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David R., Thursday, 3 April 2008 19:53 (twelve years ago) link

My God, Mark Grace is an incredible blowhard on the D'backs games.

Dr Morbius, Monday, 7 April 2008 13:54 (twelve years ago) link

I am really pissed at Rupert Murdoch right now. FOX has exclusive rights to MLB tv rights on Saturday until 5 p.m. and no obligation to show any games.

They blocked every single game on Saturday including all regionals (Cubs was listed as Cox regional) while they showed family sitcom reruns.


felicity, Monday, 7 April 2008 14:00 (twelve years ago) link

Owners and MLB expected to lift many blackout restrictions in 2009.

I guess they are launching a Baseball Channel next year. I would be surprised if there was no collusion lawsuit filed against MLB on this, or even an inquiry.

Speaking of which, I heard a rumor that the players' union was threatening to file a collusion action against the owners for what is basically an (tacit?) agreement to keep Barry Bonds out of baseball.

felicity, Wednesday, 9 April 2008 00:16 (twelve years ago) link

Fehr gave a non-denial denial.

Dr Morbius, Wednesday, 9 April 2008 14:41 (twelve years ago) link

one month passes...

I am really enjoying this Yankees-Tigers epic matchup on Fox's Saturday MLB exclusive. Derek Jeter hits his first home run of the year. What a story.

Maybe they'll show a shot of the Yankee Stadium other games scoreboard with the


because nobody in LA would even pay to watch that snoozefest on or anything.

felicity, Saturday, 10 May 2008 21:05 (twelve years ago) link

max scherzer is a v sexy man

deeznuts, Saturday, 10 May 2008 21:22 (twelve years ago) link


felicity, Saturday, 10 May 2008 21:23 (twelve years ago) link

one year passes...

i just got my renewal notice from DirecTV:

You are all set to enjoy another exciting season of MLB EXTRA INNINGS. We are renewing you at the lowest price of 6 payments of $31.99/month...

last year i paid a total of $189 on DirecTV (both teams feed = best thing ever) and this year it will go up to $191.94. so pretty much the same expect i get to pay less per month but added two additional months.

Bee OK, Wednesday, 10 February 2010 02:19 (ten years ago) link

one month passes...

I'm hoping the preview week is on my cable -- Greinke-Verlander tonight.

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Monday, 5 April 2010 19:41 (ten years ago) link

In less than half an hour.

Andy K, Monday, 5 April 2010 19:44 (ten years ago) link

it's on mine, psyched

johnny crunch, Monday, 5 April 2010 20:06 (ten years ago) link

fuckin a. girlfriend is out with a friend tonight too. I will wallow so hard.

mayor jingleberries, Monday, 5 April 2010 20:09 (ten years ago) link

oh well, will watch Mets' rerun and Lincecum then.

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Monday, 5 April 2010 20:13 (ten years ago) link

wednesday is dollar hotdog night in texas btw

johnny crunch, Monday, 5 April 2010 20:24 (ten years ago) link

does everyone really call nelson cruz 'nellie' ?

johnny crunch, Monday, 5 April 2010 20:46 (ten years ago) link

kc's bullpen is deplorable

johnny crunch, Monday, 5 April 2010 22:20 (ten years ago) link

Forgot it was nearly all day games, of course

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 6 April 2010 00:07 (ten years ago) link

so i was looking at different games tonight and turned on the San Diego feed of their game. Dick Engerg is calling their game, what a pleasant surprise.

Bee OK, Wednesday, 7 April 2010 03:48 (ten years ago) link

has anyone who has been able to access it today? or is it just me

J0rdan S., Friday, 9 April 2010 23:21 (ten years ago) link

Greinke-Beckett tonight

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Saturday, 10 April 2010 18:55 (ten years ago) link

Are these games all in standard def?

mayor jingleberries, Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:27 (ten years ago) link

theres a hi def channel & bos vs greinke is scheduled 2 be on it

johnny crunch, Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:41 (ten years ago) link

four months pass...

Play-by-play faves:

1. Scully (Dodgers)
2. Waltz (Marlins)
3. Lewin (Rangers)
4. Niehaus (Mariners)
5. Cohen (Mets)

Unfaves (1 = worst):

1. Caray (Braves)
2. Kay (Yankees)
3. Martinez (Blue Jays)
4. Enberg (Padres)
5. Harrelson (White Sox)*

*Sounds more like the greatest of all-time when you've had a couple and the Good Guys are getting blown out and/or victimized by bad umpiring.

Andy K, Thursday, 12 August 2010 10:56 (nine years ago) link

Enberg is pretty bad. He gets names wrong constantly. Then again, he and Mark Grant did an extended riff on the Hedy/Headley Lamarr scene from Blazing Saddles last night.

no gut busting joke can change history (polyphonic), Thursday, 12 August 2010 16:42 (nine years ago) link

give vin scully the goddamn world series before he dies, i mean jesus christ what is wrong with the world

progressive cuts (Tracer Hand), Thursday, 12 August 2010 16:43 (nine years ago) link

five months pass...

i just got my renewal notice from DirecTV:

You are all set to enjoy another exciting season of MLB EXTRA INNINGS. We are renewing you at the lowest price of 6 payments of $33.99/month...

so the total price for this year is 203.94. an increase of $2 more a month or $12 more for 2011.

looked on some DirecTV site and it says you can call and ask for a discount and they will discount $10 off per month. so this year, it looks like, i can renew at 23.99/month for a total price of 143.94. :-)

World Series champion San Francisco Giants (Bee OK), Tuesday, 8 February 2011 04:31 (nine years ago) link

i'm doing MLB.TV for the first time this year since it's cheaper than cable tv and i only watch baseball really anyway. hopefully the proxy trick still works for watching in-market games

ciderpress, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 15:46 (nine years ago) link

now i just need to pick some teams to bandwagon

ciderpress, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 15:50 (nine years ago) link

Thanks for the tip, Bee.

Wrong-Way Willy (Andy K), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 15:51 (nine years ago) link

Am strongly considering having cable taken out and subscribing to I'll only get to watch the Mets on the 20-30 broadcast games, but this seems like a good year to do it. :/

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:07 (nine years ago) link

Morbs you can trick it with an international proxy server, I believe. I don't know of any myself since I actually am international.

Also, can't you share an account w/someone and essentially do halfsies?

Hurrah for giving up cable TV! The expense is obscene for what you get

progressive cuts (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:09 (nine years ago) link

Would Yankees games be blocked for you as well? (note, this is a question about access, not whether you give a shit about the Yankees.) xp

Groovy Goulet (pixel farmer), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:10 (nine years ago) link

yes, I believe both teams are blacked out, they don't care which one you're a fan of!

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:17 (nine years ago) link

also, the only other cable I watch is pretty much the news (plenty of that online) and Stewart/Colbert sometimes (same).

kind of shrill and very self-righteous (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:19 (nine years ago) link

yeah there's a map somewhere showing the blackout regions - iirc if you live in iowa, every midwest team is blacked out, ridiculous

ciderpress, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:21 (nine years ago) link

and yeah xxxp supports simultaneous logins as of last year, but that's something they could fix any time (and i wouldn't be surprised if they did) so i'm a bit uneasy about pooling with people

they're less likely to fix the proxy trick since they're not the ones losing out from that

ciderpress, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:27 (nine years ago) link

I've been using simultaneous logins on MLB.TV for like 6 years

progressive cuts (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:28 (nine years ago) link

The Braves (2 states, a 5 hr drive and a time zone away) are blacked out for me -- makes me want to spit acid in Bud's eyes.

Groovy Goulet (pixel farmer), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:31 (nine years ago) link

They used to use the address of the credit card that paid for it to determine whether a game was blacked out; I guess that's changed if proxies work?

progressive cuts (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:54 (nine years ago) link

they use the IP that you log in with (so you can login with a web proxy and then switch back to your real connection to watch)

ciderpress, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 16:57 (nine years ago) link

Definitely worth trying the proxy route unless there's a chance you can get permabanned if they catch you. It's a really dumb system, though (unless you're in the UK where none of it is ever blacked out, but I doubt I'm their average customer!).

Mark C, Wednesday, 9 February 2011 18:22 (nine years ago) link

one month passes...


MLB Extra Innings Giving Fans 11-Day Free Preview

By Marcus Vanderberg on March 28, 2011 6:02 PM

Thanks to Opening Day starting earlier this year, baseball fans will get an 11-day free preview of MLB Extra Innings from March 31-April 10 on iN DEMAND.

The cable package retails for $179 if purchased before April 11 and $199 if ordered after that date.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems, Bresnan Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent, and many independent affiliates are the cable providers offering MLB Extra Innings.

There are two new features to this year’s package:

DUAL FEEDS: iN DEMAND will deliver both the home and visiting team broadcasts of the same game whenever possible, so that fans can choose which telecast they want to watch.

MULTI-SCREEN MOSAIC: Preview which game to watch with this popular rotating mosaic of multiple screens that shows all the live action from games being played at the time, along with scores, inning and channel location. Find this on the first channel of the system’s package lineup.

World Series champion San Francisco Giants (Bee OK), Tuesday, 29 March 2011 06:12 (nine years ago) link

anyone use the mlb at bat app?

Get me two meatball sandwiches Utah! TWO! (thebingo), Tuesday, 29 March 2011 13:37 (nine years ago) link

Yep. What do you want to know? I'm loving how I can watch proper, full MLB games on it with my subscription (apols for sounding like an ad)

Mark C, Monday, 4 April 2011 15:52 (nine years ago) link

also, I believe is free thru April

your generation appalls me (Dr Morbius), Monday, 4 April 2011 15:57 (nine years ago) link

I tried to use but it doesn't seem to be free. Any of you manage to get it to work without paying for it?

reggaeton for the painfully alone (polyphonic), Monday, 4 April 2011 18:46 (nine years ago) link

You get it free when you purchase the At Bat app, I understand.

Mark C, Tuesday, 5 April 2011 11:53 (nine years ago) link

mmm not really. you can't use the PS3 MLB app, for instance. and you can't watch it on your computer. if you buy the app you can watch games on the app and that's it. (but there's nothing stopping you from outputting your iphone to your TV...)

what burns me up is that i pay full freight for and then have to pay for the app on top of it! come on, i've ponied up a hundred bucks, i should get the app for free.

40% chill and 100% negative (Tracer Hand), Tuesday, 5 April 2011 12:16 (nine years ago) link

Thinking about getting so I can watch some good teams play this year.

Honor thy pisstake as a hidden intention. (WilliamC), Wednesday, 6 April 2016 14:36 (four years ago) link

DIRECTV customers will see first live 4K MLB telecasts in the U.S.

Baseball has never looked this good on TV. Beginning Friday and throughout the regular season, AT&T1 will bring DIRECTV customers a lineup of MLB Network™ Showcase games televised live in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD).

DIRECTV 4K customers will be able to view Friday’s MLB Network Showcase game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants in rich detail and color. The game, called by MLB Network’s Bob Costas, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci and Sam Ryan, will mark the first-ever live 4K UHD telecast of a Major League Baseball game in the United States.

“The 4K UHD experience on DIRECTV will bring America’s pastime to life like never before in the convenience of the living room,” said Dan York, chief content officer, AT&T Entertainment Group. “As a leader in sports programming, we’re continuing to deliver more live events in 4K UHD and finding new ways to entertain our customers.”

Throughout the regular season, DIRECTV’s subscribers with the ULTIMATE Package or higher and compatible 4K UHD equipment can watch up to 25 premier MLB match-ups in the industry’s best picture format and most vibrant color TV experience. It’s the next best thing to sitting in the stadium.

“We’re proud of the high standard of quality we’ve established with every aspect of our MLB Network Showcase game telecasts since MLB Network’s launch in 2009,” said MLB Network president Rob McGlarry. “Thanks to this new collaboration with AT&T, we’re excited to continue to raise the bar of our game productions for baseball fans all season long.”

DIRECTV will air up to 25 MLB Network Showcase games in 4K UHD, beginning with the games below2:

April 15 – Giants @ Dodgers

April 19 – Cubs @ Cardinals

April 29 – Yankees @ Red Sox

April 30 – Yankees @ Red Sox

Visit MLB Network online for more game details.

How to View the Live 4K UHD Telecasts

Customers who want the premium 4K UHD live experience for the MLB Network Showcase games on DIRECTV will need the following:

A DIRECTV ULTIMATE or PREMIERTM Package subscription
Our latest Genie HD DVR (HR54) 3
Either a DIRECTV 4K Ready TV or a compatible 4K TV4 connected to the latest 4K Genie Mini
Understanding that once you view it in 4K UHD, it’s going to be hard to view it any other way

- See more at:

Bee OK, Wednesday, 13 April 2016 01:47 (four years ago) link

three months pass...

my understanding is that the second installment of $500m will go directly to the 30 teams

i'm sure the marlins and pirates, among others, have a plan to spend that money on improving their teams

mookieproof, Thursday, 11 August 2016 01:03 (three years ago) link

two weeks pass...

anyone else getting "Media Error" on all fucking week?

The Hon. J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 31 August 2016 03:10 (three years ago) link

Yeah but whatever I'm trying to watch, I hit the button again and get the game instantly on the 2nd try.

aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu (melting robot) (WilliamC), Wednesday, 31 August 2016 12:36 (three years ago) link

sometimes that's worked sometimes not

then i go to the bootleg feeds

The Hon. J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 31 August 2016 18:17 (three years ago) link

seven months pass...

DirecTV cost for Extra Innings 2017 = $172.74

i got $10 off for 12 months or $120. if i signed up for auto pay (pick the date on your credit card on file) they would give me an extra $5 off for 12 months or $60. $120 + $60 = 180 in total discounts. MLB Extra Innings nis basically free again this year.

oh, they also threw in HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Sportspack for free with auto drop off for six months. i win.

Go Giants!

Bee OK, Thursday, 6 April 2017 03:24 (three years ago) link

two months pass...

I miss the quiet between innings on Those fuckin' commercials for Cars 3 and Chevy are driving me nuts.

Cannibal Adderley (WilliamC), Wednesday, 5 July 2017 20:36 (two years ago) link

one month passes...

The Walt Disney Company to Acquire Majority Ownership of BAMTech:

— Walt Disney Company (@WaltDisneyCo) August 8, 2017

mookieproof, Tuesday, 8 August 2017 20:19 (two years ago) link

seven months pass...

i just called for my annual discount on DirecTV. i was seriously thinking about going with the MLB single team option this year. they couldn't offer me anything off MLB but they instead gave me $50 off per month for 12 months with a 12 month contract. i'm here for six months because of baseball so an extra six months for $50 off works for me. i then asked for the sports pack for per and post game shows in addition to that new Grant Brisbee added SF Giants show called Giants Insider. they gave it to me for free for six months. win-win, so happy right now.

Go Giants!

Bee OK, Thursday, 29 March 2018 01:10 (two years ago) link

DirecTV cost for Extra Innings 2017 = $173.94

Bee OK, Thursday, 29 March 2018 01:11 (two years ago) link

2018 obviously

Bee OK, Thursday, 29 March 2018 01:11 (two years ago) link

on, where the fuck is the pitch speed on the Statcast grid?

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Saturday, 31 March 2018 00:51 (two years ago) link

MLB has made a slight adjustment to the blackout zones and I'm not in the Reds blackout area anymore. So I can see 19 more Cubs games than last year, and also catch Vottomania.

WilliamC, Monday, 2 April 2018 20:18 (two years ago) link

one year passes...

MLB.TV's website cannily doesn't say anything about refunds, but I emailed them this morning and they said OK, your subscription is canceled and we're processing a refund.

Miami weisse (WmC), Saturday, 21 March 2020 20:26 (two months ago) link

that is a very good idea.

Karl Malone, Saturday, 21 March 2020 23:02 (two months ago) link

$125 is $125 and I'm going to need that to buy a 4-pack of TP in a few months.

Miami weisse (WmC), Saturday, 21 March 2020 23:04 (two months ago) link

I spoke too soon -- the email says "A refund request has been submitted on your behalf. If approved, please be advised it normally takes banks 5-7 business days to release these funds." So it's a maybe, not a certainty.

Miami weisse (WmC), Sunday, 22 March 2020 14:13 (two months ago) link

due to my deteriorating income, I turned off the automatic renewal last year.

it'd be nice if they let us stream last year's games for free.

brooklyn suicide cult (Dr Morbius), Sunday, 22 March 2020 14:17 (two months ago) link

refund approved

Miami weisse (WmC), Monday, 23 March 2020 16:06 (two months ago) link

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