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As the other representative of the SF collective on the board, I can do nothing but heartily recommend the off-kilter mess of indie, post- rock and eclectica to be found here.

Richard Tunnicliffe, Saturday, 4 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

When I went to London last year around the same time, the Undersolo (beside the Good Mixer sorta in Camden) was pretty good for 60s music, etc. It's private now but I'm sure there is still a way to get tickets.

Alexis Dicks, Sunday, 5 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

sixteen years pass...

got a spare ticket for bedouine in islington tonight if anyone wants it.

Fizzles, Tuesday, 10 October 2017 16:03 (one year ago) Permalink

one year passes...

I'm traveling to London for the first time in November - my first overseas trip ever, actually (I live in America) - and would love to hear any tips or recommendations you might have.

I'll be there Nov. 11-17, and I'm a music obsessive, so I'm especially interested in concert listings, record stores and any other music-related stuff ... like museum exhibits or whatever?

Is there a place to find out about punk/DIY/underground shows that wouldn't show up on Pollstar, etc.?

Non-music "must do" stuff is welcome, too, of course.

alpine static, Friday, 12 October 2018 03:24 (two months ago) Permalink

In a DIY/Underground vein, Depresstival might be up your street, there's one on the 14th by the looks of things -

MaresNest, Friday, 12 October 2018 11:35 (two months ago) Permalink

thank you!

what are the best record stores in town? i'd rather look at new/recent-ish releases than dig through dusty stacks looking for a rare LP from 1973, but i'm game for anything, really.

alpine static, Friday, 12 October 2018 15:58 (two months ago) Permalink

I'm a little behind on what might be good these days, but I would say definitely try Sounds of the Universe it sprung up from the Soul Jazz reissue label, it's in Soho, dead in the centre of town.

MaresNest, Saturday, 13 October 2018 16:00 (two months ago) Permalink

And you're less than a minute's walk from:

Phonica (Dance/Electronica) -

Reckless - (2nd hand/Rare) -

Sister Ray - (General/Indie/Bargain) -

Then you're a 5 min stroll from Fopp - (General/Bargain) -

MaresNest, Saturday, 13 October 2018 16:09 (two months ago) Permalink

There are some more niche stores around catering for Rock & Roll or World Music, things like that.

MaresNest, Saturday, 13 October 2018 16:10 (two months ago) Permalink

Oh and the bi-monthly record fair at Spitalfields Market is often really good, it's a nice spot too with plenty of other stuff to look at/places to eat, there's one on the 16th -

MaresNest, Saturday, 13 October 2018 16:13 (two months ago) Permalink

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