Iron Maiden question - Does anyone know what "Up the Irons" means?

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Now I see a scene of Aja and Alex rescuing Iron Maiden fans from quicksand in Ned's upcoming buddy cop film! It's going to be a good scene.

Matt Helgeson (Matt Helgeson), Friday, 5 December 2003 19:57 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I don't think Aja cares about Iron Maiden.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:04 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Yeah, I guess she really wouldn't....still she might help save the quicksand-drowning people out of simple decency.

Matt Helgeson (Matt Helgeson), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:09 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I'm gutted, their show next week is sold out. Guess I'll have to wait another year...

Siegbran (eofor), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:11 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

And that will be her un-doing.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:11 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

>Was he cool?

Very cool. Easygoing, answered all my questions with no attitude or obfuscation. I was surprised to be talking to him. Usually Bruce does most of the press, but for the last tour I guess Harris wanted in on it.

Phil Freeman (Phil Freeman), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:24 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Well, Bruce has got the mouth, but make no mistake, Iron Maiden is decidedly very much Steve's band.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Friday, 5 December 2003 20:26 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

>Iron Maiden are never ironic

Does that mean they meant every word of 'Bring your Daughter to The Slaughter'. Scary.

laticsmon (laticsmon), Saturday, 6 December 2003 13:03 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I thought Scunthorpe Utd. are 'The Irons', not West Ham. Maybe they used to be called that too though...

Football can be most incestuous.

Muppet Boy, Saturday, 6 December 2003 16:27 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Scunthorpe are indeed also "the Irons", although I hear they in fact run out to "If the kids are united" by the Sham these days.

But West Ham are still the Irons - you'll still hear it shouted at home games. Plus, of course, you may remember the Cockney Rejects having shouted "Come on you Irons!!" into the Top 40 (and Top of the Pops) back in the 70s.

NB i think "wildest dreams" this yr was Maiden's biggest UK hit for a decade ? It's certainly brilliant.

fletcher dexter, Saturday, 6 December 2003 18:44 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

They had a number one single in the UK in the post Christmas lull with "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter" quite a while back.

mei (mei), Sunday, 7 December 2003 20:04 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

six years pass...

Have no idea why the photo of Dickinson and one of his biggest fans popped into my mind this morning but I'm happy to find it again.

EZ Snappin, Tuesday, 5 October 2010 14:39 (seven years ago) Permalink

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