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i guess my reaction is that i don't see bo xilai as being too far off the party's ideological bullseye. he was nationalistic, was down for the party at all costs (he was supposedly pretty enthusiastic about carrying out the order to shut down falun gong), saw economic growth as the ticket to stability (starting with direct foreign investment and later nurturing chinese consumer market, chinese econ sovereignty etc). he was pretty good at playing popular opinion wherever he landed. in chongqing, he knew it was corruption, urban-rural residency, "morality," shit like that. and he just kind of got caught flexing in the mirror at just the wrong time by someone with slightly more pull. neo-maoist, hardly.

and i've ridden in more ferraris than i could count bought for kids by parents far less wealthy than bo xilai. he hasn't driven it into anyone yet or strangled a ktv girl yet, either. cut the kid some slack. what's his name? guagua or something?

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l: 2
r: 4

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i think this is good.

First, Bo was more an opportunist than an ideologue. To the extent there was a “Chongqing model,” it was largely self-serving: As a big-city mayor and former provincial governor, Bo knew that higher gross domestic product and foreign direct investment were what won attention and plaudits, and he did his best to boost both. He favored state-owned enterprises because that’s where the money was.

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i guess my reaction is that i don't see bo xilai as being too far off the party's ideological bullseye. he was nationalistic, was down for the party at all costs

well maybe the ideology is changing! that would be good, I think. but I mean you can spin it the other way and portray bo as a guy who left chongqing with a ton of debt and got in hot water by going after 'corruption' which means people who are well connected with the state.

wish I had a couple mil to buy up some HK property for cheap

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that's a pretty big story in vancouver since they're behind lots of high profile
developments @ coal harbour, ubc, richmond
and juust like in hong kong, real estate is a great passion in vancouver (esp richmond)

In Vancouver, the Kwok brothers, through their Canadian subsidiary, Aspac Developments Ltd., are best known for transforming Coal Harbour into a prestigious waterfront neighbourhood, with the Harbour Green luxury condo towers.

Waterfront Place, Aspac’s first Coal Harbour development, was completed in September 2003. Each of the five towers was named after a famous European city: Avila, Bauhinia, Cascina, Denia and Escala.

In Richmond, the Kwoks are involved in the new urban low-rise waterfront community called River Green, which is being developed on the banks of the Fraser River near the Olympic Oval and the Vancouver International Airport.

At UBC, the tycoon brothers are behind the 17-storey highrise called The Wesbrook on the edge of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

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i drive by the river green development everytime i cross the bridge from richmond to sea island/yvr
wonder what the status on it is now

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oh also

Urine-soaked eggs a spring taste treat in China city

would definitely try those

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qingming jokes




吴琼花问: 姐妹们都翻身得解放了吗?

扬子荣问:土匪都剿灭了 吗?

杨白劳问:地主都消灭了 么?

雷锋问:那 资本家呢?



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sorry let me get back on track

eleanor wachtel w chan koonchung talking about the fat years

an interesting guy. interesting conversation.
(book is sorta weak to me. even weaker old fashioned-y english translation by decrepit weirdo michael duke)

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fuck, i shouldn't call him a decrepit weirdo, even if i meant it in a nice way. michael duke is a legit o.g. in the world of chinese literature and has a deep knowledge of the field and i treasure my time spent with him CHIN412 in buchanan building lecture halls madly jotting down notes in an indecipherable mixture of traditionalsimplified characters and pinyin trying to soak up some genius or trying to keep up while butting into a conversation between him and yu hua.

but his translations are creaky and dull

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dylannnn I'm not big on chinese lit on general, but thought you might find this interesting

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hey, bo, where you wanna go?

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lai changxing, smuggler, pimp and folk hero, subject of the great book inside the red mansion, who made it to canada and had a good run before being kicked out and sent back to china with a promise not to kill him...

going on trial
in xiamen

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china is like a bunch of 12 year olds arguing whether the ps3 or the xbox360 is better xp

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right. this is pretty absurd.

taking it serious for a second...

Social Networks: Facebook > Kaixin > Renren > Tencent Pengyou

u on any of these these dyao? i was surprised that facebook is like the one site that people are willing to bother downloading freegate for (FG same initials as its #1 moneygiver FAL** GO** and the u.s. state department i think). i sort of just set it aside until i realized everyone i knew was on it (that was under 35 and prob wealthy + spoke english). i checked out renren and kaixin but hated both. and i actually like qq pengyou because it has the qq userbase
just like weixin
which is the most necessary thing to have on your mobile device in china (love the LOOK AROUND feature).

Cell Phones: Blackberry > Apple > Xiaomi > HTC > Samsung > Sony Ericsson > Nokia > Motorola > Lenovo > ZTE > shanzhai mobile phones

mannnnnnnnnn... i don't even know what xiaomi is. blackberry shouldn't be on there. htc is a step above shanzhai. apple is #1 for sure. samsung is #2, i think! nexus is def widely coveted and snobbish.

Fast Fashion: Topshop > Zara > H&M > Forever 21 > Vera Moda > Metersbonwe/Yishion/Bossini.
needs uniqlo

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hey u guys think shen congwen ever banged ding ling?

the granta CHINA WEEK was boring. never want to read another interview with mo yan again.

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not on any of the chinese ones, but a lot of my friends are on renren, and of course everybody has QQ + weibo

everybody in HK is on facebook

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Is HK firewalled?

hot slag (lukas), Sunday, 22 April 2012 20:00 (five years ago) Permalink


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that's why redirects to

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harvard must be thrilled at the uptick in web traffic

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so ah chen guangcheng escaped??

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so should i read The Fat Years?

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what else do you have to do?

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I cna't keep up with the chen guangcheng saga it's too much

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big mords.
as i said above
it reminds me a lot of late qing/republican era utopian novels/national allegory novels. sort of unsophisticated somehow and it isn't helped by the oldfashioned translation.
more interested to read about than actually read.
listen to the eleanor wachtel interview.

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i'm guessing he's not leaving on hillary's plane
as he's asking
but i've been wrong about stuff like this before. but hiding out in the us embassy was probably a good move longterm even if possibly they weren't 100% honest with how they dealt with him.

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this is going to sound terrible, but it's so rare to read a contemporary novel that really matters to any ppl anywhere - or at least it seems that way to me. that's at least 80% of my interest. the other 20% is that i have a thing for dystopias.

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these people are really gross

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that review was written by my former TA who knows his stuff

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agree with everything there and it was what i was trying to say

fits in tradition of most modern chinese fiction -- didactic, characters are wooden and moved around in simplistic plots with the most inelegant fiction moves you'll ever see, dialogue often turns into lectures on the lesson that the work is trying to inform us about

and of course, modern chinese lit has a small stable of translators (goldblatt & duke account for 99% of every chinese novel in translation i think) that seem incapable of turning chinese into modern english. the translations often remind me of the english of novels of the 40s and 50s. so much so much bad chinese-english translation.

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v interesting, confession I once thought about doing comp lit for a living

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I had no idea that leslie chang was married to peter hessler

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not really a fan of that style ofw riting though, a little too smug, positing america + historical china as better paradigms. uhh, america is pretty fucked up too, and historical china is not that much better than current china

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hessler's book about driving in china (which is really good) is dedicated to her and i think
factory girls was dedicated to him

i think i wrote briefly about du lala's promotion on chinese littranslation site paper republic
not sure. but it's fairly horrifying. chang's piece here isn't... .... bad..............

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three weeks pass...

Shanghai Index drops 64.89 points on anniversary of Tiananmen Square (which occurred on 6/4/89)


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Provocative analysis of how the Chinese economy is rigged to the benefit of the elite:

o. nate, Monday, 11 June 2012 14:06 (five years ago) Permalink

no surprises there

un® (dayo), Monday, 11 June 2012 23:06 (five years ago) Permalink

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