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Should I wear...

a scarf?

Lucretia My Reflection (Lucretia My Reflection), Friday, 29 April 2005 13:44 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Hey, what else is on tonight?

BARMS, Friday, 29 April 2005 13:55 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Luxembourg are playing tonight in Camden but I'm starting to have second thoughts about going because I'm tired and my hangover isn't lifting and I've just had shitty news from an editor who ignored my emails for A MONTH after I already had the go-ahead from another editor to do AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF WORK and I think I may have exceded my weekly quota for actually dealing with ex boyfriends.

Lapdog Shoesnog (kate), Friday, 29 April 2005 14:01 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

You coulda just said "I dunno"!

BARMS, Friday, 29 April 2005 14:10 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Sorry, I'm in a bad mood now and needed a rant.

My abridged answer is: Luxembourg are playing in Camden. That is something that is going on tonight. (Here I am, brain the size of a planet and I'm giving club listings, etc, blah blah)

Lapdog Shoesnog (kate), Friday, 29 April 2005 14:12 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I think you need more than one event, big brain! Soz about the bad mood.

BARMS, Friday, 29 April 2005 14:20 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Vitalic people - where should we meet? What about that bar we went to for Marianna's birthday, at about 9.30?

Matt DC (Matt DC), Friday, 29 April 2005 14:57 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Actually, forget that, its a bit of a trek. Foundry?

Matt DC (Matt DC), Friday, 29 April 2005 14:57 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Am easy for Vitalic meeting, anywhere really. who is coming? I know of me, Matt, Marianna, Pete?, and a few non-ilx friends of mine.

also, I think I have a spare plus one should anyone want it, Greg is suffering from impending finals.

The Lex (The Lex), Friday, 29 April 2005 17:37 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

The Big Chill is OUT because scary bouncer man wants my babies.

marianna lcl (marianna lcl), Friday, 29 April 2005 17:52 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I am reading this thread with a sad sad face :(

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Friday, 29 April 2005 17:59 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


The Lex (The Lex), Friday, 29 April 2005 18:08 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Marianna and I have arbitrarily decided on 10pm at the Bricklayer's Arms on Rivington Street to meet up. Does this suit all?

The Lex (The Lex), Friday, 29 April 2005 21:32 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Whoops! It's actually on Charlotte St.

marianna lcl (marianna lcl), Saturday, 30 April 2005 06:57 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Hello! I am back and aware of these dancing shenanigans tonight. I'm all over Vitalic like white on rice, and as for a meeting place, I see I've been beaten to the punch re: Bricklayers Arms, which I like. I usually suggest the Dragon bar (my personal fave), but it's not a good spot for us to meet - too packed and loud. At the Bricklayers you can just hang out on the street, and it's a stone's throw from Cargo...

Rob Bolton (Rob Bolton), Saturday, 30 April 2005 10:49 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

So since I've been away for 3 months, what goes on in dancing places these days? Are there dancing robots yet? Are there any fashion trends or faux-pas I should be made aware of?

Rob Bolton (Rob Bolton), Saturday, 30 April 2005 10:50 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Wow. That fancyapint review is one of the nastiest I've ever seen. Clientele: wankers. Ouch.

Rob Bolton (Rob Bolton), Saturday, 30 April 2005 10:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Haha fantastic. I am looking forward to this pub already.

Considering our Seal exploits last night were a complete disaster of unrivalled proportions, I'm looking forward to dancing at a club with people in it. Fucking old men and their acoustic guitar gigs.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Saturday, 30 April 2005 12:14 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I had forgotten that The Hacker and Agoria were playing as well tonight! Yay!

I presume I'd thought that Vitalic would be so unbelievably awesome he'd, like, EAT everyone else or something.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Saturday, 30 April 2005 12:22 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I don't even know what a vitalic is. I'm at Emma's office, scanning my comics and arguing with my editors and will be until Dr. Who comes on. Argh. Does anyone in Brixton have a TV we can borrow for an hour around 7pm?

Lapdog Shoesnog (kate), Saturday, 30 April 2005 14:09 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Meet at Cargo at 9.30pm to avoid guestlist fuck-ups.

A vitalic is a good good thing, Kate!

The Lex (The Lex), Saturday, 30 April 2005 14:34 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Say hello to Mr Vitalic for me.

Ronan (Ronan), Saturday, 30 April 2005 17:38 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

From Tuomas's random library lust thread last year:

If only I had some credible excuse to go and talk to her inviting her and everyoen else in class to your excelent feminist booze-vitalic-n-sauna party next weekend? hello?

-- :| (...), October 19th, 2004 3:36 PM.

What's Vitalic?

-- Tuomas (tuomas.alh...), October 20th, 2004 9:21 AM.

It is very loud and fast and goes 'wumwumwumwumwumwumwumwum' and there is lots of banging.

-- Matt DC (runmd...), October 20th, 2004 9:22 AM.


-- Tuomas (tuomas.alh...), October 20th, 2004 9:23 AM.

It's Matt's fantasy version of himself.

-- Alba (albab...), October 20th, 2004 9:24 AM.

Har Matt Superstar.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 9:32 AM.

I would totally film a makeout party in a sauna with Vitalic on s/t duties.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 10:41 AM.

i'm worried that Tuomas' friend has a secret crush on him and is being all torn up inside now that his attentions are directed at the Icelandic Maiden.

Well, let me assure this isn't the case! But yesterday I got the feeling that Finnish girl who sat next to me in the class (and thus prevented me and the Icelandic girl winding up near each other) and began chatting up with me might harbour some sort of interest in me, which makes the situation even more complicated.

if she's checking you out while in class, chances are she thinks you're cute as well, but is also being shy.

I thought of this at first, but my low self-esteem said to me, "She's super-pretty while you're not exactly cute yourself, she couldn't possibly be interested in you.". Of course, the Icelandic girl might think exactly the same. She certainly isn't pretty in the conventional way, nor even in the Björkish elfin-kinda-way, I think what drew my attention to her is that her appearance escapes all the categories I can think of.

Alba, what is the "bend and snap" technique? And I still don't know what Vitalic is either...

-- Tuomas (tuomas.alh...), October 20th, 2004 11:09 AM.

Vitalic is Ronan's Viagra.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 11:12 AM.

Matt wants some but he don't get none.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 11:12 AM.

Okay, a quick googling reveals that Vitalic is some sort of skin cream. But what does it have to do with partying?

-- Tuomas (tuomas.alh...), October 20th, 2004 11:16 AM.

You spread it everywhere and get down.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 11:17 AM.

vitalic is moisturizing like you wouldnt beleive.

-- :| (...), October 20th, 2004 11:20 AM.

what is the "bend and snap" technique?

In other words, for smooth lines, use Vitalic.

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 11:23 AM.

I am all about that Alter Ego exfoliator these days.

-- Matt DC (runmd...), October 20th, 2004 11:29 AM.

Garni- *gets shot*

-- B.A.R.M.S. (b4rim4_...), October 20th, 2004 11:32 AM.

Why didn't I think of that? That's twice this thread has made me feel like a failure.

-- Matt DC (runmd...), October 20th, 2004 11:34 AM.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Saturday, 30 April 2005 18:19 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I still don't know what a Vitalic is. The Windmill is sold out, so we are dancing in the office and watching the cops raid every house across the road.

(I didn't go to Luxembourg either last night so I don't know what I'm doing posting this thread anyway.)

Lapdog Shoesnog (kate), Saturday, 30 April 2005 18:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Just got in from Superpitcher/ESG. Both were great, as was the half of Jake Fairley's live set I saw before my legs finally gave way. The Sky Was Pink slowly mixed into Brutalga Square = dancefloor heaven. What was NOT great was getting there at 9pm and discovering none of the above were on until midnight. *Everyone* was there for ESG so all the djs beforehand were semi-ignored, which resulted in very little dancing and a distinct lack of voibe. It didn't help that one of the guys seemed to be having trouble with the idea of segueing records together - I don't think I've ever heard so many gaps between tracks in my life.

I got a very sad text from Matt DC at about half two. Apparently Vitalic had his laptop nicked and so couldn't play :-(

RickyT (RickyT), Sunday, 1 May 2005 02:28 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

No guitars.
No leather.
No laptop.
No fun.


Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 09:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Actually, the rest of the night was pretty good. Very good voibe in there and whatever that last tune The Hacker played was amazing.

Agoria were a proper oldskool-fest, weren't they? What with LFO, Strings of Life, that big Trans Europe Express thing and whatever that trancey record was that Rob went mental over. Very nice indeed.

And for the first time ever I've made it home awake on the night bus two nights running.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 09:29 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Poor Vitalic, and poor us :(

such a pity, as until that point it was pretty ace as Matt said, but after the announcement the vibe died and the music got progressively shit (Marilyn Manson, fuck's sake).

The Lex (The Lex), Sunday, 1 May 2005 09:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Did Agoria play after the Hacker then? We were stuck at the back trying not to knock over some bloke filiming for a french TV channel, so couldn't see much.

I assume we left after The Hacker, cos he finished on Flesh & Bone (well, a much messed up version of it anyway...). Great night though, from the sounds of it we left for bagels at the right time!

Can't believe his laptop was nicked, poor bloke.

MattR (MattR), Sunday, 1 May 2005 10:22 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

B-b-but... epic Kraftwerk mixes! I disagree with you on the vibe dying actually - I had a great time in the last couple of hours, but for a lot of that it only seemed to be me, Marianna and Trish on the dancefloor from the ILX crowd so no idea where the rest of you were.

(xpost - Agoria were both before and after the Hacker. There was a lot of fannying around onstage when Le Onzieme Marche was played and that might have been when the laptop went missing, I think).

Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 10:29 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Also, what was that record (played twice last night) that's one high-pitched stuttering woop wooping noise? Its fantastic and I've heard it out before and I'm sure its really famous but I can't quite place it.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 10:31 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Jesus, so the laptop was nicked FROM the club?! Thats harsh.

The "high-pitched stuttering woop wooping noise" could be Roman Flugels Gehts Nocht? Fits that description anyway, and god knows everyones hammering it at the moment.

MattR (MattR), Sunday, 1 May 2005 10:36 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

The laptop was nicked from the stage! In full view of everyone! Not that anyone actually noticed.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 10:57 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Man, that sneak thief deserves to watch his own balls slowly roasting on an open fire before being forced to eat them.

The Irrelevant Man (Negativa) (Barima), Sunday, 1 May 2005 14:47 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I disagree with you on the vibe dying actually - I had a great time in the last couple of hours, but for a lot of that it only seemed to be me, Marianna and Trish on the dancefloor from the ILX crowd so no idea where the rest of you were.

we tried to dance too but I couldn't get into it, my mind was like one big :(

Initially they seemed to be doing a good job in a horrible situation but it really deteriorated I thought - Marilyn Manson's cover of 'Personal Jesus' was just a total nadir.

We listened to the Vitalic album at the house party, it was scant consolation.

The Lex (The Lex), Sunday, 1 May 2005 16:14 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I didn't even notice it was the Manson Personal Jesus at the time. Possibly because my mind was going "durr de durr de durr de durr de durr" in a Monstertruckdriver stylee throughout the entire track.

PS - Anyone want to buy a laptop? One careful owner, scuzzy noise key a bit worn out, otherwise mint.

Matt DC (Matt DC), Sunday, 1 May 2005 23:51 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

This thread is so beautiful.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Monday, 2 May 2005 12:46 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

DFA night at The Social, tomorrow or more accurately today, that is to say TUESDAY MAY 3. The Juan MacLean, Tim Goldsworthy (who slept with someone I know last week even though he is old and looks like a physics student; she says she doesn't recognise him) and Jon Galkin.

7-12pm, FREE. yes, FREE. I will be there, who else is going?

The Lex (The Lex), Monday, 2 May 2005 22:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


charltonlido (gareth), Monday, 2 May 2005 22:31 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I would pay top dollar to see Vitalic Unplugged.

So hey what is on this weekend?!

stevem in nyoik, Monday, 2 May 2005 22:39 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

well, that was probably the most fun i've had on a massively disappointing night for a while. i thought the music and voibe were fine really, even after the announcement. tbh people didn't seem that bothered!

i came on here to ask about the same tune i think Matt DC is asking about, it is a monster and i've heard it loads recently!

pete b. (pete b.), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 08:37 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

It sounds like "Geht's Noch?", is it really high pitched and squeaky and repetetive?

Like the kind of tune you'd get really deathly sick of? haha just messing, it is really good!

Ronan (Ronan), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 08:44 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

your friend doesn't recognise someone she slept with? also, fyi at least a few of the ppl from the aforementioned label (incl. the two named) read at least ilm.

lauren (laurenp), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 09:09 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

is there anyone that doesn't read this thing? (hi mum!)

did you make the 5 o'clock train? i was on the 6! i was glad to get back here!

charltonlido (gareth), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 09:31 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

yes, we made it after a few hourse wandering around the city centre. i bought some miu miu sunglasses, which was pretty much the highlight of the day.

lauren (laurenp), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 09:36 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

she didn't recognise him as being Tim G. neither would I!

The Lex (The Lex), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 10:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh. This sounds like it might have been fun. More fun than watching the police raiding houses in Brixton. I went to a NOYZE gig instead. Oh wait, no, that was last night, I'm confused.

Lapdog Shoesnog (kate), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 10:22 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I'm sure I posted the DFA heads-up last week. Anyways, should see some of you there.

The Irrelevant Man (Negativa) (Barima), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 11:17 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

What with LFO, Strings of Life, that big Trans Europe Express thing and whatever that trancey record was that Rob went mental over

age of love! age of love! wooooooo!

Rob Bolton (Rob Bolton), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 11:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Cut Copy are back as of tomorrow:

Wednesday May 4
Pure Groove Instore
Holloway Road [Near Archway tube]

They're also on at Sonic Mook Experiment on Thurs and supporting Mylo everywhere else. I'm very keen to see them at Hyde Park at t'end of June, mind.

The Irrelevant Man (Negativa) (Barima), Tuesday, 3 May 2005 13:23 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

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