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Eh most of that Heartiste link is pretty par for the course, dressed up men's rights BS but with fewer misspellings and more turn-of-the-last-century high-minded "adoration". Reminds me what that Atlantic article said about cultures with greater male populations than female: that the culture tends to revere women and women's roles, but men use their voting numbers to keep women home and uneducated. Yay!

But somehow when I got to "the vessels of our immortality" I felt really sickened, more than by the rest.

WE DO NOT HAVE "SECRET" "MEETINGS." I DO NOT HAVE A SECOND (Laurel), Wednesday, 2 November 2011 14:25 (six years ago) Permalink

Huh...I wonder if I'm related to Samuel Crµmp.

D. Boon Pickens (WmC), Wednesday, 2 November 2011 18:45 (six years ago) Permalink

Friendswood Rep. Taylor apologizes for Jewish slur

The chairman of the House Republican Caucus casually used an ethnic slur earlier today while expressing frustration over the cumbersome payment process of wind insurance claims.

“Your job is to pay claims. Don’t nitpick. Don’t try to Jew ‘em down. That’s probably a bad term,” Rep. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood said.

Several hours later, Taylor, who is running for the Texas Senate, released this statement:

“At a legislative oversight committee hearing today, I inadvertently used a phrase that many people find offensive.

“I corrected myself immediately when I realized what I had said.

“I regret my poor choice of words and sincerely apologize for any harm they may have caused.”

House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, the first Jewish speaker elected to lead the 150-member body, declined to comment about the slur, according to his spokeswoman, Tracy Young.

Taylor, who owns an insurance agency, is co-chairman of the state’s Joint Legislative Committee on Wind Insurance.

Moments before Taylor’s verbal lapse, Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman told the committee: “There’s a tremendous fear going to trial on these cases. That drives a lot of decisions that are being made.”

Taylor said it shouldn’t be so complicated because it’s simply a matter of determining the cost of putting up a new roof or repairing a house.

“We’re not calculating pain and suffering. How much does it cost to put that wall up? We need to get back to what does it cost to put the house back up, to put a new roof on?”
He expressed “frustration” and wants a new TWIA.

Immediately after conceding his use of “a bad term,” Taylor continued his thought: “If the claim is $12,000, pay the $12,000 and get on down the road.”

TWIA officials told the committee that rates need to go up 22 percent for homeowners and 29 percent for business property to keep the state windstorm insurance financially sound.

They also told lawmakers that TWIA has paid out 97 percent of the Hurricane Ike claims, which will end up costing about $2.3 billion.


Daniel, Esq., Friday, 4 November 2011 01:29 (six years ago) Permalink

yeah, that is.

oh wait, what thread is this?

Mordy, Friday, 4 November 2011 01:34 (six years ago) Permalink

very believable

D. Boon Pickens (WmC), Friday, 4 November 2011 01:35 (six years ago) Permalink


BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Friday, 4 November 2011 15:09 (six years ago) Permalink

this is an older bit from the beginning of last year, but I thought it fun. It's done by young rightwing schmuck Ben Shapiro, and is pretty much a list just plopped here in this thread for y'all to point and laugh at:

Top 10 Most Overrated Directors of All Time
by Ben Shapiro

Enjoy. Or not.

His top choice is...rather odd & unexpected, I must say.

Put another Juggle in, in the Juggalodeon (kingfish), Sunday, 6 November 2011 23:31 (six years ago) Permalink

pankaj mishra (not familiar with him) reviews newest niall ferguson tome very badly, ferguson comments angrily.

goole, Thursday, 10 November 2011 20:04 (six years ago) Permalink

niall ferguson is such a cumstain

max, Thursday, 10 November 2011 20:06 (six years ago) Permalink

Top 10 Most Overrated Directors of All Time
by Ben Shapiro

could poll that. agree with Lean. rest is some interesting trolling. (well especially top 5)

Ludo, Thursday, 10 November 2011 20:32 (six years ago) Permalink

pankaj mishra (not familiar with him) reviews newest niall ferguson tome very badly, ferguson comments angr

Why 'very badly'? What's wrong with the review?

henri grenouille (Frogman Henry), Friday, 11 November 2011 00:00 (six years ago) Permalink

"vary badly" as in "he panned it harshly", not as in "it's poorly written"

sex-poodle Al Gore (DJP), Friday, 11 November 2011 00:06 (six years ago) Permalink

also with "very" spelled correctly

sex-poodle Al Gore (DJP), Friday, 11 November 2011 00:08 (six years ago) Permalink

It's not fabulously written either.

Mordy, Friday, 11 November 2011 00:27 (six years ago) Permalink

yeah the review is a little axe-grindy even if i agree with its assessment of ferguson

BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Friday, 11 November 2011 05:19 (six years ago) Permalink

Buried in a Grand Rapids Press story about Cornerstone Schools co-founder and Republican Senate candidate Clark Durant's Thursday meeting with a group of college students is a nugget about the nation's wealth gap. In the swing state of Michigan, hit hard by the country's economic woes, this quote is going to raise some eyebrows:

In regards to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Durant said the protesters should "go find a job." In regards to the wealth gap the movement decries, Durant said, "I think it should be wider."

i couldn't adjust the food knobs (Phil D.), Friday, 11 November 2011 20:38 (six years ago) Permalink

Of course they think it should be wider, they want people to be desperate enough to be happy to be their maids and butlers. Just like in the 1890s. They just want good help!

Bnad, Friday, 11 November 2011 21:11 (six years ago) Permalink


James O'Keefe has been lurking in journalism school hallways across the country in pursuit of his latest bombshell series "To Catch a Journalist." So far, he's blown the lid off the story that some college professors like Barack Obama and that sometimes journalists drink alcohol and use bad words. When O'Keefe attempted to confront Columbia University j-school's dean of students Sree Sreenivasan with these shocking revelations in a pantomime of Mike Wallace, Sreenivasan just laughed at the poor guy.

The ostensible reason for O'Keefe's visit was to get Sreenivasan's response to O'Keefe having "caught" Columbia University professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Dale Maharidge using bad words in an email. (Those bad words? "Hey shitheads, Check out my comments about you: [Facebook link] Fuck you, man. Bring it on. Dale Maharidge.")

Instead of a comment, O'Keefe got some sniggering questions, like, "Why didn't you dress like you were in some of your other videos?"

"So you stand behind profanity-laced emails?" O'Keefe asked, stupidly. When he left, according to Sreenivasan's Twitter feed, he ran into some trouble with the door.

After he was done with me, I should have kept rolling, because they get to the exit and find they can't open it. He says, "Have they locked us in?" Turns out they were pulling the door instead of pushing it.

i couldn't adjust the food knobs (Phil D.), Monday, 14 November 2011 16:38 (six years ago) Permalink

o'keefe really strongly reminds me of dennis reynolds

Mordy, Monday, 14 November 2011 18:49 (six years ago) Permalink

james o'keefe is the most hilarious person

Admins did ILX Haven (crüt), Monday, 14 November 2011 18:59 (six years ago) Permalink

he's such a geek, i had just assumed he was another breitbartian macho blowhard

BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Monday, 14 November 2011 21:20 (six years ago) Permalink

... did you not see the ACORN footage

sex-poodle Al Gore (DJP), Monday, 14 November 2011 21:54 (six years ago) Permalink

no! lol

BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Monday, 14 November 2011 23:10 (six years ago) Permalink

isn't that the blind kid who sings the national anthem before Eagles games?

Admins did ILX Haven (crüt), Monday, 14 November 2011 23:19 (six years ago) Permalink

Snopes turned up 46 viral e-mails regarding Bush during his eight years in office. By contrast, in just four years as a candidate and as president, Obama has been the subject of 100 such chain e-mails. The difference is not just in number but in kind: Twenty of the 46 Bush e-mails checked by Snopes turned out to be true, and many of these flattered or praised him. Only 10 e-mails about Obama have been true, and almost every one of them has been negative.

Emery estimates that more than 80 percent of the political e-mails that he’s vetted over the past 10 years were written from a conservative or extremely conservative point of view. “The use of forwarded e-mail to spread [false information] around is overwhelmingly a right-wing phenomenon,” he said.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was a frequent target of chain e-mailers when she was speaker of the House, recalls Snopes founder David Mikkelson. But he can’t recall a single urban myth about her successor, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio). Even former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who inspires apoplexy among liberals, hasn’t rated much on the e-mail circuit since her stint as Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

So are conservatives just more careless and irresponsible in their accusations, or more ruthless about spreading them, than liberals? Do conservative haters just like e-mail more than their liberal counterparts? Is this part of what liberals deride as the “right-wing noise machine”?

curmudgeon, Friday, 18 November 2011 21:20 (six years ago) Permalink

“The Internet is a megaphone that spreads conspiracies quickly before there’s anyone to correct the facts,” he says. “There’s no one between your crazy uncle and his address book.”

loooool i just sent that link to my crazy uncle and used that^ as the subject line

⚓ (gr8080), Friday, 18 November 2011 22:27 (six years ago) Permalink

But he can’t recall a single urban myth about her successor, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio).

I heard Boehner once had to have his stomach pumped, and it was a gallon of semen that came out.

sleep daphnia (dowd), Friday, 18 November 2011 22:39 (six years ago) Permalink

we should start a "Sarah Palin inspires apoplexy among liberals" chain e-mail.

crüt, Friday, 18 November 2011 22:44 (six years ago) Permalink

A man who stopped his pickup truck at a site where signatures were being collected Thursday for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker ripped up one of the petitions instead of signing it, Madison police said.

The incident happened at about 10 a.m. in the 800 block of South Midvale Boulevard, said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The signature gatherers were holding signs and having vehicles pull into a parking lane when a driver in a red pickup stopped. When given a petition to sign, he ripped it up and drove away, DeSpain said.

The destroyed petition had three signatures on it, he said.

Signature takers were able to get the license plate number, but police had not located the man as of Thursday afternoon, DeSpain said.

Falsifying, defacing or destroying a recall petition is a felony punishable by up to three years and six months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

i couldn't adjust the food knobs (Phil D.), Saturday, 19 November 2011 01:27 (six years ago) Permalink

hope this d00d goes to prison, yes

Where Is Reason? (stevie), Saturday, 19 November 2011 11:19 (six years ago) Permalink

No one goes to prison for that kinda stuff though.

rustic italian flatbread, Saturday, 19 November 2011 11:30 (six years ago) Permalink

Just getting arrested, booked and fingerprinted would be an unpleasant experience. Also, when a crime is elevated to a felony, it's for a reason. If the petitioners really publicize this, including the license plate number, the chances are damned good the police will have to pick him up.

Aimless, Saturday, 19 November 2011 18:26 (six years ago) Permalink

man that story would work better if it wasn't about something with THREE signitures on it. Shit I could get three signitures for a petition right now, and I'm in an empty house.

Tokyo Sexwale (a hoy hoy), Saturday, 19 November 2011 18:47 (six years ago) Permalink

and now i have the feeling i should have used an 'a' in that word instead of an 'i'.

Tokyo Sexwale (a hoy hoy), Saturday, 19 November 2011 18:48 (six years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

thanks to ann althouse, i have now been exposed to a truly novel conspiracy theory linking george lucas to obama.

in 2009 when one of the air force one planes was lying low near the statue of liberty (remember that?) they were accompanied by red tails fighter planes from the alabama air national guard.

lucas' girlfriend is a wall streeter type and knows some of obama's inner circle

so the air force one flyby was, after all, some kind of favor to george lucas for his movie, or because he gave money to obama, or just more pro-black propaganda for its own sake, or something

apparently the ur-text for this whole deal is this blog comment:

searching "red tails" and "air force one" brings up all kinds of shit, but fair warning a lot of is from some seriously ugly zones.

Critique of Pure Moods (goole), Wednesday, 18 January 2012 19:48 (five years ago) Permalink

uh actually it's not even clear the accompanying plane was a "red tail," the whole thing is pure sketch

god what has my life become

Critique of Pure Moods (goole), Wednesday, 18 January 2012 19:55 (five years ago) Permalink

great post.

⚓ (gr8080), Wednesday, 18 January 2012 22:43 (five years ago) Permalink

Always one to detest the TSA's intrusion on people's privacy, Sen. Rand Paul has been detained himself by officials with the agency at Nashville's airport this morning, according to Paul spokesperson Moira Bagley. As CNN and Politico report, Paul, ever the libertarian, refused to be patted down when asked by airport officials in Nashville. "Paul went through a scanner at the airport and set off an alarm, Bagley said. He wanted to go through the body scan again instead of getting a pat-down, but officers of the Transportation Security Administration refused," says CNN. This isn't the first time Paul's been irked by the TSA's pat-down procedures. The Daily Caller reported in June how Paul criticized TSA head John Pistole for the pat-down of a 6-year-old Kentucky girl, chosen at random per TSA policy. "It makes me think you’re clueless, if you think she’s going to attack our country and you’re not doing your research on the people who want to attack our country," he said in Congress at the time. So presumably, Paul believed he (white, male, U.S. senator) wasn't enough of a threat to be patted down either.

Famous porn scenes like "shake that bear" (Phil D.), Monday, 23 January 2012 16:31 (five years ago) Permalink

Good ol' Max:

...That sound you just heard was my eyes rolling so far back in my head that they fell out. We don't love the TSA security procedures, but if let's please not embarrass ourselves by pretending that Paul did something brave or noble here, or that the TSA reacted in an unexpected or particularly troubling way. Rand Paul wasn't "detained"; the TSA is not Agent Smith; you are not Neo; and if the worst way your civil rights have ever been violated is by having your body touched by a government employee while you wait to board a plane, you are pretty lucky.

Libertarians are a people constantly in search of issues to be self-righteous about. This is the problem of a political movement about "freedom" peopled largely by white men with college degrees and above-average incomes: there's not a lot of freedom they don't already have, and not a lot of situations where their civil rights are being potentially trampled. The TSA is a wonderful thing for contemporary American libertarianism; it's one of not many places where a upper middle class Linux engineer can actually stand off against an invasive government...

Put another Juggle in, in the Juggalodeon (kingfish), Monday, 23 January 2012 19:17 (five years ago) Permalink

haha OTM

Bam! Orgasm explosion in your facehole. (DJP), Monday, 23 January 2012 19:19 (five years ago) Permalink

now he's claiming the machines might be rigged

Critique of Pure Moods (goole), Monday, 23 January 2012 20:03 (five years ago) Permalink

or he really wants to investigate to see if it's possible that TSA agents can pull a funny one

"I think was mine probably random, I doubt I was picked on," he said. "But I would like to know: does the screener have the ability to push the button and randomly get someone to set off a screener?"

bonus accurate and then inaccurate use of "random", very 21st century

Critique of Pure Moods (goole), Monday, 23 January 2012 20:05 (five years ago) Permalink

youre kidding

max, Monday, 23 January 2012 20:07 (five years ago) Permalink

its kind of odd to me that there isnt a congressional exemption from tsa screenings

max, Monday, 23 January 2012 20:08 (five years ago) Permalink

tbf rand paul fits the demographic of domestic terrorist pretty well

iatee, Monday, 23 January 2012 20:17 (five years ago) Permalink

"But I would like to know: does the screener have the ability to push the button and randomly get someone to set off a screener?"

Definitely speculate to the press about a completely manufactured concern that no one has ever voiced, in order to deflect derisive laughter from/ validate your hysteria about being held equal with other people and subject to the same inconveniences as us norms.

I have a paranoid daughter and a son who is addicted to internet (Laurel), Monday, 23 January 2012 20:19 (five years ago) Permalink

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