helix
Hot Steppin - Double Helix
Dream Catcher - Amen Ra
Dreamers Lament - Double Helix
Candy Rain - Amen Ra
Chamber of Light - Double Helix
No Love - Amen Ra vs NFA
The Gap - Double Helix ft Solar Man
Supreme Architecture - Double Helix
Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition) - NFA
Solo - LDM
Pranayama - Amen Ra

Keepers of The Light Vol.1


Solar Man- “Cerafin”
No Fixed Abode- “Flowers”
Solar Man- “Cold Hearted”
Low Density- “New Gun”
Amen Ra- “Hidden Life Force”
Amen Ra feat. Double Helix- “Song to Auset”
Low Density Matter- “Definitions”
Amen Ra- “From Whence We came”
Double Helix- “Futuristic Dream”
Double Helix- “Ghost”
Amen Ra- “N22/The Aves”
Double Helix- “The Possibilities 2009”
Double Helix- “Black Ops”
Amen Ra- “Unknown Sources”
Amen Ra and Double Helix- “God Walk”
No Fixed Abode- “Static”

Keepers of The Light Vol.2


Solar Man- "Light and Dark"
Solar Man- "Life Rhythms (Babylon Must Burn)"
No Fixed Abode- "Beginners Mind"
"Do For Self" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Mountain Top Guru"
Double Helix- "Voyages"
Double Helix- "Eastern Philosophies"
Low Density Matter- "Bright Sparks"
Double Helix- "TSR-1"
No Fixed Abode- "Touch n Go 2"
Amen-Ra- "Boiling Point"
Low Density Matter- "Reach out 2010"
Double Helix- "96 Flavas (No More Games)"
Amen-Ra- "Fragments of a Love Story"
"Grit Skit" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Final Chapter"
Amen-Ra- "Trifle"
Low Density Matter- "Midnight Oil"
Amen Ra feat. No Fixed Abode- "Gradual Alignment"

Keepers of the Light Vol.3


Solar Man "Affirmation"
"Stories" (Interlude)
Amen Ra "Connected"
Low Density Matter "Love Affair"
Low Density Matter "Better Days"
"Higher Plains" (Interlude)
Low Density Matter "Wash"
Double Helix feat Amen Ra "Secret Portal"
Amen Ra and Double Helix "Soul Power"
"Narrow Is The Gate" (Interlude)
Amen Ra "Saved My Soul"
Double Helix "Inferno 2010 " (Helixs' 3rd Degree Mix)
No Fixed Abode "Fallen Queen"
Double Helix "Dance With The Devil"
Double Helix "Manoeuvres"
No Fixed Abode "For The Thrown"
"The Power Of Vibrations" (Interlude)
No Fixed Abode "Golden"
Low Density Matter "After 8"
Amen Ra- "Embalmer"
"Watchin Over Me" (Interlude)
Solar Man- "Twinkle In Your Eye"

Infiltration Vol.1


Double Helix- "Unity Dub"
Low Density Matter- "Eternal Truth"
Double Helix- "Hard Times"
Amen-Ra- "Connection"
Amen-Ra ft. Double Helix- "London Underground"
Double Helix- "Judgement Day"
Amen-Ra ft. Double Helix- "Borderline"
Double Helix ft. Low Density Matter- "Flux"
Amen-Ra- "Murk"
Double Helix- "Originators"
Double Helix- "The Chains"
Amen-Ra- "Tired Dub"
Amen-Ra- "No Fear"
Double Helix- "The Approach" (Out on Kursed Recordings, mp3 release)
Octaviour- "Misty Mountain"
Amen-Ra vs. Double Helix- "Demon Slayer"
Amen-Ra vs. Double Helix- "Shadows"

Infiltration Vol.2


Amen Ra - The Origin
Amen Ra and Double Helix - Steelz
Amen Ra and Double Helix - Mystery
Octaviour - I Carry Message
Amen Ra and Double Helix - Soul Power
Escobar - Back To Xenon
Double Helix - Touch The Feeling
Escobar - Vibrationz
Double Helix - Gusto
Escobar - Apparition
Amen Ra - Step By Step
Escobar - Smoke Signal
Double Helix - The System
Escobar - Starlight Prophecy
Low Density Matter - Precognition
Amen Ra - Most High
Low Density Matter - Friday Night Project
Low Density Matter - Tranquil Forest
Amen Ra - Escapades
Escobar - No Wonder
Amen Ra - Ode To Life
No Fixed Abode - Secrets

Infiltration Vol.3


No Fixed Abode- "Bring Us"
Double Helix- Untitled
Double Helix- "Night Of The Temple"
Double Helix- "New Gun"
Double Helix- "Inward Journey"
No Fixed Abode- "Remembrance"
Double Helix- "Brainwashed"
Double Helix- "Weed Psychosis"
Double Helix- "Mind Patch"
Double Helix- "Moment In History"
Amen-Ra- "Take It All Back"
Octaviour- "Urban Rose"
Double Helix- "The Coo"
Double Helix- "Bamboo Dub"
Double Helix- "Bact To Roots"
Double Helix- "Foundation"
Double Helix- "Back To The Wall"
Double Helix- "Strangers"
Amen-Ra- "Nectar" (Double Helix Remix)
Amen-Ra feat. Double Helix- "Lessons"
Double Helix- "Midnight Oil"
Amen-Ra feat. Double Helix- "Broken Glass"
Amen-Ra and Double Helix- "Graveyard Shift"
No Fixed Abode- "Overmind"
No Fixed Abode- ??

Infiltration Vol.4


Low Density Matter- "Tranquil Forest"
Amen-Ra- "Ode"
No Fixed Abode- "Dependence"
No Fixed Abode- "Izwha Refixed"
Double Helix- Untitled
Low Density Matter- "So Simple"
Low Density Matter- "Precognition" (Amen-Ra Refix)
Double Helix- "Late Night Frequencies"
Double Helix- "Digital Voodoo"
Amen-Ra- "We Have Visitors" (LHF Skit 2)
Amen-Ra- "Lightseeker 2"
Amen-Ra- "Driftin"
Double Helix- "Strangers 2"
Double Helix- "operator"
Amen-Ra- "Help Yourself"
Double Helix- "Know Yourself"
Low Density Matter- "Area Status"
No Fixed Abode- "Chinese Watergarden" (LHF Skit 4)
No Fixed Abode- "So Rare"

Infiltration Vol.5


Amen-Ra- "Fine Tuning"
Double Helix- "Voyages"
Double Helix- "Detached From Reality 2008"
No Fixed Abode- "Commuters"
Double Helix- "Life Forms"
Amen-Ra- "Space Migration"
Double Helix- "Unchartered Lands"
No Fixed Abode- "Fragrance"
No Fixed Abode vs. Double Helix- "Underground Angel"
No Fixed Abode- "Indian Street Slang"
Double Helix- "Hermes"
Vibezin- "Touch n Go" (No Fixed Abode remix)
Double Helix- "Know Yourself"
Low Density Matter- "Reflections"
Low Density Matter- "Blue Steel"
Low Density Matter- "Star Gazing"
Amen-Ra- "Hibernation revisited"
Double Helix- "Gatekeeper"
Double Helix- "The Helix"
Amen-Ra- "Sleepy Head"
No Fixed Abode- "Prizms"
Double Helix- "Cryosleep 2008"
Amen-Ra- "Pirate Signal"
No Fixed Abode- "So Rare"
No Fixed Abode- "Gaia"

Infiltration Vol.6


No Fixed Abode- “Active Listening”
Solar Man- “New York Velvet”
No Fixed Abde- “Space Pioneers”
No Fixed Abode- “Brown Sound”
Amen-Ra- “Turn It Around”
Low Density Matter- “Liquid Dimension (Need You)”
Double Helix- “28 Days 2009”
Double Helix- “7 Steps”
Amen-Ra- “Fairytales”
Solar Man feat Low Density Matter- “Mad Jazz Standards”
No Fixed Abode- “Dusk”
Octaviour- “Desecrated”
Double Helix- “Knifes Edge”
Double Helix- “Judgement Day 2009”
Double Helix- “The Burial”
Solar Man- “Life Rhythms (Babylon Must Burn)”
Amen-Ra and Double Helix- “God-Walk”
Amen-Ra and Double Helix- “New Jack City”
Double Helix- “Love Generation”
Double Helix- “Inferno”
No Fixed Abode- “Secret Assignment”

Martinclark, Tuesday, 1 May 2012 09:25 (five years ago) Permalink



Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Tuesday, 1 May 2012 09:28 (five years ago) Permalink

What does "8O XD" mean?

Martinclark, Tuesday, 1 May 2012 12:51 (five years ago) Permalink

"Wow" and "Yay", Martin. Sorry, I don't normally do that smiley thing.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Tuesday, 1 May 2012 13:18 (five years ago) Permalink

ah OK. sorry, they come out as letters in Chrome for me.

Martinclark, Tuesday, 1 May 2012 14:49 (five years ago) Permalink

they are letters. sorry, i hate myself for writing them now.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Tuesday, 1 May 2012 14:52 (five years ago) Permalink

lol, don't feel bad, I just had no idea.

Martinclark, Friday, 4 May 2012 10:13 (five years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

Fresh UV show (LHF special) to DL: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oknu1s

Amen Ra speaks to Andrew Ryce at RA about his influences: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1601

Martinclark, Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:13 (five years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

This came up on shuffle yesterdat from the depths of my itunes and I realised I absolutely love it:


the joke should be over once the kid is eaten. (chap), Friday, 23 October 2015 11:22 (two years ago) Permalink

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